154 Spanish Cheese Vocabulary

Assorted cheese – Quesos surtidos

Blue-cheese – Queso con mohos

Blue-cheese – Queso con mohos

Buffalo’s cheese – Queso de bùfala

Cheese – Queso

Cheese fondue – Queso fundido

Cheese from the trolley – Quesos del carrito

Cheese in oil – Queso in aceite

Cheese spread – Queso para untar

Cheese with walnuts – Queso con nueces

Cheese – Quesos

Cow’s cheese – Queso de vaca

Cow’s cheese from Veneto – Queso de vaca de la regiòn Vèneta

Creamed fermented cheese with herbs – Crema de quesos fermentados y aromatizados

Edam cheese – Queso de bola

Ewe’s cheese – Queso de oveja

Fresh & mild cheese) – Queso fresco y dulce

Fresh cheese – Queso fresco

Fresh cheese with herbs – Queso fresco con hierbas aromàticas

Fresh goat’s cheese – Queso fresco de cabra)

Goat’s cheese – Queso de cabra

Grated cheese – Queso rallado

Grilled cheese – Queso a la plancha

Hard cheese – Queso duro

Herb cheese – Queso con hierbas

Kneaded-paste cheese from Southern Italy – Queso de textura filamentosa del Sur de Italia

Matured cheese – Queso curado

Medium hard cheese – Queso semiduro

Melted cheese – Queso fundido

Mild & soft cheese – Queso dulce y blando

Mild & soft cheese – Queso dulce y blando

Mild medium hard cheese – Queso dulce semiduro)

Smoked cheese – Queso ahumado

Soft cheese – Queso blando

Soft cheese from Aosta Valley, with strong flavour& aroma – Queso blando del Valle de Aosta con sabor y olorfuertes

Swiss cheese with strong taste & aroma – Queso suizo con sabor y olor fuertes

Type of parmesan – Tipo parmesano

Very soft & fresh cheese – Queso fresco muy blando

Very soft cheese with a white rind – Queso muy blando con costra florecida

White-rind cheese – Queso con costra florecida

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