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Orange Werefox Will Run for President 2020

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Werefox Power Spectrum

The Green Lantern has his emotional spectrum.  The Orange Werefox has his power spectrum via dimensional transport.  During a full moon, the Orange Werefox can dance and transport werefoxes from Earth’s in other dimensions in the multiverse to our universe. Weed in different dimension turns werefoxes into different colors and gives them different superpowers. Together we form the Cosmic Super Duper Werefox Team. We all hope to run for President of the US in our home planets and if we are elected plan to form the United Dimensions. Weed is to werefoxes what spinach is to Popeye.

The Orange Werefox has all the powers of the other werefoxes but his version of the power is miniscule compared to that of the other werefoxes. The Orange Werefox can sense how computers work but cannot control them like the technopathic Blue Werefox. The Orange Werefox has a high degree of spatial awareness but does not have the super spatial awareness of the Pink Werefox. The Orange Werefox can eat foods without any ill effects that would make any normal person sick but cannot eat things like rocks unlike the Purple Werefox. The Orange Werefox can turn on the charm but does not have the mind control of the Yellow Werefox. The Orange Werefox can vaguely sense other dimensions but cannot teleport to other dimensions unlike the Green Werefox. The Orange Werefox can raise his own body temperature in extremely cold climates to keep warm but cannot control fire like the Red Werefox. The Orange Werefox can be extremely creative and help others be creative but does not have the power of insanity manipulation unlike the Black Werefox. The Orange Werefox can stiffen his muscles to withstand extreme blows but cannot turn into stone unlike the Grey Werefox. The Orange Werefox can sense the difference between fertile and non-fertile soil but cannot control earthen material unlike the Brown Werefox. The Orange Werefox can be seen as being similar to the White Werefox but having a miniscule fraction of his power levels!

The Blue Werefox can control machines by interacting with techno avatars. This is a type of technopathy.

The Pink Werefox has hyperkinesic perception (HKP) and applies this power to Thai dance!

The Purple Werefox can eat and eat and eat which is a type of matter ingestion!

The Yellow Werefox can cause beautiful women to fall in love with him. This is a type of mind control (love).


The Green Werefox has the ability to teleport around the omniverse. The Green Werefox likes to visit the Harry Potter universe for shopping and the Star Wars universe for adventure.

The Red Werefox has the power of fire manipulation!


The Black Werefox has metaschizophrenia and is INSANE! The Black Werefox also causes those around him to become insane. The Black Werefox is friends with the Joker and they like to engage in lunacy together.

The Grey Werefox has the powers of Stone Mimicry and Petrification.  The Grey Werefox can turn both himself and others into stone.  The Grey Werefox has turned a little girl at the mall into red brick as a demonstration of his power!  The girl was returned to her human state totally unharmed and described the process of being turned into stone as “cool”.

The Brown Werefox has the power of Earth Manipulation.


The White Werefox has all the powers of all the different werefoxes!  The White Werefox power levels are about 20% higher than that of the other werefoxes across the board.  Uniquely, the White Werefox has the ability to not only sense danger but the type of danger and the direction of the danger.  The White Werefox  can detect the exact weakness of an opponent and visualize the exact way to use his various to superpowers to defeat his opponent making the White Werefox practically invincible.  The White Werefox also has the unique powers of accelerated healing and the ability to heal others.

The White Werefox prefers ranged attacks to up close combat and uses his flame manipulation in conjunction with his earth manipulation to create a wave of magma that can destroy whole armies.  If that fails the White Werefox takes on his stone form and turns the being into stone or strikes the anatomical weak points of the being he is fighting with super strength.  A being turned into stone can be melted with magma.  Stone has fissures the White Werefox can sense and attack with super strength.  Finally, the White Werefox has the ability to teleport anywhere in the multiverse and find and use the particular weapon needed to defeat any threat imaginable.  The White Werefox can just retreat to another multiverse rather than fight and often does this with threats that are caused by misunderstanding rather than malice.


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Orange Werefox History

Hall of Orange Werefox Cowls

Orange Werefox I

Alter Ego: Dr. Hugh Fox Senior

Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois

Active: 1930’s

The first Orange Werefox was a simple crime fighter that worked closely with the Untouchables in fighting the Al Capone crime machine. Frank Capone was the person who took over Cicero for his brother Al Capone. As general practitioner in the Cicero area, Dr. Capone often gave medical treatment to those who had been assaulted by the Capone’s in Cicero. Dr. Fox felt that cleaning up Chicago was a lost cause but that he could make Cicero a mob free zone. The first Orange Werefox used an underworld identity to gather evidence by frequenting the Montmarte, The Ship and the Hawthorne Inn. On October1,1926, Joseph Klenha, along with his sidekick Chief of Police Thoedore Svoboda and 77 others were indicted for violation of the Volstead act using information the first Orange Werefox had gathered and passed on to the authorities. All indicted gang members avoided jail time on appeal. The Orange Werefox quit crime fighting in disgust due to this failure of the system. However, his son Hugh Fox Jr. was forced to endure a brutal regime of one hour of boxing and one hour of free style wrestling at a local boys club on a daily basis in order to be ready to be the second Orange Werefox.

