Applying Intelligence Amplification to the Problem of Terrorism


The following is an outline of how one could adapt the ideas of Vinge ( in the area of intelligence amplification (IA) to the problems of terrorism.






Human/computer team automation

Automation is used identify terrorist trends before they happen.


Develop human/computer symbiosis in art

Develop human/computer symbiosis in memetics. Use memetics to halt and even reverse the radicalization of Islam.


Allow human/computer teams at chess tournaments.

Develop human/computer game theory expertise that can be applied to terrorist scenarios.


Develop interfaces that allow computer and network access without requiring the human to be tied to one

Develop mobile computer network access for agents in the field.


Develop more symmetrical decision support systems. A popular research/product area in recent years has been decision support systems. This is a form of IA, but may be too focussed on systems that are oracular. As much as the program giving the user information, there must be the idea of the user giving the program guidance.



Use local area nets to make human teams that really work

Develop groupware that allows local, national and international enforcement agencies to work more efficiently.


Exploit the worldwide Internet as a combination human/machine tool.

Create a world wide computer network that can monitor terrorist activities proactively.  The best solution is to create an AI augmented Internet that is only available to nations and/or organizations that agree to protocols that deter terrorism. Information is power.  Power entails responsibility.


I plan to eventually write an actual article that I will send to the journal of Foreign Affairs ( ) for publication. 


I consider the application of IA to the problem of terrorism to be a tactical move.  The strategic solution is to create a stable tripolar world governance system that fixes and/or eliminates failed nation-states and therefore destroys the niche territories that the terrorists use as a home base. 




A pdf file of this post can be downloaded at:













One response to “Applying Intelligence Amplification to the Problem of Terrorism

  1. I’d suggest a bipolar or – even better – a monopolar world governance system. The tripod is actually the least stable form for government.

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