Presentation Zen

Organization & Preparation Tips
(1) Start with the end in mind.
(2) Plan in “analog mode.”
(3) Good presentations include stories.
(4) It’s all about our audience.
(5) Reduce the text on your slides to an absolute minimum.
(6) Do not read the text word for word off the slide.
(7) Written documents (research papers, handouts, executive summaries, etc.) are for the expanded details.

Slide (PowerPoint) Tips
(1) Keep it simple.
(2) Avoid using Microsoft templates.
(3) Avoid using PowerPoint Clip Art or other cartoonish line art.
(4) Use high-quality graphics including photographs.
(5) Use object builds and slide transitions judiciously.
(6) Synchronize your speaking with the builds and transitions.
(7) Use video and audio when appropriate.
(8) Limit your ideas to one main idea per slide.

Delivery Tips
(1) Move away from the podium — connect with your audience.
(2) Remember the “B” key.
(3) Use a remote-control device to advance your slides and builds.
(4) Make good eye contact.
(5) Take it slowly.
(6) Keep the lights on.


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