Emotion and Culture

1) What does the video have to say about Darwin?

2) What does the video say about Plutchik’s wheel of emotions?


3) What does the video say about pessimism versus optimism?

Optimist vs Pessimist

4) What about US optimism?

EU pessimism vs. US optimism

5) What is a realist?

Should You Be Optimistic, Pessimistic or Realistic?

6) How do cultures differ in the area of emotional expression?

Cultural Dimension: display of emotion

Two Dimensional Model of Emotional Display

7) Describe the difference between emotion and feeling.

Where Do We Physically Feel Emotions?

1Emotion vs Feeling

8) Describe the Three poisons (Buddhism)

6Buddhism Three Emotions-Three Poisons

The following tables are adapted from Wikipedia:


2Robinson's criteria contrasting basic emotions


3HUMAINE's proposal for EARL (Emotion Annotation and Representation

4Parrott's emotions by groups

Worksheet for this lesson at Scribd:


WereVerse Universe Baby!

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