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1) Do consider that you may be partly responsible for your poor relationship with your supervisor.

2) Do keep track of your boss’s mood swings.

3) Do manage differences in culture.

4) Do monitor your relationship.

5) Do not promise what you cannot deliver.

6) Do present information.

7) Do present solutions to problems you present.

8) Do tell the boss how you feel about her treatment of you.

9) Do try to make your employer’s job easier by offering to take responsibility for those tasks that he or she may dislike doing.

10) Do watch the example of the people who get along with your boss.


1) Don’t present data.

2) Don’t assume she knows as much as you do.

3) Don’t be sloppy in your documentation.

4) Don’t dispute your employer’s authority, even if you disagree with his or her judgment in a particular situation.

5) Don’t go over the boss’s head unless it is absolutely critical, such as an emergency or crisis situation. Violating the chain of command almost always causes more problems than it solves.

6) Don’t lose your self-respect. If your coping strategies have failed and a transfer is impossible, do what you have to do to keep your self-esteem, even if it means finding a new job and a new boss.

7) Don’t malign your boss by gossiping behind his or her back. Be loyal!

8) Don’t put yourself in a position to be criticized by seeking the boss’s approval when it isn’t required. Do some things, and tell him or her about them…later.

9) Don’t take criticism as a personal attack.

10) Don’t waste her time.

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