128 Spanish Golf Vocabulary

Birdie – birdie

Bogie – bogie

Caddy – caddy

Double bogie – doble bogie-> pronounced dough ble

Drive- El Drive.-> pronounced el dry

Fairway – El Fairway-> pronounced fairwai

Green – El Grin -> pronounced Green!!

Green fee – green fee

Iron – Hierro

Par – par

Putt – Un Putt

PW – Peachin’ weh (No, bob, I am not kidding)
SW – San weh

Sand trap – bonker or trampa (Listen to ESPN in Spanish)

Tee – Tee

Tee off – Tee off

Tip – propina

Triple – triple -> pronounced tree ple

Wood – madera/ una madera tres (3 wood)

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3 responses to “128 Spanish Golf Vocabulary

  1. Missed Putt – Coño!
    I don’t know what kind of vocabulary you use, but I would not suggest other people to use this expression: it means, literally, vagina, and is, as you can imagine, not well seen: very rude and vulgar…

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