List of Energy Terms

Hugh Fox Energy1) Chemical Energy – The energy stored in the chemical bonds that hold compounds together.

2) Closed system – A group of objects that move energy only to each other.

3) Conduction, convection, radiation – The 3 forms of energy transfer.

4) Electrical Energy – A form of energy created by the movement of electrons.

5) Energy – Is the ability to do work.

6) Energy Efficiency – Is found by comparing the amount of starting energy with the amount of useful energy produced.

7) Fission – Occurs when the nucleus of an atom is split.

8) Friction – A force present when two objects touch each other.

9) Fusion – Occurs when the two or more nuclei join & the number of protons (and the atom’s identity) change.

10) KE Formula – Mass x Velocity Squared /2

11) KFC – Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Celsius

12) Kinetic energy – Energy of motion

13) Law of Conservation of Energy – Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

14) Light Energy – Made from vibrations of electrically charged particles.

15) ME Formula – PE + KE

16) Mechanical energy – Energy associated with the motion and position of an object.

17) Nuclear Energy – Energy that is stored in the nucleus of an atom.

18) PE formula – weight x height or mass x gravitational pull x height (g=9.8m/s squared)

19) Potential energy – stored energy, the energy an object has because of its position

20) Sound Energy – The energy from a vibrating object.

21) Thermal energy – All the kinetic energy from the movement of the particles in an object.

22) Work – Is done when a force makes an object move in the direction of the applied force.

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