Am I Kitsune?

A  good  description  of  the  hardware evolution  we  as  a species  are  going  through.  The  evolution  we  are going  through  is  more  software  that  hardware.  I describe  the  software  side  at  Interfaith  Prayer.  

Slowly Kitsune began to realize that he had the power to change his persona as other humans change masks on Halloween!  An interesting superpower thought Kitsune and useful as well.  A subset of insanity manipulation (self).  An unintended consequence of this power is that Kitsune caused the less evolved to become insane over time and therefore self isolated himself from the less evolved.  The Cambodians are more evolved than Kitsune and therefore immune to his unintended insanity causing powers.

Was Kistune less evolved than the Cambodians?  Kitsune cared, well too much and this was useful for saving the evolved from themselves.  Someone had to care to get the job done reasoned Sir Kitsune.  I keep forgetting I have changed personas and am Sir Kitsune not merely Kistune. I lose things for changing a persona comes with a price but Sir Kitsune also can find things and find things useful is the future and not in the now.

“Perhaps evolved in a different way”, thought Sir Kitsune.  The Cambodians knew something Kitsune did not a found his bumbling ways amusing and the children laughed and laughed. Sir Kitsune was good with words and could hear thoughts but dimly but could speak with his mind loudly.  The Khmer could hear well with thought but not talk loudly with thought. Sir Kitsune could see the far future but the Cambodians the near future.  A good pair the Khmer and Sir Kitsune. The Siem Reap gals so beautiful and good and smelled of perfume. Not jasmine? Not Chanel?  A good smell born of honest work and wholesome ways.  The women did not drink beer or smoke weed or smoke tobacco and were so faithful.  Beautiful women everywhere but beautiful and good rarer than diamonds.  A play could be written on this subject and Sir Kitsune shall right the play.  The old of the Khmer grow older in body but younger in heart quite the opposite of the old in other lands thought Sir Kitsune. A puzzle!  Sir Kitsune like puzzles and would solve this one and marry a good and beautiful lady of the Khmer tribe and their children would be able to see time near and far and talk loudly and hear.  Well Sir Kitsune would live long and would find this special woman of the Khmer tribe more valuable than all the tea in China and even China itself.  Sir Kitsune when just Kitsune had high hope for China but the evolved Han had been led astray by the less evolved and fallen to greed and become the factory of the world.  A sad story repeated and repeated again and again. The evolved need a teacher and I am a teacher born thought Sir Kitsune.  I will pray to God in an interfaith way and help the Cambodians through the darkness and pain with action not words. This sorry body so weak nothing like the true body of Sir Kitsune but strong will power, too strong for a schedule must be kept to keep the body alive.

Well Kitsune was a joker not the Joker (DC) and no green hair and liked to make children laugh for life is brutal but less brutal with a sense of humor. Kitsune has a good sense of humor and like to play the jester but not to fight Batman but to amuse Wonder Woman.  Kitsune decided he needed a new back story and after well forty days and forty nights is taken, seven days, nah, a period of time realized that a good story would have Satan as the left hand of God.  Satan thus transformed into an instrumentality of God is a hand moved to move the planet known as Earth in the Milky Way that surely and logically must have some sort of galactic governance. Alone in the cosmos?  Surely not thought the ever logical Kitsune.

Kitsune should become Sir Kitsune a Knight anointed by the Galactic Union.  An android of the Galactic Union?  No, too fantastic. The Galactic Union a combination of the Federation of Planets (Star Trek) and the Green Lantern corps (DC).

Software beamed into human hardware. The black hole in the center of the Milky Way where the old ones that governed the Galactic Union softly with good advice and little force was used as the instrument to send an astral body to the mortal body of Hugh Fox III that would in the womb be seeded with superhuman intelligence or rather the potential for such enhanced intelligence.  Blessing or curse?  This matters not for Sir Kitsune was born to prepare Earth for membership in the Galactic Union or watch the humans die.  The cats in a few million years would be good replacements for strong of will and loving parents but a bit selfish and not very communal but fixable.

