Fox Presentation Taxonomy

Presentation Taxonomy 500

1) The student will be able to define a taxonomy.

2) The student will be able to define a quadrant and apply three quadrant systems presented in this lesson.

3) The student will be able to discuss the pros and cons of the four quadrants of the Fox Presentation Taxonomy.

4) The student will learn and apply SWOT with an emphasis on SWOT as a way to organize information for presentation purposes.

5) The students will learn a time management quadrant system and apply this system to their own career plan.

What is a taxonomy?

I like creating taxonomies!

Fox Martial Arts Taxonomy

Divination Taxonomy

What is one of the first things humans tried to classify?

Taxonomy (biology) – Wikipedia

What is a quarter?

What is a quart of milk?

What do you think “qua-” means?

What do you think quadrant means?

What do you think cuatro means in Spanish?

1.0) What are some pros and cons of quadrant 1?

2.0) What are some pros and cons of quadrant 2?

3.0) What are some pros and cons of quadrant 3?

4.0) What are some pros and cons of quadrant 4?

5.0) Is there any logical way to mix and match quadrants within a single presentation?

6.0) A quadrant system is a very effective way to summarize information.

Is organizing information into quadrants an example of media or message in the communication process?

Below are some examples of useful quadrant systems.


SWOT is a very useful tool to apply to a wide variety of organizational situations and more!  Effectively organized presentations are superior to ineffectively organized presentations.  Visuals help!  The class will do a SWOT of one Disney Princess and one Justice League member.


Apply the following quadrant system to your own situation:

Coveys Time Management Quadrants

I use the following quadrant system to classify coworkers.  What do you think?

Likeability vs. Competence

Competence and Likability  

1) Do you think discussing the graphic before the videos helped you understand the videos?

If your answer is “yes” then why did the graphic help you understand the videos?

2) If your answer is “yes” then how can you apply this observation to your own presentations?

7.0) The students will break into groups and create a quadrant describing our college.

7.1)  Group 1 – Teachers – Demographics

7.2) Group 2 – Teachers – Teaching Styles using the media/message model.

7.3) Group 3 – Teachers – Fashion and/or Lifestyle

7.4) Group 3 – Students – Demographics

7.5) Group 4 – Students – Learning Styles

7.6) Group 5 – Students – Fashion and/or Lifestyle

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