161 Spanish Preserved Meats Vocabulary

Assortment of cured meats; cold cuts – Embutidos mixtos

Bacon – Tocino Ahumado

Black pudding – Morcilla

Boar raw ham – Jamòn de jabalì

Boar-meat sausage – Salchicha de jabalì

Boiled salami – Salami hervido

Cold cuts – Embutidos mixtos

Cooked salami – Salami cocido

Dried cured pork – Embutido de cerdo

Dried cured pork loin – Embutido de lombo de cerdo

Dried sausage – Salchicha curada

Dry-salted beef – Cecina curada de vaca

Dry-salted horse meat – Cecina curada de caballo

Fellow-deer raw ham – Jamòn de gamo

Fresh salami – Salami fresco

Garlic salami – Salami con ajo

Goose salami – Salami de ganso

Ham – Jamòn de York

Home-made cured meats – Embutidos de producciòn propia

Horse-meat sausage – Salchicha de caballo

Hungarian salami – Salami fresco

Less salty raw ham – Jamòn jabugo

Liver sausage – Salchicha de hìgado

Local ham – Jamòn del paìs

Matured bacon – Tocino curado

Mortadella – Mortadela

Mountain ham – Jamòn de monte

Parma ham – Jamòn de Parma

Pig head sausage – Embutido de cabeza de cerdo

Raw ham – Jamòn serrano

Rolled bacon – Tocino enrollado

Salami – Salami; salchichòn

Salami Milano style – Salami de Milàn

Sausage – Salchicha

Sausage stuffed in pig skin & boiled – Embutido en piel de cerdo y hervido

Small fresh salami – Salamìn fresco

Venison raw ham – Jamòn de ciervo

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