Frozen versus Maleficent: Language Activity

Frozen versus Maleficent

Objectives: The student will be able to compare and contrast Frozen and Maleficent in terms of plot, appearance of the protagonists, powers of the protagonists, movie quality, feminism and irony.

1) What are some similarities between the plots of Frozen and Maleficent?

In both cases a woman, not a prince, breaks the evil spell that the princess is in due to that woman. Elsa breaks the frozen spell of Anna.  Maleficent breaks the evil spell she placed on Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).  This is in contrast with all the other Disney films in which a prince not a woman breaks the spell of the princess.

In both cases the protagonist is a Byronic Heroine

The protagonists have superpowers in both cases.

2) What are some major differences between Queen Elsa and Maleficent in terms of appearance, personality and origin?

3) Who do you think is prettier, Elsa or Maleficent and why?

4) If Elsa fought Maleficent then who would win?

Marshmallow versus Diaval?

Marshmallow versus Diaval

5) Which movie is better and why?

6) Which movie is more feminist?

7) Which movie is more ironic?

8) Which movie is more Disneyesque?

9) Which movie is funnier and why?


10) Maleficent is a cartoon (Sleeping Beauty) turned into a live action film. If Frozen was turned into a live action film then how would the movie change?,manual

10) Would Queen Elsa or Maleficent be the better dancer?

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