005 Spanish Subject Pronouns

yo yoh I
too you (informal)
él / ella / usted ail / ay-yah / oo-sted he / she / you (formal)
nosotros(as) noh-soh-trohs we
vosotros(as) boh-soh-trohs you all
ellos / ellas / ustedes ay-yohs / ay-yahs / oo-sted-ays they / they / you (plural

Note: Vosotros is used only in Spain when speaking to more than one person with whom you know well. Nosotras and vosotras refer to a group of all females, as well as ellas. Ustedes is almost always used for saying “you all” in all Spanish speaking countries. Usted can be abreviated to Ud. Ustedes can also be abreviated to Uds. Please note that the subject pronouns are rarely used before verbs.



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