054 Spanish Future Tenses

The future of regular verbs is formed by adding the following endings to the infinitive:


Many verbs use irregular stems in the future tense, but they still use the regular endings from above:

caber (to fit) cabr- cabré
decir (to say, tell) dir- dirás
haber (to have) habr- habrá
hacer (to do, make) har- haremos
poder (to be able) podr- podréis
poner (to put, place) pondr- pondrán
querer (to want) querr- querré
saber (to know) sabr- sabrás
salir (to leave, go out) saldr- saldrá
tener (to have, to own) tendr- tendremos
valer (to be worth) valdr- valdréis
venir (to come) vendr- vendrán




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