What changes did America go through in the past?
What did Kenneth Galbraith have to say?
What mistakes did the economists make as opposed to the entrepreneurs?

Future in 2050
What do you think about the buildings of the future?
What do you think about the transportation of the future?
Do you think the prediction is accurate?

Future Technology & the next 50 years Megatrends
What is the cyber generation?
What is virtual reality?
What is V-Commerce?
What is augmented reality?
What is going to happen in the area of education?
What is going to happen in the work environment?
What is an exponential revolution?
What is cloud computing?
What are Geo base location services?
What does the word bionic mean?
What are some robotic trends?
What does genomic mean?
What are nano-robots?
What is the exoplanet?

Mega Trends Online Worksheet

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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