097 Spanish Stores

cafetería — coffeeshop, snack bar (from café, coffee)
carnicería — butcher shop (from carne, meat)
cervecería — brewery, bar
confitería — candy store (from confite, candy)
dentistería — oral surgeon’s office
droguería — drugstore, variety store
ebanistería — cabinet shop, place where cabinets are made (from ebano, ebony)
ferretería — hardware store (from an old word for iron)
floristería — flower shop
frutería — fruit shop
heladería — ice-cream parlor
herboristería — herbalist’s shop
herrería — blacksmith’s shop
joyería — jewelry shop
juguetería — toy shop
lavandería — laundry (from lavar, to wash)
lechería — dairy
lencería — linen shop, lingerie shop
librería — bookstore
mueblería — furniture store
panadería — bakery (from pan, bread)
papelería — stationery store
pastelería — pastry shop
peluquería — hairdresser’s shop, beauty shop, barbershop (from peluca, wig)
pescadería — seafood store
perfumería — fragrance shop, perfume store
pizzería — pizzeria, pizza parlor
sastrería — tailor’s shop
sombrerería — hat shop, hat factory
tapicería — upholstery shop, furniture store (from tapiz, tapestry)
tintotería — dry-cleaner’s (from tinto, red wine or dye)
verdulería — produce store, greengrocer’s, vegetable market (from verdura, vegetable)
zapatería — shoe store

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