Orange Werefox II

Alter Ego: Dr. Hugh Fox Junior

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

Active: 1960’s

The second Orange Werefox developed an aversion to physical exercise at an early age due to daily boxing and wrestling lessons and struggled with life-long obesity. The second Orange Werefox did not fight crime unlike his father. Instead Hugh Fox Junior was active in the movement against the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War. The first Orange Werefox viewed himself as a crime fighter and thought this use of his name for political purposes tarnished the image of the Orange Werefox. The first Orange Werefox did have a secret identity that was revealed when his son, the second Orange Werefox, revealed his own identity on national television in 1968. This revelation led to a permanent rupture in the relationship between the first and second Orange Werefox.

Orange Vixen

Alter Ego: Unknown

Base of Operations: Detroit, Michigan

Active: 1970’s

The Orange Vixen’s identity remains a mystery to this day but she was an avid supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which was a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution designed to guarantee equal rights for women. She disappeared after the bill stalled in state legislatures. The Orange Vixen was especially famous for acting as a bodyguard for Gloria Steinem. The full costume was considered a distraction at rallies and instead of the cowl, she wore goggles, an obviously fake orange wig and an orange lycra body suit. The toned down outfit still had the effect of concealing her identity. Her cowl was mailed to the third Orange Werefox anonymously. Many believe that the Orange Vixen was the bodybuilder Kay Baxter before she won the second U.S. Women’s National Physique Championship in 1979. There is even a rumor that the Orange Vixen was the Orange Werefox II impersonating a woman after a stint of bodybuilding but this is generally considered an urban legend.

Orange Werefox III

Alter Ego: Dr. Hugh Fox III

Base of Operations: Asia

Active: 1990’s – Present

I am the current Orange Werefox and want to share the Orange Werefox story using new media! I am also interested in working with others to create Orange Werefox related intellectual properties such as movies, comic books and/or toys.  I may or may not possess Hyperkinesic Perception (HKP).

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Orange Werefox Meets the Cat in the Hat

Orange Werefox Meets the Cat in the Hat 1 Orange Werefox Meets the Cat in the Hat 2 Orange Werefox Meets the Cat in the Hat 3 Orange Werefox Meets the Cat in the Hat 4


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Orange Werefox MBK Center The All Adventure 2016

Orange Werefox MBK Center The All Adventure 2016-01 Orange Werefox MBK Center The All Adventure 2016-02

The Orange Werefox decided to upgrade his military skills at MBK Center The All Adventure 2016.


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Orange Werefox Thailand Toy Expo 2016

Orange Werefox Thailand Toy Expo 2016 1

The Orange Werefox continues his search for the perfect pop culture icon that will save the future. Last week the Orange Werefox went to the Bangkok Comic Con 2016. This week he searched the Thailand Toy Expo 2016.

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Orange Werefox at Bangkok Comic Con 2016


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Orange Werefox Plays HeroClix in Bangkok

HeroClix in Bangkok 1 HeroClix in Bangkok 2

HeroClix is a miniatures game that uses familiar Marvel and DC superheroes that can be organized into war bands rather than armies to fight each other. I am not an expert in the area of miniatures but do have some experience with Dungeons and Dragons miniatures.  One aspect of HeroClix that I like over Dungeons and Dragons miniatures, is the ability to adjust the difficulty level of play very easily.

HeroClix is suitable for children as young as ten, although the recommended age is 14. I say this because HeroClix uniquely has a dial that vastly simplifies game play and greatly lessens the amount of arithmetic associated with miniatures. Younger players can play just using the dial!  This dial option does exist for other mini games. However, I suspect even children will soon want to use the superpowers that are printed on a card. The use of superpowers on the card makes the game much more challenging. Finally, figures have team abilities which add one more layer of complexity but many adult players skip this part of the game since the team abilities may not have a big impact on the outcome of the game but experts do use the team ability to get that little extra edge.

You can buy HeroClix figures online but what is the fun in that? There is only one brick and mortar store in Thailand that sells HeroClix supplies and that is Battlefield Bangkok.  The store has great vibe and I felt right at home.  I do want to mention that Battlefield Bangkok has many other games besides HeroClix.

The best way to learn HeroClix is to play and there are regulars, such as Thanarat Thunmikapong above, at Battlefield Bangkok that helped me organize a war band with his own figurines and taught me the game as I played. Thanarat really, really knows HeroClix!  I am a rank beginner but I can already see there are some subtleties to the game.  Thanarat used Spider-Man’s powers and especially spider-sense with great effect.  If you read this article and decide to visit Battlefield Bangkok then make sure to mention that the Orange Werefox sent you!

The very important 2014 HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card has been translated from English into Thai by Nakorn Srisomwongs and his document is available for download at my Scribd account thanks to his generosity.


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The Orange Werefox Meets Hello Kitty

The Orange Werefox Meets Hello Kitty 1 Captioned

The Orange Werefox Meets Hello Kitty 2 Captioned

The Orange Werefox Meets Hello Kitty 3 The Orange Werefox Meets Hello Kitty 4

You can also download my autobiography of my struggle with a bipolar condition on  Am I Kitsune on my Google Drive.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Orange Werefox in Danang, Vietnam



Hugh Fox III - Ah Pink

Find out about the powers and history of the werefoxes today!

Other Werefox Stories


You can also download my autobiography of my struggle with a bipolar condition on  Am I Kitsune on my Google Drive.