Should the new story include gods? Gods are no longer in fashion and Sir Kitsune is always dressed in the latest hat or makes the latest fashion.  Aliens, ET’s, not writing home but sending a message via a messenger. I dispense with the usual rules of apostrophes for I am lazy and they are of little utility for understanding which I believe is the purpose of language writ not to confuse the people who work for a living. The people who do things and do not write things. I am paradoxically a writer but I do something. I make myself better, stronger, wiser, more muscular and my smell drives away rats.  A fox bigger than a tom cat and also more useful for my odor and words drives away big German rats. LOL!  I can only hope the German rat does not read. I don’t care for a good fight would be good practice for..

I write too much!

The sirens of ambulances wail even in peaceful Cambodia and they wail louder and longer everywhere else. The good doctor that gave Sir Kitsune his Ambien for sleep told him of his own travails.  Sleepless days and nights in the emergency ward. A caring man and in need of sleep. I admire the Cambodians for they do their duty without my drama. Quiet heroes that are fathers, mothers and villagers true. I cry and I do not often cry.

I must be strong and change or withstand or become stronger thought Sir Kitsune. The weak man I am will be replaced by a persona stronger than ever so I vow and Knights keep their vows.  A covenant?  Yes, a covenant to help the Khmer find passage to the new world better than the old world built on the ashes and bones of the old wicked world.  I must deafen sound and listen to the dharma drum for greater purpose. I AM NOT ALONE!  The internet numbers do not tell the whole story for there are omens that speak louder than internet numbers. Reason has been my tool thought Sir Kitsune but now I must make yet another leap of logic and use the arcane ways of fortune telling studied well to get the panties off fair maidens for if you hold your hands then your hand can wander to other places moist and between legs or a least the breasts. Oh I a creature of lust and I burn for it has been years since I lay with woman and the women of Siem Reap are the MOST beautiful women on planet Earth. However, I must respect the sirens of Siem Reap and pick mate carefully for I am here to balance not to create even greater chaos as I have in the past as I pursued fair maidens in the past but I do like a little chaos but am responsible in my chaotic way.


But the wise, well fed, respectful, clear eyed and limber children of Cambodia laugh at my contradiction and my bumbling ways amuse them and thus me.


Happier than before and ever? I live in the now and hope for even greater happiness in the future.

Yes, a knight anointed by the Galactic Union.  The Galactic Union in turn is acting on the will of God who speaks to the evolved of the Galactic Union with his right hand in a sort of sign language. If God uses two hands then the universe is unmade and well that would be a waste of resources and is ecological in his/her, whatever actions.  God’s left hand is feminine and God’s right hand is masculine not female or male but well the energy, the template. A ying or yang sort of thing.  Creation versus destruction and the synthesis is creative destruction that is necessary for evolution and a cyclical universe and ya da, ya da, ya da. Sir Kitsune will have to be less wordy than Kitsune thought Sir Kitsune.

Hmmmm, Satan is good at using fear to make sentient beings obey the will of God or so Kitsune reasoned.  Love obviously has not worked for Kitsune knew men well and their natures and their histories. I shall become a knight of the evolved and help the 8 billion to turn into 10 million evolved.  I will use fear as my sword for the unevolved are NOT loving and NOT communal and only understand the fear of Hellfire and eternal damnation. Napoleon was right and to paraphrase it is fear of the police and prison and worse that keeps the unevolved in line not the meek words of fat priests that use the starving children in propagana to get fatter still  but the Sisters of Our Lady of the Lake at San Antonio smelled sweet and I made them smile for they knew I was a great sinner but amusing one.

