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Pay for the Thai Canal with an Island Next to Bangkok!

The Thai Canal, also known as the Kra Canal, is a proposal to connect that would connect the Gulf of Thailand with the Andaman Sea across southern Thailand. The canal would provide an alternative to transit through the Straits of Malacca and shorten transit for shipments of oil to Japan and China by 1,200 km. China thinks of the canal as part of China’s 21st century maritime Silk Road. Two of the biggest problems of building such a canal are cost and what to do with all the soil generated from digging the canal. In my plan the soil is used to build an island off the coast of Bangkok and this island generates income to pay for the canal on top of the income the canal will already generate from ship traffic.

Thailand is the land of islands but unfortunately there is no island getaway for Bangkok residents that can be a day trip. Koh Larn, Koh Si Chang, Koh Samed and Koh Khram Yai are all over two hours to five hours away and are subject to the vagaries of traffic. Due to traffic problems even weekend trips to these islands are difficult to execute. An island that is about an hour away would allow Bangkok residents and foreign tourists to come to Thailand and enjoy fun in the sun. This island would generate income from land sales, land rental and additional tourist income! Bangkok desperately needs the green space. Bangkok only has 3.3 square meters of land per resident according to the Economist. Bangkok is too built up for other ways to increase green space. The lack of green space seriously undermines the livability of Bangkok and probably means Bangkok can never truly be a world class city that attracts the best and the brightest from around the world. The new island can be Bangkok’s equivalent of New York’s Central Park.

The size of the island is subject to planning. Using sand from the ocean floor would deepen the Bangkok Bay and in general this is a good thing since a deeper bay can accommodate bigger ships. If the land shipped from the canal is mostly used for top soil then a much larger island can be created. How large is a topic engineers are better off figuring out than this lowly English teacher!

Belgium wants to create a donut shaped island in order to store energy created by wind power as described in Wired. Regardless of the energy storage possibilities, a donut shaped island is unique, iconic visually, more or less doubles waterfront views and the doughnut center could be used to store fresh water. Last but not least such a shape means the soil available can be used to make a much larger island. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I tend to agree with this view.

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Airship Powered from Space

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Space-based Solar Power for Defense + Desalination + Energy Independence

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Pay for the Thai Canal with an Island Next to Bangkok!

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Should Maglevs be Upgraded to Vactrains?

Should Maglevs be Upgraded to Vactrains Table

There has been a great deal of discussion of whether the future of high tech transportation will be maglevs or hyperloops. Hyperloops can theoretically travel around 600 mph. Maglevs can theoretically travel around 300 mph. However there is a third alternative that is being ignored. Theoretically if you build a vacuum tunnel around a maglev system then you create a vactrain and can achieve theoretical speeds of up to 8,000 mph. Vactrains could more or less ten times faster than hyperloops! China, Japan and Germany have already invested billions of dollars on maglev lines. Can maglev lines be retrofitted to be vactrains? Instead of replacing maglev, a proven technology, with a new technology that is only twice as fast, maglevs can be upgraded and be made 20 times faster! The following points provide a starting point for this discussion.

1) Pipeline Design

If maglev upgrade is the purpose of vactrain design then the pipeline probably needs to be designed to be more modular to fit around an existing maglev.

2) Pipeline Fabrication

China is facing an industrial output surplus. Can any existing factories be modified to make vactrain pipeline instead?

3) Pipelines and Solar Power

China is a major user of fossil fuels. China is also a major manufacturer of solar panels. Can pipeline be fitted with solar power panels in order to cut down on fossil fuel use and also provide a market for Chinese solar panels?

4) Pipelines as National Nervous System

The world faces growing terrorism, more extreme weather and nuclear proliferation. Can the pipeline double as a hardened nervous system of the nation?

5) Pipelines as Robotic Project

The next big space project will be a city on the moon. The next big rail project will be creating pipeline that can link continents via underwater pipeline. Humans are not designed to operate underwater or in a low gravity vacuum. The conquest of inner space via robots can be a precursor of the conquest of outer space with robots. Sooner or later robots will be needed to build in space on any sort of large scale. Building pipeline underwater with robots is a technical challenge that naturally leads to technological advances that prepare China to create megastructures in space.

