List of Animal Groups and Their Young



Collective Noun




Aardvark Pack, Grouping Bull Sow Cub
Albatross Rookery      
Alligator Congregation  Bull  Cow Hatchling
Alpaca Herd     Cria
Angel Fish Company      
Ant Colony, Army, Nest  Prince  Drone Antling
Antelope Herd Buck Doe Calf
Ape Shrewdness, Troop Male Female Infant
Archer Fish Company      
Armadillo       Pup
Ass   Jack Jenny Foal
Auks Colony, Flock, Raft      
Avocet Colony      
Baboon Tribe, Troop, Flange Male Female Infant
Bacteria Culture      
Badger Cete, Colony, Set Boar Sow Kit, Cub
Barbels Shoal      
Barracuda Battery      
Bass Fleet, Shoal      
Bat Colony Male Female Pup
Bear Sleuth, Sloth Boar Sow Cub
Beaver Lodge, Colony Male Female Kitten
Bee Swarm  Drone  Larva Larva
Beetle Swarm     Grub
Bird Flock, Dissimulation  Hen  Cock  Nestling, Hatchling, Chick
Bison Herd, Gang Bull Cow Calf
Bitterns Sedge, Siege      
Blackfish Grind      
Bloodhounds Sute      
Boar Sounder     Piglet
Bobcat       Kitten, Cub
Bobolinks Chain      
Buffalo Gang, Herd, Obstinacy Bull Cow Calf
Bullfinches Bellowing      
Bustards Flock      
Butterfly Swarm, Rabble, kaleidoscope     Caterpillar
Butterfly Fish School      
Buzzard Wake     Chick
Camel Caravan, Flock Bull Cow Calf
Capercaillie Bird Tok      
Capon Mews, Muse      
Caribou Herd      
Cat Clowder Tom Queen Kitten
Caterpillars Army      
Cattle Herd, Drove, Mob Bull Cow Calf
Chamois Herd Bull Doe Calf
Cheetahs Coalition     Cub
Chicken Brood     Chick
Chimpanzee Cartload     Infant
Chinchilla Colony     Kits
Choughs Chattering      
Clam Bed     Larva/Chiton
Cobra Quiver      
Cockroach Intrusion     Larva
Cod School, Lap     Codling, Scrod, Sprag
Colts Rag      
Cormorants Gulp      
Cougar   Tom. Lion Lioness, She-Lion  
Cow Herd, Kine     Calf
Coyote Band, Pack, Shift, Wilieness Dog Bitch Pup
Crane Sedge     Chick
Crocodile Congregation, Bask     Crocklets
Crow Murder  Cock  Hen Chick
Curlews Head, Herd      
Deer Herd, Bevy, Parcel Buck Doe Fawn
Dinosaur Herd (plant-eaters), Pack (meat-eaters) Bull Cow Hatchling, Juvenile
Dog Pack Dog Bitch Pup
Dog Fish Troop      
Dolphin Pod Bull Cow Pup
Donkey Herd, Drove Jack Jenny Foal
Dotterels Trip      
Dove Dole, Dule  Cock  Hen Chick
Dragonet Fish Swarm      
Dragons Flight, Weyr, Wing      
Duck Brace, Team, Flock  Drake  Duck, Hen Duckling
Dunbird Flight, Rush      
Dunlins Fling      
Eagle Convocation     Eaglet
Edchidna Flock, Parade, Herd Boar Sow Puggle
Eel Swarm     Fry, Elver
Elephant Herd, Parade Bull Cow Calf
Elk Gang, Herd Bull Cow Calf
Emu Mob     Chick, Hatchling
Falcons Cast Tercel, Terzel Falcon Chick
Ferret Business, fesynes Hob Jill Kit
Finch Charm      
Fish School, Shoal     Fry
Flamingo Stand     Chick
Fly Swarm/Business     Maggot
Flying Fish Glide      
Fox Skulk, Troop Dog Vixen Kit, Cub, Pup
