SWOT Analysis of D&D Shaman



Shamans can communicate with many types of spirits including ancestors, animal spirits, and unborn children.


The Shaman’s connection with the spirit world means that Shamans may seem other worldly and have difficulty with more practical day-to-day aspect of society, for example they may confuse the past and the present or refer to people using their ancestor’s names.


All Shamans can perceive the spirit realm. More advanced shamans can learn how to possess animals. A high level Shaman can store a spell in a totem for later use. A very advanced shaman can become one with an animal spirit and gain animal powers.


The tribal origins of the shaman may cause more “civilized” characters to view the shaman with derision or even hostility. Clerics serve a similar role as shamans and would probably be more accepted in a city or other none tribal settings.

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