What/Who Am I Game Cards

“What/Who Am I” is a game that can be used to teach
verbal knowledge in the classroom in an interactive manner.  Some people use labels for this game but I prefer name cards and name holders.  Stick-on
labels are not reusable. Sometimes the teacher’s writing is hard to read.  Typed, printed name cards are reusable and more legible.  Maybe it takes more time to
make the printed cards the first time but later it’s a time saver.

A name card is attached to the back collar of all the students by student helpers.  The use of student helpers greatly speeds up the process of attaching name cards to 30 something students and is highly recommended.  You then attach the name cards to the back collars of the student helpers so they do not know what is on their cards.  The students ask the other students “Who am I”?

I have gone ahead and created cards for the categories below.  The tables can be pasted and copied into Microsoft Word and then printed but make sure to change the page orientation to landscape to get the correct dimensions of the cells!  The dimensions of the cells are designed so the name cards can be easily inserted and removed from most card holders that can be bought in an office supply store.

Below are the sets of name cards I have created so

What Am I Game Cards – Animals

What Am I Game Cards – Transportation

Who Am I Game Cards – Disney Characters

Who Am I Game Cards – Famous People

Who Am I Game Cards – Nationality

Who Am I Game Cards – Occupations

Who Am I Game Cards – Biblical Figures

Who Am I Game Cards – Monsters and Fantasy Creatures

Who Am I Game Cards – Superheroes

Who Am I Party Game – Batman

Who Am I Party Game – DC Universe

Who Am I Party Game – Doctor Who

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