163 Spanish Fencing Terms

advance – el avance

attack – el ataque

bellguard – la cazoleta

bib – el babero

blade – la hoja

body cord – el pasante de cuerpo

épée – la espada

feint – el amago

fencer  – el/la esgrimista

fencing – la esgrima

foil – el florete

glove – el guante

hilt – la empuñadura

jacket – la chaqueta

knickers – el pantalón

lame – la chaquetilla metálica

lunge – el fondo

mask – la máscara

off target – no válido

on guard – en guardia

on target – válido

parry – la parada

point – el punto

pommel – el pomo

retreat  – el retroceso

right-of-way – la prioridad

riposte – la respuesta

saber – el sable

strip – la pista

to fence – esgrimir

touch – el tocado

underarm protector – el peto protector

weapons – las armas

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8 responses to “163 Spanish Fencing Terms

  1. Where are the other 6 pages? No 163 terms here!

  2. Thanks for the information. I always find interesting things for my classes here. You’ve really put a lot of work into the site. Good work!

  3. Carolina Ramirez

    Thank you! In Spanish I’m doing a skit on a sport I do and since I only do fencing it’s hard to find the terms. Thanks again!

  4. Writing about fencing for my Spanish class and could not get some of the words to translate. This list was much appreciated.

  5. John D'Aquila

    I am reading the novel ‘ The Fencing Master’s by Arturo Perez- Reverted. Can you please help me understand some of the movements in the story. I fenced in college many years ago and an familiar with parry, riposte, point of line, etc. I do not understand the numeral value to the moves.
    To parry in quarte
    Riposte in seconde
    Froissment in reverse
    Do you know what froissment and flanconnade are?
    Thank you

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