099 Spanish False Cognates

A false cognate is a word in Spanish that seems similar to a word in English but actually has a very different meaning.

Spanish term Englishterm

  • Spanish translation
actual (“current”), actualmente (“currently”) actual, actually

asistir (“to attend”) assist

atender (“to pay attention”) attend

basamento (“base of a column”) basement

billón (“trillion”)
(when given on the long scale, i.e. 1,000,000,000,000)
(when given on the short scale, i.e. 1,000,000,000)

bizarro (“brave, noble”) bizarre

boda (“wedding”) body

campo camp
carpeta carpet
chocar choke
complexión complexion
compromiso compromise
constiparse, constipación constipate, constipation
contestar contest
corresponder correspond (communication)
decepción, decepcionar deceive, deception
delito delightful
despertar desperate
disgusto disgust
destituido destitute
dormitorio dormitory
embarazada embarrassed
enviar envy
éxito exit
fábrica fabric
fútbol American football
fútil futile
ganga gang
inconsecuente inconsequential
introducir introduce (someone)
largo large
molestar molest
once once
pariente parent
pretender pretend
rapista rapist
realizar, realización realize, realization
recordar record
ropa rope
revolver revolver
sano sane
sensible, sensiblemente sensible, sensibly
sopa soap
soportar support
suceso success
tuna tuna
últimamente ultimately
vaso vase

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