Cross-Cultural Analysis of Advertising Techniques



Hugh Fox Analysis of Advertising Techniques

1.0) Racism and Sexism in Ads

Racism and Stereotypes in Advertising

Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes Through Advertising

Top 10 Most Sexist Commercials of All Time!

If Women’s Roles In Ads Were Played By Men

2.0) What are some advertising techniques?

Advertising Techniques

3.0) What do ads tell us about national culture?

Differences in National Culture

4.0) What persuasive strategies do different countries use more (pathos, logos, ethos)? 

5.0) What advertising techniques do different countries use? 

6.0) Are some ads from some countries more racist and sexist?

7.0) Australian Ads

Australian ads from 2005

8.0) British Ads


8.1) Which collection of ads (Australian versus British) uses more negative emotions?

8.2) What is the difference between the ad techniques of (10) Emotional appeal and (42) Sensory Appeal?  Which collection of ads (Australian versus British) uses more sensory appeal?

8.3) Which collection of ads (Australian versus British) uses more close ups.

9.0) Canadian Ads

Great Canadian Commercials III

10.0) Chinese Ads

The best advertisement from China

Coca Cola advertisement in China ! awesome!

11.0) Italian Ads

150th anniversary: best of Italian commercials.


12.0) Japanese Ads

Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation ► AmazingLife247

13.0) South Korea

Top 10 South Korean TV Adverts / Commercials


Weird Korean Commercials Compilation

14.0) Thai Ads

Very Sad Thai Insurance commercial… Eng Subbed

Heartwarming Thai Commercial – Thai Good Stories By Linaloved

Giving Is The Best Communication – Thai Mobile Advert That Has Everyone Weeping

ทุกคำมีความหมาย | Every Mouthful is Meaningful

14.1) What emotions do the Thai ads elicit?

Tear jerker

14.2) What is the narrative structure of the Thai ads?


14.3) How does the topic of the ad tie in to the service and/or product?

The ads do not tie into the service and/or product at all.

14.4) What cultural values do the ads exemplify?

Buddhism – Karma

15.0) US Ads

TOP 10 FUNNIEST SUPER BOWL ADS – Best Ten Superbowl XLVIII 2014 Commercials

Cross-Cultural Analysis of Advertising Project

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