061 Spanish Object Pronouns

Subject                                  Direct

yo                                                  I         me        me

tú                                                  you    te          you

él                                                   he/it   lo          him/it

ella                                                she/it  la          her/it

Usted                                            you    la          you

nosotros (as)                                we     nos       us

vosotros (as)                                 you    os          you

Ustedes                                         you    los, las  you

ellos (as)                                       they   los         them

Indirect            Object of Prepositions

me      to me              mí                                me

te        to you             ti                                  you

le         to him/it          él                                 him/it

le         to her/it           ella                              her/it

le         to you             Usted                          you

nos      to us                nosotros (as)               us

os        to you             vosotros (as)               you

les       to you             Ustedes                       you

les       to them           ellos (as)                      them

An object pronoun generally precedes the conjugated verb, except if is used in an affirmative command, with an infinitive or gerund.  Then it is attached to the verb as one word.  Déme Ud. el libro.  Give me the book.

When you have more than one pronoun, the indirect comes before the direct.  If both pronouns begin with the letter l, then the first one is changed to se.

When one or two object pronouns follow and are attached to the verb form, an accent mark must be added to retain the original stress of the word.

For clearness or emphasis, the prepositional form of a plus an object of a preposition may be used.  Nos envió a Ud.  He sent us to you.

When the preposition con (with) precedes me or te, the words change to conmigo (with me) and contigo (with you).





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