Frog Army     Tadpole, Polliwog
Gerbil Horde Buck Doe Pup
Giant Panda   Boar Sow Cub
Giraffe Herd/Corps Bull Cow Calf
Gnats Cloud Male Female Larva
Gnu Herd Bull Cow Calf
Goat Flock, Herd, Tribe Billy Nanny Kid
Goldfinches Charm      
Goldfish Glint, Troubling      
Goosander Dopping      
Goose Gaggle  Gander, Stag  Dame Gosling
Gorilla Band Male Female Infant
Goshawk Flight      
Grasshoppers Cloud  Male  Female  Nymph
Grouse Covey, Pack      
Guanaco       Chulengo
Guinea Pig Group Boar Sow Pup
Gull Colony  Cock  Hen Chick
Hamster Horde Buck Doe Pup
Hares Husk Buck Doe Leveret
Hawk Cast, Kettle     Eyas
Hedgehog Array, Prickle Boar Sow Piglet
Heron Sedge, Siege Cock Hen Chick
Herring Army      
Hippopotamus Bloat, Herd, Crash Bull Cow Calf
Hog Drift, Passel Boar Sow Suckling
Hornet Nest     Larva
Horse Herd, Harras Stallion Mare Foal
Hounds Pack Dog Bitch Pup
Hummingbird Charm  Cock  Hen Chick
Hyena Clan, Cackle Dog Bitch Pup
Ibex Herd      
Iguanas Mess      
Impala Herd Ram Ewe  
Insect Swarm     Nymph, Larva
Jay Band      
Jay Scold, Band, Party     Chick
Jellyfish Smack, Stuck,     Ephyra
Kangaroo Mob, Troop Buck, Jack, Boomer Doe, Jill, Flier Joey
Kitten Litter/Kindle      
Koala       Joey
Komodo Dragon Bank Bull, Cock Cow, Hen Hatchling, Chick, Calf
Lapwing Desert, Deceit      
Lark Exaltation Cock  Hen Chick
Leopard Leap Leopard Leopardess Cub
Linnet Parcel      
Lion Pride Lion Lioness Cub
Llama Herd     Cria
Locust Plague, Swarm     Pupa
Loons Raft      
Loris Colony, Drove, Harem, Troop Buck Doe Infant
Louse Colony, Infestation, Lice     Nit, Nymph
Mackerels Shoal      
Magpie Tiding, Tribe, Charm  Cock  Hen Chick
Mallard Flush, Sord  Drake  Duck Duckling
Manatee   Cow Bull Calf
Martens Richness      
Meerkats Mob      
Minnows Shoal      
Mole Labor     Pup
Monkey Troop, Cartload Male Female Infant
Moorhens Plump      
Moose Herd Bull Cow Calf
Mosquito Swarm     Nymph
Mouse Hoard, Mischief Buck Doe Pinkie, Pup, Kitten
Mudhen Fleet      
Mule Barren, Span Jack Molly Foal
Muskrat       Kit
Mussels Bed      
Narwhal Blessing     Calf
Nightingale Watch  Cock  Hen Chick
Opossum   Jack Jill Joey
Ostrich Flock Cock  Hen Chick
Otter Raft Dog Bitch Whelp
Owl Parliament    Jenny, Howlet Owlet
Ox Drove, Herd, Yoke Bull Cow Calf
Oxbird Fling      
Oyster Bed     Spat
Parrot Company  Cock  Hen Chick
Partridge Covey     Chick
Peacocks Muster, Ostentation Cock Peahen Chick
Pekinese Pomp      
Pelicans Colony      
Penguin Rookery     Chick
Perch Pack      
Peregrine Cadge      
Pheasant Bouquet  Cock  Hen Chick
Pig Sounder Boar Sow Piglet, Suckling
Pigeon Flock/Kit     Squab
Polar Bear Pack Boar Sow Cub
Porcupine Prickle Boar Sow Pup
Porcupine Fish Cluster      
Porpoise Herd, Pod      
Possum   Jack Jill Joey
Prairie Dog Coterie, Town Boar Sow Pup