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Airship Powered from Space

Extending the One Belt One Road Initiative to Latin America

Pay for the Thai Canal with an Island Next to Bangkok!

Space-based Solar Power for Defense + Desalination + Energy Independence

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Space-based Solar Power for Defense + Desalination + Energy Independence

The cost of  Space-based solar power (SBSP) is enormous and a major cost based rationale is needed for such a project.  What if SBSP could be used for defense, desalination and energy independence?  If SBSP could solve several strategic problems of the US at the same time then this technology might be cost effective.

I have already explored the possibility of an Airship Powered from Space.  SBSP allows for an airship to be an airborne aircraft carrier that can project military power in a way that is not currently available.  An airborne aircraft carrier may be the perfect tool for combating threats like ISIL abroad.  I actually think this is the least important use of SBSP technology since the US already possesses huge military capacity.

NASA has already explored the use of space-based solar for desalination.  The US is already losing millions of dollars in lost agriculture dollars, especially in California, due to land that does not have enough rainfall due to global warming.  Global warming will only exacerbate this problem.  Agriculture accounts for more or less 1% of total GDP or 170 billion plus.  As global warming decimates agriculture around the world our share of the agricultural market could increase dramatically since we took prudent steps to guarantee our water security early on!

The most obvious use of SBSP is the possibility of endless clean energy.  The National Space Society has already explored this issue in its article Space Solar Power Limitless clean energy from space.  One could argue that the US has been involved in costly wars with little return in Afghanistan and Iraq because of a lack of energy independence.  Energy from space means the US has more strategic freedom.  The US also spends billions of dollars on oil from outside the US that would be better spent on building our own SBSP energy infrastructure.  According to the EIA the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) countries accounted for 56% of U.S. net imports.  This is a massive fiscal bleed that we can solve with SBSP.

The availability of cheap energy may also cause a resurgence of manufacturing in the US.  The US can increasingly use robotic technologies that are energy intensive to offset cheap labor abroad.  The development of SBSP technology means robots in space building the satellite, military robots using the airborne aircraft carrier as a base, and robots in manufacturing that use cheap energy.  Taking the lead in SBSP technology means taking the lead in robotics and taking back the future that now appears lost!

The US is facing major problems including military challenges of a terrorist nature, the destruction of agriculture due to global warming and dependence on foreign oil that forces us into military situation that are a lose/lose.  The US has traditionally used technology to be at the forefront of all nations.  From the Manhattan Project to sending a man to the Moon, the US has stayed ahead through bold technology projects that are only possible at the national level.  The rest of the world is catching up with the US technologically and the time has come for the US to once again focus on a bold project that will assure our economic and military supremacy as well as safeguard our security!  The US is now in a dark place but I see a future in which that US has global supremacy for the next hundred years or more that surpasses any global role we had in the past!

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Airship Powered from Space

Extending the One Belt One Road Initiative to Latin America

Pay for the Thai Canal with an Island Next to Bangkok!

Should Maglevs be Upgraded to Vactrains?

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Airship Powered from Space

Airship Powered from Space Graphic

DARPA wants airborne aircraft carriers.   The airborne aircraft carriers would be a platform for drones.  Radley has suggested airships be used to act as a catchment for solar energy beamed from solar satellites in space.  The power would then be transferred from the airship to the Earth.  How about beaming power to the airship which is used by the airship!  The airship can use this collected power to stay aloft, for propulsion and to power up sensors as well as command and control equipment.  DARPA has already done the conceptual work of making an airship a giant sensor.

The power collected could be used not only to power the airship but to recharge the drones the airship services.  Microdrones acting in swarms would need to be battery powered anyway and would give the US military another type of drone capability to supplement our current larger drones.  Since power is available to stay aloft then the airship can be much smaller than a normal airship that requires more helium to stay afloat.  A smaller airship provides a smaller target and is therefore less vulnerable to enemy missiles.  The microdrones could also be used to act as a missile defense system.  The drone(s) intercepts the missile and explodes in the proximity of the missile.  The microdrones used as a defensive system ironically mimic the behavior of actual bee drones!

