155 Spanish Hors d’oeuvre Vocabulary

Assortment of cured meats – Embutido mixto

Assortment of typical hors d’oeuvre – Surtido de entremeses tìpicos

Avocado with shrimps – Aguacate con gambas

Cold cuts of game – Embutidos de caza

Farmhouse hors d’oeuvre – Entremès rùstico

Fried &marinated anchovies – Anchoas en escabeche (fritas y marinadas)

Hors D’Oeuvre – Entremeses

Hors d’oeuvre trolley – Entremeses del carrito

Marinated eel with herbs – Anguila marinada con hierbas

Marinated fresh herring – Arenques frescos marinados

Mixed hors d’oeuvre – Entremè surtido

Seafood hors d’oeuvre – Entremède pescado

Shrimps in aspic – Aspic de gambas

Smoked herring – Arenque ahumado

Sour fried eel – Anguila frita agria

Stuffed anchovies – Anchoas rellenas

Vegetables in aspic – Aspic de verduras

Vegetarian hors d’oeuvre – Entremès vegetariano

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