139 Spanish Monsters and Fantasy Creatures

Cyclops – Cíclope

Demon – Demonio

Dragon – Dragón

Dwarf – Enano

Elf – Duende

Fairy – Hada

Ghost – Espanto

Goblin – Trasgo

Hippogriff – Hipogrifo

Hobbit – Hobbit

Medusa – Medusa

Mermaid – Sirena

Minotaur – Minotauro

Monsters – Monstruos

Ogre – Ogro

Orc – Orco

Troll – Trol

Unicorn – Unicornio

Vampire – Vampiro

Werewolf – Hombre Lobo

Zombie – Zombi

Word Document at: 139 Spanish Monsters and Fantasy Creatures

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