158 Spanish Meat Vocabulary

Bacon  Tocino / Panceta

Beccaficos – Becafigos

Beef steak – Bistec de carne de vaca

Beef – Carne de res

Beefsteak – Bistec

Bismarck steak (topped with a fried egg) – Bistec a la Bismarck (con huevo frito encima)

Calf sweetbreads – Mollejas de ternera

Charcoal grilled smoked pork cutlet – Bistec de cerdo ahumado a la brasa

Chicken thigh – Muslo de pollo

Chicken wings – Alitas de pollo

Donkey – Burro

Duck – Pato, m

Duck coated in caramel – Pato acaramelado

Duck with orange sauce – Pato a la naranja

Grilled sirloin steak – Entrecot de carne de vaca a la parilla

Ground beef – Carne molida

Ground-veal steak – Bistec de ternera molido

Ham – Jamón

Honey-glazed duck – Pato glaseado con miel

Irish lamb – Cordero irlandès

Kidneys – Riñones

Lamb – Cordero

Lamb in a spinach crust – Cordero en costra de espinacas

Lamb sweetbreads – Mollejas de cordero

Lamb with wild herbs – Cordero con hierbas silvestres

Larks – Alondras

Leg of lamb     Pierna de cordero

Liver – Hígado

Musk – Pato mudo

Oxtail  Cola de buey

Pig’s feet – Patas de cerdo

Pork – Cerdo

Pork chop – Chuleta

Pork fillet – Lomo de cerdo

Pressed duck – Pato a la sangre

Ribs – Costillas

Roast – Asado

Roast baron (legs & saddle) of lamb – Perniles y silla de cordero asados

Roast lamb – Cordero asado

Roast pork – Cerdo asado

Roast pork loin – Lomo de cerdo asado

Roast veal in a pastry crust – Ternera asada en costra

Rolled & stuffed roast beef – Redondo de carne de vaca asada rellena

Rolled veal – Redondo de ternera

Sausages – Longanizas

Sausages / Hot Dogs / Wieners – Salchichas

Snipe – Becacina, f

Spring lamb – Cordero lechal

Steak – Bistec, m

Steak – Lomo

Steak filled with cheese – Bistec relleno con queso

Steak pizzaiola style (in tomato sauce) – Bistec a la pizzaiola (con salsa de tomate)

Steak tartare – Bistec a la tàrtara

Stuffed chicken wings – Alitas de pollo rellenas

Suckling pig – Cochinillo

Teal (duck) – Cerceta

Tongue – Lengua

Tripe – Tripas

Veal – Ternera

Veal steak – Bistec de ternera

White stew – Fricasè

White stew of lamb – Fricasè de cordero

White stew of veal – Fricasè de ternera

Wild duck – Pato salvaje

Wings – Alas

Woodcock – Becada

Young duck – Patito

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