Animal Symbolism Worksheet

Category Western Animal Symbol and Source Your Countries Animal Symbol and Source
BeautifulAesop’s Fables PeacockJay and the Peacock
CleverSaying FoxClever as a foxCrazy like a fox
CuriousSaying CatCuriosity killed the cat
CuteAesop’s FablesSaying BunnyTortoise and the HareCute as a bunny
DangerousAesop’s FablesAesop’s Fables SnakeThe Laborer and the SnakeThe Farmer and the Snake
DirtySayingBible PigFilthy as a pigLeviticus – don’t eat pig
EvilBible SnakeAdam and Eve
FastAesop’s Fables RabbitThe Tortoise and the Hare
GreedySaying PigEats like a pig
HardworkingAesop’s Fables AntThe Ant and the Grasshopper
Hardworking 2 BeaverBusy as a beaverEager beaver
InnocenceBible Lamb
LazyAesop’s Fables GrasshopperThe Ant and the Grasshopper
LeaderAesop’s Fables Lion (King of the jungle)Lion and the Mouse
Long Lived Turtle
MeeknessBibleIdiom LambAs gentle as a lamb
Memory ElephantHe has a memory like and elephant.
PeaceBible DoveNoah’s Ark
ProtectiveSaying HenMother Hen
SacrificeBiblical saying RamSacrificial lamb
Shy MouseAs shy as a mouse
SlowAesop’s FablesSaying TurtleThe Tortoise and the HareSlow as a turtle
StrongSaying Bull/OxHe is strong as an ox.
StubbornSaying MuleStubborn as a donkey
StupidSaying DonkeyStupid as a donkey
TreacherousAesop’s FablesAesop’s FablesSaying Rat, SnakeThe Laborer and the SnakeThe Farmer and the SnakeYou dirty rat!

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