204 Spanish Wrestling Vocabulary

180 or 360 degrees flip – mortal

assistance advising and administrating – aaa: asistencia asesoria y administración:

back bump onto opponent – senton

backbreaker (usually done off the rope with a spin) – quebradora

bantamweight – gallo

battle, match.  – batalla:

blanket – centón – splashing your opponent with your back, eg steve regal’s “royal roll” is technically a somersault centón, and psicosis uses the flying centón as his finishing move

body press – plancha

body slam – crotch

brutal person, brawler, in wrestling we call it a heel/rulebreaker – rudo

cage – jaula

captain – el capitan, jefe

career versus career – carrera contra carrera – Loser must retire.


championship – campeonato:

chief – castida – also indicates the team captain.

cradle, pinning move – rana

craftsman, in wrestling terms a face/fan-favorite – tecnico:

drop kick – patadas voladoras

emll: empresa mejicana de lucha libre:

fall – caida

featherweight – pluma

first – primera

flyweight – mosca

free fighting – lucha libre:

frog – rana – a pinning position in which you hold the opponents shoulders on the mat using your legs, and blocking his legs with your arms (sounds complicated, but it’s something like the ending position of a sunset flip, or a victory roll).

hair versus hair – cabellera contra cabellera – the loser of the match has his head shaved bald. This can occur both between unmasked wrestlers and between masked wrestlers who have to remove their mask enough to be shaved after the match.

head 1st throw, like a piledriver or tombstone  – martinete

headbutt, usually diving through ropes, translates into “speed bump” – tope

heavyweight – pesado

huracan rana – move invented by huracan ramirez and made popular by rey misterio jr. (in the states). it’s the pin position you get in after a headscissor takedown (getting into a rana in huracan’s way). a flying headscissor that doesn’t end in a “rana”-pin, is not a huracan rana, but a victory roll for instance is.

in the corner of the faces. – en la esquina tecnica

incredible pairings – parejas increibles

iron board – plancha – a move where you splash your opponent, eg. a flying cross bodypress, an ordinary splash etc.

junior heavyweight / cruiserweight – completo junior / crucero

leg drop – guillotina

light heavyweight – semi completo

lightweight – ligero

mask or hair versus career – máscara o cabellera contra retiro – if the masked or haired luchador loses, his opponent must resume his career. But if he wins, his opponent must retire

mask or hair versus title – máscara o cabellera contra campeonato –  if the masked or haired luchador loses, the champion unmasks him. But if the champion loses, the luchador is crowned the new champion. An example of this occurred in the WWE, where Rey Mysterio the masked luchador beat the Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho at WWE The Bash.

mask versus hair – máscara contra cabellera – a masked wrestler and an unmasked one compete, often after the unmasked one has lost his mask to the masked one in a prior bout. If the masked luchador wins, the unmasked one shaves his head as a sign of humiliation. If the unmasked luchador is the winner, he keeps his hair and the loser is unmasked.

mask versus mask – máscara contra máscara -Two masked luchadores bet their masks, the loser is unmasked by the winner.

middleweight – medio

midgets – los minis

planes – espanos

power bomb – desnucadora

referee – el referee

representing the gang of the bad guys – por el bando rudo

screw – tornillo – move “invented” by hector garza, a plancha with a full twist around his axis from the top turnbuckle to the outside of the ring.

second – segunda:

spike blow- completo

suicide – suicida – this adjective is usually used for move that you perform to the outside of the ring. like a tope suicida, the luchador nails his a opponent as he flies through the second and third rope into his opponent who is on the outside of the ring, head first.

super lightweight – super ligero

super middleweight / junior light heavyweight – super medio / semicompleto junior

super welterweight – super welter

tag teams – parejas

team consisting of four people – atomicos

team consisting of three people – trios

the ring- el cuadrilatero

they will fight – lucharan

third – tercera

tilt-a-whirl backbreaker – quebrador con grio

to win one single fall with a 10 minute time limit – a ganar una sola caida con limite de diez minutas

to win two out of three falls without a limit of time.  – a ganar dos de tres caidas sin limite de tiempo

welterweight – welter

world council of lucha libre – cmll: consejo mundial de lucha libre

wrestler – luchador

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