The airship’s sensor system can be used for two types of targeting.  The sensor can be used to aim microdrones at targets on the ground that are of interest for further observation.  Microdrones with explosives can be use for exact target elimination.  The US already has redundant airpower that is powerful but has the political problem of collateral damage.  Current US power is excellent for military purposes but not as capable for “police” actions.  What the US lacks is some sort of automated system that can bring more or less the target elimination capabilities of an infantry soldier from the sky and this is what cheap disposable microdrones can provide.  Infantry of course has the disadvantages of the loss of life among US soldiers and dealing with the complex political machinations of putting boots on the ground.  The airship’s sensor system can also be used in conjunction with microdrones to provide target information that the solar satellite can use to target its solar beam.  However, a death ray from above is not really what the US needs.  The US has a plethora of very powerful weapons that can deliver death from above but lack the accuracy needed for police type missions abroad.  The US has cruise missiles, huge bombers, bunker busters and even nuclear weapons.

What the US does not have is the ability to take out a single tank or even a single soldier surrounded by civilians.  Since one of the new threats is terrorists that use civilian populations as human shields, an exact targeting system and target delivery system from above allows attacks on terrorists in situations in which infantry was the only option in the past.  Drones working alone or in conjunction can provide optics that focus the solar beam from space to ground targets.

The laser drone would be a specialized drone that is torus shaped and has some sort of lens or energy field in the center that can take the solar beam from a satellite and aim incredible power at a very small target.  A laser drone could conceivably provide laser capability that can kill a single terrorist who thinks he is safe under tons of rock in a cave but is suddenly killed in front of his men!  Bombing caves may even create camaraderie but seeing your fearless leader killed in front of you in your sanctuary may be more effective when dealing with tribal groups that cluster around charismatic leaders!

The laser drone and microdrones with explosives would be used together and have an order of battle.  The laser drone creates the opening and the microdrones with explosives then go through the opening.  This means the drones with explosives can go into areas underground or in bunkers that would be very difficult for an infantry solider to breach.  In the short run, observation microdrones would be the first area of research and development.  The observation microdrones could be the size of insects and be barely visible.  When the observation microdrone finds a target then that microdrone calls in the explosive microdrone that would be much larger, perhaps around four feet in diameter, and quite visible.  Explosive microdrones with explosives would be the next area of research and development after observation microdrones that aid infantry have been perfected.  Drones with solar energy focusing capability, which would probably be quite large, would be the final type of drone developed.  There might even be a piggy back battery powering system. The satellite powers the airship.  The airship powers the explosive microdrones.  The explosive microdrones power the observation drones.  The US does not need a death ray from space but precise target elimination from above is preferable to invasion in many terrorist scenarios.  A laser drone for underground targets and an exploding microdrone for targets above ground may be the missing element in the US spectrum of military options!

Megaproject Ideas

Extending the One Belt One Road Initiative to Latin America

Pay for the Thai Canal with an Island Next to Bangkok!

Should Maglevs be Upgraded to Vactrains?

Space-based Solar Power for Defense + Desalination + Energy Independence

You can also download my autobiography of my struggle with a bipolar condition on  Am I Kitsune on my Google Drive.

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Lone Survivor Dilemma: A Tech Solution

Lone Survivor Dilemma

In the movie Lone Survivor, based on a true story, a team of Navy Seals run into some civilians while doing surveillance on the Taliban in the mountains of Afghanistan. The civilians are presumed to be Taliban sympathizers and will give away the presence of the Seal team the first chance they get. The Navy Seals have three choices in the movie. Tie up the civilians, kill the civilians or just let them go and take advantage of the one hour or so head start the Seal team has to the extradition point. In the book that the movie is based on the narrator states that they had no ropes and even tying up the civilians was not an option. What about a technological solution to the above dilemma?