The story of Kitsune is a good one but Kitsune as a Knight of the Galactic Union is a better story still.  Not myth, not Biblical but speculative fiction like Star Trek or Star Wars but for purpose other than coin or fame or even women and Kitsune does like the flesh of women perfumed and moving like a seductive trait.  Let’s see thought Sir Kitsune. A knight is Christian so I must study the Bible well, a Knight use a sword or swords.  Yes two sword in the fashion of Miyamoto Musashi of Japan thought Sir Kitsune Knight of the Galactic Union.

Knights have quests thought Sir Kitsune and decided to answer three riddles of Arthurian bent.  Why is the Sword in the Stone.  Easy riddle thought Sir Kitsune.  The sword his penis lost in the stone of a heart grown cold.  A riddle of self not outside self.   A harder riddle, where is the Round Table?  Found at the Big Mall known as the Heritage Walk by the Barang and the Chinese and the other FOREIGNERS in Siem Reap. with the jolly ladies in yellow uniforms that clean said mall and they are of course the Knights and the adopted son who is kidded by his what? Seven mothers Sir Kitsune Counted the young man had or so Sir Kitsune counted.  What a lucky lad thought Sir Kitsune imagine working with seven mothers.  For sure they will find him a good wife among the ethical beauties of Siem Reap. The most beautiful women in Asian thought Sir Kitsune and ethical as well.  Sir Kitsune had found great beauties and even nice girls that were beautiful but none so good that the word ethical must be used to describe the beauties of Siem Reap.  The problem is the most beautiful and most ethical of the sirens of Siem Reap unwisely named does not trust barang with good cause for the barang of Asia are loathsome creatures that smoke weed and tobacco, and drink beer, and cause social problems and oh their sins are endless and fill Sir Kitsune with disgust.

Forget the barang for they will die if flood or water soon and the evolved care not and Sir Kitsune counts himself among the evolved but not as nice as they are and this well for well I say to much. The two bladed skills of Miyamoto Musashi will be needed for the parrots, monkeys and the loathsome German rats do not go meekly to their deserved deaths and may need some help into the next world. Oh well the worst German rat is going to where?  Oh yes Nepal and will surely die of chest congestion for he smokes like a chimney and smells even worse.  Diving into the pool clearly against the rules and no subtext saying German are the exception to the rule. Asia rises and the West falls. Is China the West or the East.  The Han will surely survive but not China, Japan or Korea that will be like myths told by the great, great, great, whatever grand children of these soon to be forgotten nations. Do I write too much?  An no one reads my prattle for my numbers fall daily. I write to myself and maybe the evolved.  The unevolved, the monkeys, the pigs, the parrots and most of all the rats drink and smoke and do not read not even things online. Pale due to pale screens but moneyed for now and my sisters and brothers in Cambodia need money. Perhaps Heritage Mall will have an uptick in foot traffic as the unevolved fruitlessly search for the round table and the female knights, a little rotund for my taste, that laugh in jolly manner as they clean and boy they are strong, I am strong but I would not mess with them for I think them stronger and they have the advantage of numbers and great teamwork.

I went to Phsar Leu Thom They in Siem Reap and spied the Fates disguised as painters of nails, manicurists.  Of course Sir Kitsune recognized them and the sisters recognized him.  For the amusement of both the Fates and Sir Kitsune, Sir Kitsune did some palmistry.  The sisters laughed and ate some oysters provided by Sir Kitsune and wished him well.  For sure they have gone back to their strange dimension and Sir Kitsune is mad not a fool or so thinks Sir Kitsune. Mad perhaps but not so mad as to disclose the fortunes of the Fates on hand wright.

I tire and need to rest and will dream of sweet Ana and meet her in the Dream Time, a space time continuum more precisely the synergic something of the three dimensions of space.  Oh before I forget!  Countable infinities are smaller than uncountable infinities but how ill such arcane knowledge get me the heart, body and well not the soul for the soul of such as Ana is always free or so I deduce and I deduce well.  I tire and risk spontaneous combustion for this hardware was not designed for my elevated software.

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