000 Spanish Singing Contest Criteria


Scale: (1) poor, (2) fair, (3) good, (4) very good and (5) excellent

1.0) Vocals

1.1) Articulation – Can the audience clearly hear the words? Are you clearly enunciating? Even if you aren’t familiar with the language, the judges can tell if the singer is mumbling or slurring or stumbling through the song.

1.2) Intonation – Are you singing “in key?” Or are you singing sharp (above the appropriate pitch), or flat (below the appropriate pitch)? If one or two notes are off pitch, you will be scored accordingly, but your overall performance will be the main consideration in scoring.

1.3) Range – Are you in command of a large range of pitches (low to high), or is the melody in a narrow range (one octave or less)? You’ve heard about singers with a solid two or three octave range! If you demonstrate a wide range, you should receive a higher score. But if you strain to sing the high notes or struggle to project the low notes, your score should be lower. A good vocal performance will simply sound natural.

1.4) Rhythm – Are you “in tempo” with the underlying musical score? Or are you singing “out of rhythm” with the musical phrases early or late? A good performance will sound “locked in” and the judges will feel it.


2.0) Showmanship

2.1) Eye contact

2.2) Facial expressions

2.3) Good use of props

2.4) Good use of body movement

2.5) Musical instruments are allowed


3.0) Appearance

3.1) Appropriate use of costumes

3.2) Neat appearance


4.0) Spanish Lyrics and Pronunciation

4.1) The lyrics are sung accurately.

4.2) The words are pronounced correctly.


5.0) Judge’s overall impression of your performance.

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Spanish Singing Contest Evaluation Form at:

000 Spanish I Singing Contest

000 Spanish II Singing Contest

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