SWOT Analysis of the Joker


1.0) What are the Joker‘s strengths?

1.1) Criminal mastermind

1.2) Expert chemist

1.3) Utilizes weaponized props and toxins

2.0) What are the Joker’s weaknesses?

2.1) The Joker is INSANE!

Insanity is generally considered a weakness but is the Joker really insane?

The Philosophy of The Joker – Wisecrack Edition

2.2) The Joker does NOT have superpowers!

3.0) What are the Joker’s opportunities?

3.1) The Joker could marry Harley Quinn and have a normal family life instead of fighting Batman!

10 SUICIDE SQUAD Movie Secrets With Joker and Harley Quinn!

3.2) The Joker could ally himself with Lex Luthor. After all Batman and Superman make a great team!

The Joker and Lex Luthors Deal

The relationship between the Joker and Lex Luthor varies a great deal from comic book to comic book.

joker-and-lex-luthor-action-comics-765-2000 joker-and-lex-luthor-salvation-run-3-2008 joker-and-lex-luthor-the-joker-7-1976 joker-and-lex-luthor-worlds-finest-comics-177-1968

3.3) The Joker could unite Batman’s classic rogue’s gallery to fight him together.

batmans-rogues-gallery-best-of-dc-blue-ribbon-digest-14-1 batmans-rogues-gallery-best-of-dc-blue-ribbon-digest-14-2

The Flash has had to fight the Rogues in Flash V1 #155.


Spider-Man has had to fight the Sinister Six in Annual Amazing Spider-Man #1.


Superman has had to fight the Superman Revenge Squad in Adventures of Superman V1 #543.


3.4) Finally, the Joker should get some SUPERPOWERS!

The Joker did steal the reality warping power of Mr. Mxyzptlk and became Emperor Joker temporarily.

superman-emperor-joker-5-18 superman-emperor-joker-5-19

4.0) What are the Joker’s threats?


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