Plastic handcuffs? Well that would slow down the civilians but eventually they could use the surrounding rock to cut the handcuffs. There would be a need for legcuffs that fit around feet because a person wearing handcuffs around the hands only can still walk towards the enemy. The chain of the leg cuff could go around a tree or pole so the subject cannot walk away. I cannot imagine such kit would weigh very much and as America troops do more and more police action around the world then basic police kit makes sense. Is there another low tech solution to this problem?

How about a simple hypodermic needle that contains a sedative that knocks out the civilian for hours and hours? Should the hypodermic needle be made of metal or plastic? I think metal is more durable and better suited for field conditions but a plastic hypodermic needle in the correct container might also work. The choice of the sedative should be the subject of research. The sedative should optimally be something off the shelf, long lasting, reliable and safe. Three syringes means three civilians are out of the picture and again this sort of kit would weigh just a few ounces. The cuffs and sedative can be used in conjunction to keep a civilian out of action for hours and hours!

However, the problem is ultimately legal not technological.  The Lone Survivor Dilemma shows that the current rules of engagement simply do not work for the new war against terrorism in which the line between civilians and soldiers is deliberately blurred in order to give the terrorists a tactical advantage. The brave men and women of our armed forces do not just deserve better technology but better laws for this new type of warfare.  There is also a need to educate the citizenry of the US so they can affect this change from the bottom up.

I taught secondary school for five years and I would make the book Lone Survivor part of any English and/or history class I was teaching at the high school level.  The next generation needs to have a clear understanding of the new threat the United States is facing and this book provides valuable insight about this new type of threat!  Any concerned citizen can contact their local school district and ask that Lone Survivor be added to the recommended reading list of that district.

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You can also download my autobiography of my struggle with a bipolar condition on  Am I Kitsune on my Google Drive.

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The Omega Phone

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The cell phone of the future will have computational capabilities that dwarf even super computers in the present.  The cell phone will move from being a communication or even a computer tool to become an Omni-tool!  The cell phone will become a ubiquitous piece of tech that performs a wide range of function in the areas of sensory augmentation, weaponization and intelligence amplification.

1.0) Sensory Augmentation

The cell phone of the future will be an aid to our senses in many ways.

1.1) The Omega phone will have night vision via an infrared camera that displays the results on the screen.

1.2) The Omega phone will have the ability to measure ambient weather and air pollution.  The temperature sensor can also measure the body temperature of the user.

1.3) The Omega phone will have a Geiger counter due to the fact that tactical nuclear wars have made the environment increasingly radioactive.  The Geiger counter is generally used to see if food or liquids are safe to consume.  A record of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime rads is kept on the cell phone.

1.4) As truly fresh water becomes harder and harder to find, Omega phones are equipped with an electronic water pollution/poison tester.

1.5) A personal radar system allows the user to figure if a person or persons are waiting for you around the corner or on the other side of a door.

1.6) As batteries become more efficient, the cell phone can also be used as an old fashioned flash light!

1.7) The voice meter can tell if a person is lying with a high degree of accuracy.

1.8) Natural language recognition is passé and the phone of the future can translate verbal input in real time.

1.9) Pheromone detectors help in amorous situations

1.10) Telescopic optics in the camera can be used for surveillance. Lip reading software allows conversations to be understood minus sound.

1.11) Microscopic optics in the camera let the lay person identify fingerprints in their immediate environment.

1.12) A bionic ear augments sound and allows conversations to be monitored from afar.

1.13) The cell phone can identify persons with similar professional and personal interests by communication with other cell phones that are within a predetermined proximity.  You can walk down the road and the cell phone can find another fellow Star Trek fan by communicating with the other person’s cell phone on the fly.  Predetermined covert text communications can also be made between strangers with the same group settings that walk by each other but do not overtly say hello.

1.14) The Omega phone becomes the primary interface used to communicate with other computers including computers in the car, home, office and in the overall environment.  Automated Omega phone computer to computer communication becomes common.  A person walking into their home can have their cell phone turn on the TV, computer and A/C.  When the person leaves the house all appliances are automatically turned off by the cell phone.  The cell phone takes the place of a credit card.  The cell phone takes the place of an ignition key, office key and home key.  Wallets and keys disappear and are replaced by the cell phone.