Ptarmigans Covery      
Pronghorn Herd Buck Doe Fawn
Puppies Litter      Puggle
Quail Bevy, Covey Cock Hen Chick
Rabbit Nest, Warren Buck Doe Bunny, Kit
Raccoon Nursery Boar Sow Cub
Rainbow Fish Party      
Ram Flock Ram Ewe Lamb
Rat Hoard, Mischief, Pack Buck Doe Pinkie, Pup, Kitten
Rattlesnake Rhumba      
Raven Conspiracy, Unkindness     Chick
Red Deer Herd Stag Hind Calf
Red Panda Pack Boar Sow Cub
Reindeer Herd      
Rhinoceros Crash Bull Cow Calf
Roach Shoal      
Robin   Cock Hen  
Roebucks Bevy      
Rooks Building      
Rotifers Pod      
Ruffs Hill      
Salmon Run      
Sand Dollar       Larva, Pluteus (free-swimming Stage), Juvenile (young Urchin)
Sandpiper Fling      
Sardine Family      
Sasquatch Pungent      
Schnauzers Stench      
Scorpions Bed, Nest      
Sea Urchin       Larva, Pluteus (free-swimming Stage), Juvenile (young Urchin)
Seabirds Wreck      
Seahorse Herd      
Seal Pod, Colony Bull Cow Pup
Seastar       Larva, Pluteus (free-swimming Stage), Juvenile (young Urchin)
Serval       Kitten
Shad Shoal      
Shark School, Shiver     Pup
Sheep Flock Ram Ewe Lamb, Lambkin
Sheldrake Dopping      
Shrimp Troupe      
Skunk Surfeit     Kit
Smelt Quantity      
Snake Bed, Nest, Pit     Snakelet, Neonate (a Newly-born Snake), Hatchling (a Newly-hatched Snake)
Snipe Walk, Wisp      
Sparrow Host, Flight Cock Hen Chick
Spider       Spiderling
Squid colony, drove, harem, troop Cock Hen Chick
Squirrel Scurry, Dray Buck Doe Pup, Kitten
Starling Murmuration      
Stickleback Spread      
Stingray Fever      
Stinkbug Intrusion     Nymph
Storks Mustering     Chick
Swallow Flight     Chick
Swan Bevy, Wedge, Team  Cob  Pen Cygnet
Swifts Flock      
Swine Sounder Boar Sow Piglet, Garrow
Swordfish Flotilla      
Termite Colony, Swarm      
Tiger Ambush, Streak Tiger Tigress Cub
Toad Knot     Tadpole
Trout Hover     Fry, Fingerling
Tuna Float, Troup      
Turkey Rafter, Flock, Gang Tom, Gobbler  Hen Poult
Turtle Bale     Hatchling
Turtle Dove Pitying      
Unicorn Fantasy, Blessing, Glory      
Viper Nest     Snakelet
Voles Colony      
Vulture Venue      
Wallaby Mob Jack Jill Joey
Walrus Pod, Herd Bull Cow Pup
Wasps Nest, Swarm Drone Queen Larva
Waterfowl Plump      
Weasel Gang, Colony, Pack Dog, Buck, Jack, Hob Bitch, Doe, Jill  
Whale Pod Bull Cow Calf
Whitings Pod      
Widgeons Company      
Wild Boar Sounder Boar Sow Boarlet
Wildfowl Plump      
Wolf Pack Dog Bitch Pup, Whelp
Wombat Mob Jack Jill Joey
Woodchuck   He-chuck She-chuck  
Woodcock Fall     Chick
Woodpeckers Descent      
Worms Chew      
Wren Flock, Herd   Jenny, Jennywren Chick
Yaks Herd      
Zebra Herd, Crossing, Zeal Stallion Mare Foal

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  1. From Bangladesh Kantaji temple may include in this list

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