146 Spanish Volleyball Terms

Attack – Ataque

Bench – Banco o Banquillo

Block – Bloqueo

Court – Cancha

Defense – Defensa

Error – Error o Fallo

Formation/rotation – Rotación

Line – Linea

Line judge – Juez de linea

Match – Partido

Middle blocker – Central

Net – Red (net touch -Toque de red)

Opposite – Opuesta

Outside hitter – Atacante o Rematadora por 4

Point – Punto

Referee – Arbitro

Serve – Servicio
Reception – Recepción

Set – Colocación

Set – Set

Setter – Colocadora

Starter – Titular

Substitutes – Suplentes

Substitution – Sustitución

Time-out – Tiempo muerto

Whistle – Silbato o Pito (to whistle – Pitar)

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8 responses to “146 Spanish Volleyball Terms

  1. how do u say “pass” (as in bump)

  2. How do you say libero?

  3. How do you say libero?

  4. how do you say slide

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