1.15) Near real time simulations can be shown on the computer screen using the sensory apparatus combined with the computational power of the Omega phone.

1.16) The built in mini projector allows the user to watch standard video but also allows the user to watch augmented sensory input in a more comfortable manner.  The projection keyboard also allows the user to interact with the mini projector output in a more comfortable manner.

1.17) Anything your cell phone’s camera can detect whether via night vision and/or telescopic optics can also be seen by the user directly in 3D via 3D headsets.

2.0) Mobile Phone Weaponization

The future is dark.  The rise of radical Islam, the demise of the Pax Americana, the collapse of the world economy, the collapse of the environment, and the widening gap between the technological haves and technological have-nots mean those with a cell phone must be prepared to use the cell phone to keep their cell phone!

2.1) As Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) become the weapon of choice by terrorists, the cell phones have circuitry that is increasingly EMP resistant.  This means the persons with EMP resistant cell phones can disrupt enemy communications while leaving their own communications via cell phones intact.  Military Omega phones can cause electronic systems to overload and create EMP pulses as needed in order to disrupt communications on a small scale.

2.2) Omega phones are encased in super durable materials that allow the Omega phones to be used as a hammer, socket wrench, bottle opener or club.  Cell phones with a concealed blade are made illegal in the future.

2.3) The Omega phone has studs that can deliver an electric shock that can stun or even kill an opponent.

2.4) Spray attachments are at first used for 72 hour deodorants and anti-pheromone detector chemicals.  Omega phones are weaponized and tear gas and even knock out sprays are also delivered using the spray attachment.

2.5) Some cell phone flashlights can deliver a concentrated strobe light that can blind and disorient an opponent.

2.6) Some cell phones can fire needles with nerve agents on the tip using compressed air that can drop an opponent ten feet away.

2.7) Biometric security is standard on all cell phones but Omega cell phones can bypass biometric security measures by generating electronic signals that fool biometric sensors.  Advanced Omega phones can even leave a false biometric trail.

3.0) Intelligence Amplification

AI capabilities of cell phones will increase dramatically so that true intelligence amplification is possible with the aid of the Omega phone.

3.1) Increasingly the cell phone uses a wide range of expert system applications to help the user to navigate both professional and personal problems.  The expert systems learn over time based on user feedback and become more and more useful for the particular user.

3.2) The computer in the Omega phone searches the internet for information and filters results for optimal personal usage.  The Omega phone uses new online information to suggest tactics and strategies tailored for the IQ level and educational level of the user.  Over time the Omega phone becomes the users most trusted consigliore.  There are fears that if Omega phones ever achieve sentience then they could easily rule humanity.

3.3) Textual communications are tailored by the Omega phone for optimal user impact.  The word processor does not just do spell checks and grammar checks. The word processor of the future does strategically important rhetorical decisions.  The user can verbally describe the outline of the sort of letter they want and the word processor of the Omega phone can actually write the letter.

3.4) The computer in the cell phone has a personality that is far more sophisticated than the current Siri personality modules by Apple.

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You can also download my autobiography of my struggle with a bipolar condition on  Am I Kitsune on my Google Drive.

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Pykrete Ice Bomb

Pykrete Ice Bomb

Pykrete is made of water and sawdust frozen.  Pykrete is far more durable and has a much higher melting point than ice.  During WW II there was discussion of using this amazing material for ships.  How about a temporary bridge instead?  Your troops are on one side of a lake.  The enemy is on the other side.  Their camp is protected from all sides except their lake front.  If the lake was frozen then you could cross the lake and attack the enemy.  The lake is cold but not frozen but fortunately you happen to have a Pykrete Ice Bomb

The outer layer of the Pykrete Ice Bomb consists of sawdust encased in a dissolving bag.  When the sawdust is dissolved into the water then a water activated trigger mechanism causes the bomb core to create an endothermic reaction and disperse the sawdust into the water at the same time creating a frozen Pykrete surface that your troops can walk across.  This is basically an Ice-nine idea but using real life off the shelf technology.

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Two Suns Over Asia?



The commentary sucks so maybe watch it with the sound off.

