US Cultural Topics List

Below is a list I developed to integrate lessons about US culture into a two year, four semesters total,  non-major EFL program.  This list assumes a different topic each week for 11 weeks.  I used about 20-30 minutes of a 100 minute weekly lesson at the end of the class session to teach US culture.

US Geography

1st Year/1st Semester

1.1) US Regions

1.2) Massachusetts

1.3) California

1.4) Texas

1.5) New York

1.6) Alaska

1.7) Hawaii

1.8) Michigan

1.9) Washington DC

1.10) Florida

1.11) New Mexico

US Historical Events

1st Year/2nd Semester

2.1) Native Americans

2.2) American Revolution

2.3) Frontier West

2.4) Civil War

2.5) Industrial America

2.6) World War 1

2.7) Great Depression

2.8) WW II

2.9) Cold War

2.10) Vietnam War

2.11) US Counterculture

Famous Americans 2nd Year/1st Semester

3.1) Mark Twain

3.2) Sitting Bull

3.3) Henry Ford

3.4) Thomas Edison

3.5) Ernest Hemingway

3.6) Helen Keller

3.7) Evel Knievel

3.8) Martin Luther King

3.9) Muhammad Ali

3.10) Edward Kennedy

3.11) Martha Stewart

Famous US Organizations

2nd Year/ 2nd Semester

4.1) NASA

4.2) FBI

4.3) Pentagon

4.4) Republican Party

4.5) World Wrestling Foundation

4.6) Ku Klux Klan

4.7) IBM

4.8) Wal-Mart

4.9) McDonalds

4.10) Harvard

4.11) Texas A&M University

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