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You will need three dice and a flat surface to cast them on if you wish to gain an in depth insight into your future. Ideally the three dice should be of different colors for identification. If your dice are identical, mark them in some way so you can differentiate between them. The number of spots on the faces of each die correspond to different meanings and each die has its own set.  The subject should pick up each die in turn, separately, starting with the first, then the second and finally the third, rolling them against each other in their closed hand as they do so. Have them cast all three dice onto your reading surface three times, noting the numbers thrown on each die, each time.   The first cast of the dice tells the interpreter about the caster’s general situation. The second will give an insight into money matters or their business situation and the third cast is concerned with relationships and love.

The First Die

6 – A sign to be on guard to a passing matter. An indication of impending, but veiled or hidden, good or evil.

5 – Persevere and show determination in achieving your goal or ambition.

4 – An omen of good luck and of a fortunate outcome for your future plans. Gamble and succeed.

3 – A journey or trip or possibly you may receive some important information in a letter or as some other message.

2 – A sign of your mortality. The end or sudden change of events concerning some matter of importance to you.

1 – Complications may entangle you in affairs not what they at first seem to be.

The Second Die

6 – An unfamiliar person will have an undue effect on your relations with family and those close to you.

5 – An event of great importance for your home or within the family.

4 – Disagreements and deceitfulness are in store for you.

3 – Love or perhaps a new close friend in your life.

2 – New plans and ideas will lead to greater productivity.

1 – Look forward to a new found enthusiasm and drive leading to great success in your life.

  The Third Die

6 – Good fortune in matters of money, property and wealth.

5 – An occasion to celebrate is in store.

4 – New opportunities will present themselves to you or perhaps the solution to an old problem.

3 – You hold the key to your future prospects. Find the enthusiasm and zeal to achieve your ambitions.

2 – Events will move along at a great speed and you must be careful not to make mistakes.

1 – Take care and be thoughtful to preserve your health and a sound mind.

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