138 Spanish Fish and Seafood Vocabulary

Acciughe – Acciughe

Allis shad; true alose – Sàbalo, m

Anchovies – Anchoas

Anchovies in olive oil – Anchoillas en aceite

Baked salt cod with onions & potatoes – Bacalao al horno con cebollas y patatas

Barbel – Barbo de mar

Bass – Mero, Lubina, f

Bleaks -Albures, m

Bogue – Boga

Boiled mixed fish – Mixto de pescado cocido

Bonefish – Macabi

Burbot; eel-pout – Lota

Butterfly bass – Pavon mariposa

Clams – Almejas

Cod – Bacalao

Crab – Cangrejo

Crayfish – Langostino

Crucian carp – Carpìn

Dolphin – Delphin

Eel – Anguila

Fish – Pescado

Fish fingers – Bastoncitos de pescado

Flying fish – Pez volador

Fried squid rings – Anillos de calamares fritos

Fried squids – Calamares fritos

Gar-fish – Agujas

Giant Black Seabass – Garupa

Gurnard – Rubio

Haddock – Róbalo

Herring – Arenque

Jack Crevalle – Toro

Lamprey – Lamprea

Large female eel – Capitòn (gruesa hembra de anguila)

Lobster – Langosta, Bogavante

Lobster American style (with tomato sauce) – Bogavante a la americana (con salse de tomate)

Lobster Newburg style (with cream sauce)  – Bogavante a la Newburg (con salsa de nata)

Luccio di mare – Luccio di mare

Mackerel – Caballa / Makerela

Manta Ray – Mantaraya

Mantis shrimps; squills – Santiaguiños, m

Marlin – Marlin

Monkfish – Rape

Mullet – Mugil or Mugol

Needle Fish – Paz Agula

Octopus – Pulpo

Oysters – Ostiones / Ostras

Peacock Bass – Pavon Cinchado

Perch – Perca

Pilgrim scallops – Zamburiñas, f

Porpoise – Ochinito, puerco marino

Purèe of dried cod – Crema de bacalao

Razor-shells; razor clams – Navajas, f

Red snapper – Huachinango

Roosterfish – Pez gallo

Round sardinella – Alacha

Sailfish – Pez vela

Salmon – Salmón

Salmon bites – Bocaditos de salmòn

Salt cod – Bacalao

Sardine – Sardina

Sea Lion – Leon marino

Seafood – Mariscos

Seal – Foca

Shark – Tiburon

Shrimps – Camarones

Snapper – Pargo

Snook – Robalo

Sole – Lenguado

Spinarolo – Spinarolo

Spiny-lobster – Langosta

Spiny-lobster Thermidor (broiled in its carapace) – Langosta Thermidor (gratinada en el caparazòn)

Squid – Calamares

Stewed salt cod – Bacalao guisado

Strong Fish – Pez fuerte

Swordfish steak – Loncha de pez espada

Tarpon – Sabalo

Tonnetto  – Tonnetto

Trout – Trucha

Tuna – Atún

Turtle – Tortuga

Twite shad – Alosa, f

Wedge shells – Coquinas, f

Whale – Ballena

Whitebait – Jaramugos

Yellowtail – Jurel

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