5.09 Pre-God Universes

DG: Pre-God universes?

FS: Gravity is the key to life and God.  If gravity is a quadrillionth stronger or weaker than the gravity of this universe then there is no life, no baselines, post baselines and ultimately no God.

DG: Why is the strength of gravity so important?

FS:  If gravity is too strong then the stars burn out one year after the Big Bang and no life is formed.  If gravity is too weak then you get runny soup of stellar protoplasm and no life is formed. 

DG: So most universes don’t evolve life?

FS: Absolutely, there were billions upon billions of universes before this one that had the wrong gravity, no life and therefore no God evolved.  Finally, through random chance, a universe with just the right gravity showed up and God was born. 

DG: And what is God’s role in all this?

FS: God makes sure that gravity is just right in all future Big Bangs.  Actually, God’s number one mission is making sure gravity is just right for the next Big Bang. 

DG: And the Omegas help God with this mission.

FS: The Omegas are God’s representatives with the post baselines rather than God.  God has the Omegas contract post baselines to move stars around to make sure the gravity mix is just right for the next Big Bang.  A pretty standard post baseline contract with God is an agreement to move X number of stars around for a specific favor.  Even among post baselines there are some post baselines that are a little more super. 

DG: How so?

FS: Just about any post baseline civilization can move a star around but moving black holes is a lot trickier and less than one in a thousand post baseline civilizations can do this. 

DG: Why are black holes important?

FS: Black holes are a much more efficient cosmic density management tool than a star and God generally gives precedence to favors asked by post baselines that can move black holes around.  Most black holes are used in pairs to form a wormhole so those thousands of stars can be moved from one end of the universe to the other end of the universe and this was a cause of jealousy. 

DG: Jealousy?

FS: Pretty much all post baseline civilizations that could create black holes were uploaded post baseline civilizations.  This meant God favored the uploaded post baselines to a greater extent and this caused the downloaded post baselines to be jealous of the uploaded guys.

DG: But of course like most of your ideas there is no way to prove this one way or another.

FS: The fact is that 95% of the matter of the universe is dark matter.  The reason for this is that most of the universe consists of wormholes that God and the post baselines use for cosmic density management. 

DG: But according to you God is the sixth dimension and one million times smarter than we are, what does he need post baselines for?

FS: There are about a 1,000 billion galaxies in the universe, God is a million times smarter than baselines but having to move billions of stars and get the calculations right to the quadrillionth place is a tough job even for God.  God spends about 99.999% of his time and energy on the gravity mix problem.  Post baseline help is appreciated.

DG: Where does that leave baselines?

FS: Pretty much out in the cold.  Baselines don’t have the technology to even move planets around much less stars and black holes and this is the main reason baselines generally get his machine when they call him. 

DG: So God’s grace is reserved for post baselines and not normal human beings?

FS: God generally only grants favors to baselines if he thinks this favor will lead them to evolve into post baselines that can help him move stars and/or black holes down the road.  This is why your prayers to God are almost always ignored.  Sure you get his machine and his machine has AI features so you get some good advice but you will almost never get more than advice from God.

DG: So you don’t think God is so mysterious after all.

FS: The ways of God are not so much mysterious as big and long range.

DG: So your cosmology is basically a developmental model of God including Pre-God, baby God, teenage God, Middle-age God and old man God?

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