Design a Superhero?


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1) What is the name of your superhero?

2) What power(s) will the super hero have?

3) Are your hero’s superpower(s) weird or comical?

4) How did your hero get their super power(s)?

5) What sort of personality will your superhero have?

6) Does your hero have a secret identity?

7) If your hero has a secret identity then what is the occupation of the secret identity persona?

8) If your hero has an employer, does the hero get along with his/her employer?

9) Does your hero have an office romance?

10) Is the personality of your hero different than his/her secret identity personality?

11) Does your hero have a significant other?

12) Does he/she know the secret identity of the hero?

13) Does your hero have a best friend?

14) Does the best friend know the secret identity of your hero?

15) What is the relationship between your hero and the authorities (police, government, etc.)?

16) Does your hero have any special psychological weaknesses?

17) Does your hero have any special physical weaknesses?

18) Is your hero an antihero?

19) Is your hero a cliché?

20) Is your superhero going to be well known or hide in the shadows?

21) Is your hero going to be male or a female?

22) What is the nationality, ethnicity and/or race of your hero?

23) How have the heroes abilities/powers evolved?

24) Does your hero need what causes their powers to survive?

25) Does your heroes power(s) have a built in weakness?

26) What is the logo of your superhero?

27) What is the battle cry/catch phrase of your hero?

28) Will the hero have a sidekick and if so what is their story?

29) Does the hero have a pet/mascot?

30) Does your hero have a special vehicle?

31) What sort of enemies does your hero have?

32) Does your hero have an arch-enemy?

33) Are the enemies of your super hero a cliché?

34) Is your hero fighting evil in general or specific types of evil?

35) What is the socio-economic status of your hero?

36) What is the setting of your hero?

37) What is the home of your hero like?

38) Does your hero have a secret headquarters?

39) Does your hero have particular hang outs?

40) Is the costume of your hero the standard strongman one?  Please answer no!

41) What are the fictional roots of your hero?  Have you gone beyond these roots creatively?

42) Is your hero a Jungian archetype and if so what archetype?

43) Is your hero’s story a retelling of a grand story (Shakespearean, Biblical, etc.)?

44) Is the story of your hero some attempt at social criticism?

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