Communication Lessons


Aesop’s Fables


Animal Symbolism Worksheet


Assertion Evidence System

Autobiographical Statement Checklist

Avatar Role-Play – Learning Persuasion

Captain America the First Avenger Worksheet

Celebrity Apprentice Team Member Evaluation: Season 9, Episode 4


Chinese Astrology

Classroom Film Project

Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom

Donald in Mathemagic Land

Elf: Cross Cultural Comparison

Flip chart Dos and Don’ts

Green Hornet the Movie Worksheet

Green Lantern the Movie Worksheet

Handling the Different Types of Difficult People

How to Communicate a Dress Code

How to Design a Superhero?

How to Motivate Employees Using the 6 Hidden Motivators

How to Write a Movie Review: A Q&A Approach

Insect Men of the 23rd Century

Internet Addiction Test

Logos Analyzed by Industry Worksheet


Photo Composition

Photo Essay

PowerPoint Do’s and Dont’s

Resume Worksheet: Computer Skills Section


Santa Claus Quiz

Self Introduction

Selling Steps

Slideology Graphics

Super Soldier Timeline

Thor Movie Worksheet

Types of Groups Exercise

Virtual Teams

Visual Aids

Western Astrology

Zen Design Exercise

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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