Logos Analyzed by Industry Worksheet


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Logos Analyzed by Industry Worksheet


Broader Industry – Specific Industry Comments (Font, Shapes, Color, Pictures, Cultural References)
Fashion – Eye Glasses Logos
Fashion – High End Logos
Fashion – Low End Logos
Hospitality – Hotel Logos
Hospitality – Restaurant Logos
Hospitality Tourist Country Logos
Internet – Metaverse
Internet – Silicon Valley
Internet – Social Network
Liquid Refreshment – Beer
Liquid Refreshment – Soda
Media – Movie Logos
Media – Movie Studio Logos
Media – Publishing House Logos
Media – TV Show Logos
Press – Business Logos
Press – Newspaper Logos
Sports – Baseball Logos
Sports – Basketball Logos
Sports – Football Logos
Sports – National Football League Logos
Toy Company Logos
Toy Line Logos
Transportation – Airline Logos
Transportation – Car Logos
Transportation – Motorcycle Logos

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