Girl, Interrupted versus One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Girl Interrupted = (GI), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest = OFOTCN

1) Compare the protagonist in GI (Susanna) with the protagonist in OFOTCN (McMurphy).

2) Compare and contrast therapy in OFOTCN with therapy in GI.

3) Compare and contrast the doctors in OFOTCNwith the doctors in GI.

4) Compare Nurse Valerie Owen (GI) with Nurse Ratchet (OFOTCN)

5) Compare and contrast the patients in OFOTCNwith the patients in GI.

6) Compare and contrast gender related disorders in OFOTCNwith gender related disorders in GI.

7) OFOTCNis set in 1962.  GI is set in 1967.  Are there any era related differences between the two movies?

8) What are the theme(s) of OFOTCN?  What are the theme(s) of GI?  What theme(s) are the same?  What theme(s) are different?

9) What are the socioeconomic (SES) differences between GI and OFOTCN?

10) OFOTCN was released in 1975.  GI was released in 1999.  Do you think the difference in release/production dates affects how the movies are different?

11) Which film is more sympathetic to the mental health system?  Can you provide specific examples?

12) Which film did you like more and why?

13) Why do you think OFOTCN was so much more successful than GI?

14) What social impact did GI have as opposed to OFOTCN?

15) What if Susanna and McMurphy got married?  What would their child be like? Done with MorphThing:

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