Jesus Christ was a Buddha NOT the Son of God

The world suffers from climate change, endless war, destabilization everywhere and darkness and chaos engulfing the planet.  I am an American living in SE Asia.  The Westerners on the whole here are wasting time, chilling and trying to relax and have a fatalistic attitude. Not all Westerners but at least 99.9%.  The SE Asians on the other hand are working hard and fighting the darkness and chaos as best they can with limited resources.  The poorest Asians are happier than the richest Westerners.  The worst Westerners are citizens of the USA.  I avoid my countrymen as best I can for, they babble about getting drunk, chasing pussy and abuse drugs from morning until night.  They do not bother to shave, shower or even eat and if by the pool sleep by the pool and do not swim. 

Westerners have abused the kind Asians for hundreds of years now and it seems to me their core claim to cultural superiority is false when obviously the Asians are more evolved than Westerners.  Asians are physically more attractive on the whole.  Asians have less body hair, less fat, symmetrical facial features and in good shape due to manual labor. 

The Americans stare at the weights and even buy weights but do not use them. A German was proud of spending time in the pool and did not count laps. The water does not have miraculous powers and requires exercise to do its magic. You cannot put a book under your pillow and learn the contents.  You cannot talk about exercise, buy equipment that gathers dust, one must move muscle.  Expensive running outfits minus running do not do the job but the Westerners can feel superior despite being fatter, dumber and more irrational than Asians because when all else fails they can say “I have accepted Christ”.  Christ was a Buddha period not the son of God and I offer arguments to back up this assertion.

1)The Jews did not accept Christ as the Messiah despite endless persecution and this is a matter of a Jewish world view therefore, I would accept Jews as the authority in this issue. If I want the best Chinese food then I ask a Chinese person logically.

2)As I understand the matter, the world was supposed to change when the Messiah arrived.  Look around is the world better than 2,000 years ago? We have more toys but as a species we have clearly de-evolved.  Sperm counts are down. Obesity is up.  Testosterone levels are down for men.  WW I and WW II happened after Christ.  The cruelty of man has clearly increased.  The Romans were nice guys compared to the Nazis.  The “Christian” Americans brought us the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the war in Afghanistan and now Ukraine.  Men and treasure were lost and the world made less stable than before these wars. Clearly the Christian message might sound good but does not work. The West is aggressive and does not turn the other cheek and instead causes wars for no good reason and hurts even itself.  Dominion over the Earth should mean an enlightened stewardship of the Earth but instead has been turned into an excuse for plunder that has led us to climate change and the Americans who have led the way are the unhappiest people I have met and I have met people of just about all nations.

3)God is infinite. I accept there is a God 100%!  I just don’t accept that Jesus is the son of God.  How can a finite being even hold a fraction of the infinite energy of God without going up in flames.  Perhaps this is the explanation for the mad ramblings of Jesus. Jesus was touched, grazed by the hand of God and his hardware could not handle the energy given or perhaps political expediency is the answer for the illogical claim of Jesus that he was the son of God.  Jesus saw the suffering of the world at the hands of the Romans and for political reasons adapted the story of the Messiah in Jewish culture to end this suffering? I do not know but only speculate.

4)The Christians talk sweet words but are the cruelest religion on the planet. The proof is in the pudding.  Galileo was shown instruments of torture to force him to recant what he saw in a telescope.  Humans were burned over the fine points of Christianity. The Crusades forced Christianity at sword point.  The priests and Pope live in luxury while their flock starves.  The ministers of the other faiths also neglect their flock.  Christianity has failed to deliver as even a cursory analysis of history shows. Like communism a good idea but not an idea that can be applied through current means.

5)There are good men and women who have never even heard of Jesus but are going to go to hell? How can good God create such a state of affairs.  I understand free will but how can you choose the right dish without even a menu.  Man does not live on bread alone but does need bread to worry about lofty concepts such as if Jesus is the son of God or not.

6)The counter arguments of Christians are fallacious.  The arguments are as follows.  You die and if you die Christ promises you eternal heaven or eternal damnation.  The fear of death that is natural to all humans is turned into the hope of immortality so the simple gobble up this argument.  Fear is the sword of the Christians not logic.  God gave us the gift of logic but we are to take a leap of faith and deny what makes us human?

7)We live incredibly short lives yet we get eternal paradise or eternal damnation based on our short performance. How is this fair. Is not God the embodiment of fairness?  If I am good for 80 years then I should be rewarded with 80 years of paradise. If I was bad for 80 years then 80 years of hell.  The reward should be commensurate to performance. The punishment should be fit the crime or crimes. Reincarnation is more logical than eternal reward or punishment but eternities are more effective for social control.  Christianity is a doctrine to scare the poor and none Westerners into submission.  Christianity lets the rich exploit the poor and the Westerners exploit the none Westerners.

8)Eight is a lucky number in Asia. I had a call to action but a coward and have erased it. I shall wait for history moves in the correct direction and I just need to wait for God to his work. Sorry I like being alive. Call me a coward but know my history and know that truth does not make one invulnerable at all. The goal is happiness or at least that is my goal. I have no wish to drink hemlock or suffer another terrible faith. I will follow Galileo and recant upon being shown the instruments of torture or even the hint of things to come. I have an active imagination and this world is wicked as all can agree. I thought the internet could be used to solve the problems of the internet but now see I am wrong. Turn off the internet once a week. Sunday or whatever day. Turn on prayer, exercise, read a book, talk to a neighbor or care for your parents. A pacific enough message.

I like the Bible, the stories and the songs of Christians but the Christians are not Christian generally. Christian reformation was tried once perhaps it can be tried again with greater success but none of my affair for I am Buddhist not Christian. I have found Christian prayer works! I think God hears the prayers of Buddhist. I can see with my own two eyes the Buddhist of Cambodia are the best people in the world and have been everywhere. However, the poorest people of any country I have lived in and I pray to God that the poor Cambodians receive some money sooner rather than later. I have been a bad boy and now repent for I fear a bad reincarnation. Probably to late for repentance and prayer but I have read that God does miracles. An acronym to aid prayer easy to remember. God please forgive me for being weak and cowardly but I know you do not wish me to die needlessly for you are the epitome of compassion.

The arrogance of Christians has caused problems for hundreds of years. Interfaith is impossible as long as Christians have a holier than thou attitude. The best way of handling the Christian problem, for it is indeed a problem, is to make laws like Singapore has regulating religious behavior. National unity is more important than any religious message and Christianity inserts its views into Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim states and often acts as a Trojan horse for Western imperialism. HOWEVER, most Christians I have known in my life are good people and do respect other faiths albeit in a limited fashion and acts against other religions by Christians are mostly of a historical nature except of course the brutalization of the Muslim Palestinians by the Jewish Israelis with the support of Christians in the USA. Banning Christianity is too draconian and a softer approach that regulates extreme behavior is more logical. You don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease. I personally just smile and walk quickly away when Christians try to convert me. I think to myself that the Christian before me has good intentions and try to turn the other cheek so to speak. I have lived in ten countries for forty years and have learned the hard way that rational discourse is generally a bad idea despite claims by Christians that they are multicultural and open minded. Better to smile a walk away and thus avoid purposeless argument. The Singaporeans have wisely created laws to create conditions of religious harmony:,certain%20acts%20threatening%20religious%20harmony.

An interesting video on the subject of religious harmony in Singapore below.

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