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Two Suns Over Asia?



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”The Quatrains Of Nostradamus

The great star will burn for seven days, (a comet, perhaps the one which will shortly appear)
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night (big mastiff appears to be symbolic of England and in some form of pain.)
When the great pontiff will change country.”

Some also suggest the third secret of the Fatima Prophecies is related to two suns.

Bad Omen for China in particular?


My view:

The revolution in the Middle East destabilizes an already weak global economy, may destroy the Pax Americana and acts as a distraction when ecological collapse is just around the corner!  To a great extent the Great Depression of the 1930’s helped create the conditions for WW II.  If the price of oil shoots up because of conflict in the Middle East and global inflation derails economic growth then many nations that are now stable will become unstable.  China is particularly vulnerable since the core legitimacy of the regime is rooted in the governments spectacular economic stewardship, that must be applauded.  On a larger scale, the human race with all its ecological problems cannot survive an even limited WW III!


First of all, space travel is not the solution.  Space travel is not viable!  Our nearest terra type planets are not viable.  As a species we do not have the technology to terrraform Venus or Mars.  Alpha Centuri, the closest star system, even if it had planets is not an option due to distance.  Nothing sub light is getting to Alpha Centuri.  We haven’t figured out hibernation so generation ships are not possible.  A self contained ecosystem is also beyond our capability.  In a hundred years maybe all the above possibilities can be explored but we do not have a hundred years.  I honestly think the end of the human race is around fifty years around.  Decisions that allow us to survive beyond fifty years need to be

China is actually in a great position compared to the US to face the upcoming ecological challenges.  I love democracy in theory but what is needed now is a
more technocratic/military approach and that is not what current lawyer dominated Western democracy is all about.  I am an American and a human.  If I have to choose I am a human first.  The survival of the human race is more important than the survival of any particular nation.

1) As much as possible China should find energy alternatives to oil!  The oil fields due to the Middle East Revolution will be on fire sooner than later.  Energy is needed to do things period.

2) If you can’t change the environment then maybe you can make new humans who can survive harsher environments both via augmented brawn and brains.  The US is ruled by lawyers that cannot even conceive much less execute such a plan.  Even if the lawyers could conceive such a plan then human rights details would make a speedy project impossible.  In a sinking ship do you want the Captain to be a lawyer? Of course not and the Earth is a sinking ship.

3)  If China itself does not survive then China cannot help with the survival of the human race.  China in particular will have a water problem soon.  Water can be taken from the oceans via desalination.  China should invest in such technology and look for ways to avoid the toxic effects of the salt generated via this process on the earth.  Inflation is the second greatest challenge that China faces and the solution to this problem is beyond my expertise.

4) Energy is like muscle.  More energy is like more muscle.  But a successful species also develops brain!  The human race needs to develop computer systems that combine AI and super computer capabilities and use them to understand ecology, biology, computer science, genetic engineering and as result ultimately human augmentation.  This can be seen as a means vs. ends problem strategically.  Superior computer systems allow superior understanding of ecology, biology, computer science, genetic engineering.  This understanding can be used for the end of human augmentation!

China may be the last and only hope of the human race!  Fundamentally
the human race faces a scientific problem and the Western democracies are ruled by lawyers who cannot understand the nature of the problem much less the solution due to their training.  The lawyers of the West are trained to “to
rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic” and not take decisive action.  China is ruled by engineers.  Engineers can understand what I am talking about a lot faster than lawyers.  If the Chinese government had followed the ways of the West then China would be politically correct but would now be mired in miserable poverty rather than the strong nation that is the new China.  The human race does not have all the time in the world.  Even small decisions made now will have giant consequences later!

Maybe the two suns are a good omen and signify a new sun over Asia is eclipsing the old Sun?

WereVerse Universe Baby!

The Year of the Golden Rabbit – Chaos Triumphs!

The following are predictions not prescriptions!  There is a big difference!

Afghanistan– Karzai kicks out the US and NATO!

China – Faces new and strategic challenges to state security by Radical Islam within the next five years.

Egypt – The Muslim Brotherhood takes over and US foreign policy is defeated.

EU – Countries with Islamic majorities in the future literally go Islamic within the next ten to twenty years.  NATO is destroyed by this movement as is the EU.  Within twenty years the line between East and West no longer exists.

Hamas – Big Winner

Indonesia – Radicalization

Israel – The Israeli state is alone in the Middle East.  Egypt is no longer their ally.  The US exits the Middle East.

Malaysia – Radicalization

Russia – Islamic extremists now have a big place too plan attacks against Russia with the addition of Radical Islamic states in the Middle East.  Deeper and more strategic operations against Russia by Radical Islamists cause their ultimate victory in Chechnya.  Russia has no choice but to allow Chechnya to seccede.

Saudi Arabia – Barely Survives and acts as a focal point for Sunni forces in the war against Shiite forces.

Tunisia – Radical Islamists take over.

US – The Pax Americana is finally destroyed (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pax_Americana).  The US struggles to handle domestic economic problems and withdraws from the world stage to never return.  The EU and China separately or together cannot create a new world order and the world slips into deadly chaos.  Ecological collapse that might have been solved with a world order of any sort is allowed to happen.

Yemen – Radical Islamists take over.

The World – Sea traffic through the Suez Canal allows sea traffic between Europe and Asia without having to go around the Cape Horn of Africa.  Any disruption of the Suez Canal would act as a global expense that would decimate the very fragile current economic recovery.

Radical Islam will overwhelm all anti-terrorist safeguards and be the big winner in the year of the Golden Rabbit!

The US is currently in a total lose/lose situation. Americans really do believe in the exportation of democracy to other countries even if I think it’s largely a waste of time since true democracy comes from within a country and this export attempt interferes with core economic and security interests.  Democracy in Egypt and the Middle East in general, means the election of anti-American
regimes.  At best they will be secular Anti-American regimes that we can reach a pragmatic accommodation with.  At worst, and more commonly, they will be radical Islamic anti-American regimes that cannot be reasoned with pragmatically.  I do think the current Pax Americana in the Middle East did allow for peace between Sunnis and Shiites and this will no longer be the case when the US loses influence in the US.  Like many such artificial situations, pressures have built that would not have built if small conflicts had been allowed over time.  Saudi Arabia and Iran are either nuclear or going to be nuclear and I do think the first tactical nuclear war of world history will be in the Middle East between Shiites and Sunnis.  Only religious fanatics would go down this road. Even a Stalin or Hitler knew better.

The best solution for the US is to move towards energy self sufficiency and allow the Sunnis and Shiites destroy each other while we watch from a distance. Radioactive oil isn’t very useful.

WereVerse Universe Baby!