American versus South Korean Culture

This is an application of the Fox Cultural Lesson Plan System.  The student will be able to discuss South Korean culture from a historical perspective, etiquette perspective and pop culture perspective.

0Hugh Fox South Korean Collage


1) Describe the flag of South Korea.

South Korean Flag Banner

2) What are some cultural accomplishments of the Joseon Dynasty?

3) What is Hangul?

World’s Easiest Writing System: Origin of Hangul

The Miracle of the Han River – Park Chung Hee  

Park Chung Hee

Lee Kuan Yew

Chiang Ching Kuo

4) What is the Great Man theory?

5) How do you think Korean history has affected the Korean view of foreigners?

6) Is there a cultural explanation for South Korea’s economic rise?

Seonbi spirit?

Confucian Work Ethic vs. Protestant Work Ethic



7) What is Taekkyon?

8) Are Taekwondo and Hapkido modern martial arts or traditional martial arts?


9) Does Gangnam Style have some Counterculture significance?

10) Is Gangnam Style a critique of hyper-materialism?

11) Does Bubble Pop! Have some Counterculture significance?

12) Hyuna is the lead singer in Bubble Pop!. Is Hyuna a feminist or a sex object or something else?

13) What is the new South Korean overexposure law and why do you think the law was enacted?

14) Is the generation gap bigger in Asia than in Western countries and if so then why?

15) South Korean Soft Power – What is Korean Wave?

Korean Wave

Korean Wave 3.0 looks beyond K-pop  

K-pop diplomacy  

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