160 Spanish Egg Vocabulary

Cheese omelette – Tortilla de queso

Egg/s – Huevo/s

Eggs baked in oven-proof dish – Huevos cocinados al horno en cocotera

Eggs cooked to order – Huevos a elecciòn

Eggs in aspic – Huevos en gelatina

Eggs Russian style (hard boiled with Russian salad) – Huevos a la rusa (duros con ensalada rusa)

Eggs – Huevos

Fried eggs – Huevos fritos

Fried eggs with bacon – Huevos fritos con tocino

Fried eggs with ham – Huevos fritos con jamòn

Medium-boiled eggs in (5-6 min) – Huevos cocidos (hervidos 5-6 min)

Medium-boiled eggs in ham jelly – Huevos cocidos en gelatina de jamòn

Moulded eggs – Huevos en molde

Omelette – Tortilla

Omelette with artichokes – Tortilla de alcachofas

Omelette with courgettes – Tortilla de calabacines

Omelette with ham – Tortilla de jamòn

Omelette with mushrooms – Tortilla de setas

Omelette with onions – Tortilla de cebollas

Omelette with potatoes – Tortilla de patatas

Omelette with sausage – Tortilla de salchicha

Omelette with tomato sauce – Tortilla con salsa de tomate

Omelette with tomatoes – Tortilla de tomates

Plain omelette – Tortilla francesa

Poached eggs – Huevos escalfados

Poached eggs American style (with tomato &bacon) – Huevos escalfados a la americana (con tomate ytocino)

Poached eggs Florentine style (with spinach eMornay sauce) – Huevos escalfados a la florentina (con espinacasy salsa Mornay)

Poached eggs Joinville style (with shrimps) – Huevos escalfados Joinville (con gambas)

Poached eggs Mornay (broiled with Mornay sauce) – Huevos escalfados Mornay (gratinados con salsaMornay)

Poached eggs on a bed of spinach – Huevos escalfados sobre hojas de espinacas

Poached eggs on toast – Huevos escalfados sobre tostada

Quail eggs – Huevos de codorniz

Small coloured omelettes – Tortillitas coloradas

Small omelette – Tortillita

Small omelette with aromatic herbs – Tortillita con hierbas aromàticas

Soft-boiled eggs (boiled 3-4 min) – Huevos pasados por agua (hervidos 3-4 min)

Stuffed eggs – Huevos rellenos

Uova affogate – Uova affogate

Uova fritte – Uova fritte

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