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”The Quatrains Of Nostradamus

The great star will burn for seven days, (a comet, perhaps the one which will shortly appear)
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night (big mastiff appears to be symbolic of England and in some form of pain.)
When the great pontiff will change country.”

Some also suggest the third secret of the Fatima Prophecies is related to two suns.

Bad Omen for China in particular?


My view:

The revolution in the Middle East destabilizes an already weak global economy, may destroy the Pax Americana and acts as a distraction when ecological collapse is just around the corner!  To a great extent the Great Depression of the 1930’s helped create the conditions for WW II.  If the price of oil shoots up because of conflict in the Middle East and global inflation derails economic growth then many nations that are now stable will become unstable.  China is particularly vulnerable since the core legitimacy of the regime is rooted in the governments spectacular economic stewardship, that must be applauded.  On a larger scale, the human race with all its ecological problems cannot survive an even limited WW III!


First of all, space travel is not the solution.  Space travel is not viable!  Our nearest terra type planets are not viable.  As a species we do not have the technology to terrraform Venus or Mars.  Alpha Centuri, the closest star system, even if it had planets is not an option due to distance.  Nothing sub light is getting to Alpha Centuri.  We haven’t figured out hibernation so generation ships are not possible.  A self contained ecosystem is also beyond our capability.  In a hundred years maybe all the above possibilities can be explored but we do not have a hundred years.  I honestly think the end of the human race is around fifty years around.  Decisions that allow us to survive beyond fifty years need to be

China is actually in a great position compared to the US to face the upcoming ecological challenges.  I love democracy in theory but what is needed now is a
more technocratic/military approach and that is not what current lawyer dominated Western democracy is all about.  I am an American and a human.  If I have to choose I am a human first.  The survival of the human race is more important than the survival of any particular nation.

1) As much as possible China should find energy alternatives to oil!  The oil fields due to the Middle East Revolution will be on fire sooner than later.  Energy is needed to do things period.

2) If you can’t change the environment then maybe you can make new humans who can survive harsher environments both via augmented brawn and brains.  The US is ruled by lawyers that cannot even conceive much less execute such a plan.  Even if the lawyers could conceive such a plan then human rights details would make a speedy project impossible.  In a sinking ship do you want the Captain to be a lawyer? Of course not and the Earth is a sinking ship.

3)  If China itself does not survive then China cannot help with the survival of the human race.  China in particular will have a water problem soon.  Water can be taken from the oceans via desalination.  China should invest in such technology and look for ways to avoid the toxic effects of the salt generated via this process on the earth.  Inflation is the second greatest challenge that China faces and the solution to this problem is beyond my expertise.

4) Energy is like muscle.  More energy is like more muscle.  But a successful species also develops brain!  The human race needs to develop computer systems that combine AI and super computer capabilities and use them to understand ecology, biology, computer science, genetic engineering and as result ultimately human augmentation.  This can be seen as a means vs. ends problem strategically.  Superior computer systems allow superior understanding of ecology, biology, computer science, genetic engineering.  This understanding can be used for the end of human augmentation!

China may be the last and only hope of the human race!  Fundamentally
the human race faces a scientific problem and the Western democracies are ruled by lawyers who cannot understand the nature of the problem much less the solution due to their training.  The lawyers of the West are trained to “to
rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic” and not take decisive action.  China is ruled by engineers.  Engineers can understand what I am talking about a lot faster than lawyers.  If the Chinese government had followed the ways of the West then China would be politically correct but would now be mired in miserable poverty rather than the strong nation that is the new China.  The human race does not have all the time in the world.  Even small decisions made now will have giant consequences later!

Maybe the two suns are a good omen and signify a new sun over Asia is eclipsing the old Sun?

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Applying Intelligence Amplification to the Problem of Terrorism

 The following is an outline of how one could adapt the ideas of Vinge (1993) in the area of intelligence amplification (IA) to the problems of terrorism.

I consider the application of IA to the problem of terrorism to be a tactical move. The strategic solution is to create a stable tripolar world governance system, as described in Half Square that fixes and/or eliminates failed nation-states and therefore destroys the niche territories that the terrorists use as a home base.

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