Zonal Microbes

Below is my version of the six stones of Nüwa! The are six types of X factors that could account for 500 superpowers LOGICALLY! I have noticed that the universe is very logical. Rationalism is tricky but when you don’t have experimental data then how can you do experiments that are empirical? I think the only microbe that might actually exist on our earth anyway is the Black Zone microbes and all other microbes are experimental constructs only. The entire “Zonal” Microbes entry is from the WereVerse Universe.


Zonal Microbes – Zonal Microbes generally stay in their respective zones. However, some zonal microbes in all six zones are attracted to recursive quantum string pulsations. Human souls use knots for sentience and generally the zonal microbe interaction is irrelevant to human functioning. However, figure-eight soul knots are large enough to accommodate a colony of zone microbes unlike the smaller trefoil soul knots of most humans. Secondary symptoms also appear when the colony reaches a critical mass. The human’s appearance may change and this is especially true of Orange Zone microbes. Secondary symptoms are consistent by zone type. There are many microbes in a zone but all microbes of a particular zone show similar symptoms. If a colony does not reach a critical mass and develop a hive mind then the colony withers in one cosmic cycle or around 24 hours. Humans with figure-eight soul knots are 6,666,666 times more likely to develop a long-term symbiotic relationship with zonal microbes than humans with trefoil soul knots. Humans that have had ancestors that have been transformed by the WereForce or VixenForce are more likely to have figure-eight knots in their souls. There are two types of figure eight knots.


The VixenForce figure-eight knot tends to bond with Black Zone, Dream Zone and Ghost Zone microbes more easily than the other zones. The VixenForce is a pretzel knot specifically and this type of figure-eight attracts microbes from the Black Zone, Dream Zone, Ghost Zone and the Hot Zone. The WereForce type knot is a Flemish bend. The WereForce figure-eight knot tends to bond more easily with Orange Zone and Quantum Zone microbes. The probability of becoming infected is higher if there is a match between the type of eight-fold type and zone proximity. A person with a pretzel knot is probably out of luck in the Orange Earth next to the Orange Zone. Orange Zone microbes will not be as attracted to a pretzel knot. However, a person with a Flemish bend soul knot will be more likely to attract Orange Zone microbes that tend to wander next door vibrationally to the Orange Earth. The names of werefoxes and vixens have nothing to do with figure-eight type. The Black Werefox, Grey Werefox, Green Werefox and Purple Werefox all have a VixenForce knot i.e. a pretzel knot. The Orange Werefox, Pink Werefox and Red Werefox have a WereForce soul knot i.e. a Flemish bend knot. The White Werefox uniquely has ten eight-type Alexander polynomial knots.


Many heroes with the affix “-vixen” have no figure-eight knots in their souls. The AquaVixen has no figure-eight soul knots and all her powers come from transhuman augmentation.


Superpowers only manifest in order to save the life of the host. Zone microbes sometimes display reactive-adaptive symbiosis. The microbe gives the human superpowers to survive so the microbe can survive. A human generally loses their superpowers when the danger is over but not always. How long powers last is dependent on the health of zonal microbes. There is such a thing as a one cosmic cycle zonal flu. When a colony reaches a certain size, a primitive hive mind develops that “talks” to the infected. Once the hive mind develops then lifelong symbiosis is likely but not until then.


The microbe’s superpower effect is classified by zone in this document. Each zone has many different microbes that give very different super powers. Secondary symptoms appear when the colony reaches hive mind size. Generally, one microbe type is responsible for one superpower and humans rarely manifest more than one superpower. Humans do not become aware of zone microbes until the 24th century when Zorro the Zombie Hunter and his allies have to fight a zombie horde that has been infected by a Black Zone microbe weaponized by the abstract ontological giants to spread via the Dance of Death rather than soul knot infection.


The Black Zone exists between the Grey and Black Universes. Black Zone microbes are more common in the Grey and Black universes due to their vibratory proximity. Black Zone microbes are attracted to eight-fold knots encrusted with Black Zone energy. Those with Black Zone microbes are more likely to succumb to the ontological Dance of the Dead. Black Zone microbes tend give the infected super powers related to life force and power manipulation such as Accelerated Healing, Animal Scrying, Astral Awareness, Astral Manipulation, Astral Trapping, Astral Traveling, Aura Manipulation, Aura Reading, Biological Manipulation (others), Breath (life), Death Sense, Death Touch, Disease Manipulation, Disease Resistance, Evolution Manipulation (others), Fungi Manipulation, Immortality (others), Immortality (self), Mediumship, Necromancy, Pain Inducement, Pheromone Manipulation,

Plant Manipulation, Plant Perception, Power Absorption, Power Bestowal (persons), Power Manipulation, Power Mimicry, Power Negation, Power Sensing, Regeneration, Reincarnation (others), Reincarnation (self), Resurrection (others), Resurrection (self), Sensory Deprivation, Sleep Inducement, Soul Manipulation, Summoning, Telekinesis, Telepathy and Vision (ghosts). The iris of the infected person begins to show flecks of black in their iris which eventually becomes black.


The Dream Zone exists between the Green and Purple universe. Dream Zone microbes are more common in the Green and Purple universes due their vibratory proximity to the Dream Zone. Dream Zone microbes tend to give the infected energy manipulation powers such as

Antimatter Manipulation, Armor (energy), Cold Manipulation, Concussion Beams, Darkness Manipulation, Disintegration, Dream Manipulation, Duplication (energy), Echolocation, Electric Manipulation, Electrical Transportation, Electroreception, Energy Absorption, Energy Blasts, Energy Constructs, Energy Conversion, Force Field Generation, Gravity Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Heat Resistance, Heat Vision, Kinetic Absorption, Kinetic Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Microwave Manipulation, Plasma Absorption, Plasma Manipulation, Probability Manipulation (bad), Probability Manipulation (good), Radar Sense, Radiation Immunity, Radiation Manipulation, Rainbow Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Vision (atomic), Vision (electromagnetic), Vision (freeze) and Vision (X-Ray). The infected person develops flecks of purple in their pupils.


The Ghost Zone is right between the Yellow and Green universes in the Dodecagon. Ghost Zone microbes are more common in the Yellow and Green universes due their vibratory proximity to the Ghost Zone. Ghost Zone microbes tend to give the infected mind manipulation powers such as Animal Possession, Animal Scrying, Combat Clairvoyance, Cosmic Awareness, Creativity Manipulation, Cross Dimensional Awareness, Danger Intuition, Dragon Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Emotion Absorption, Empathy, Illusions, Imperceptibility (self), Innate Capability, Insanity Manipulation (others), Insanity Manipulation (self), Knowledge Absorption, Memory Absorption, Memory Enhanced, Memory Manipulation, Mind Control (animal), Mind Control (corruption), Mind Control (emotion), Mind Control (fear), Mind Control (good), Mind Control (group), Mind Control (hate), Mind Control (hypnotism), Mind Control (infestation), Mind Control (insect), Mind Control (love), Mind Control (object), Mind Control (specialized), Mind Control (voice), Mind Control Resistance, Mind Hive, Mind Transfer, Omnilingualism, Photographic Reflexes, Psychic Weapons, Psychometry, Puzzle Manipulation, Superhuman Accuracy, Superhuman Intelligence, Superhuman Will Power, Superhuman Wisdom, Technopathy, Vertigo Inducement and Weakness Detection. The infected person develops floating, feather shaped flecks of white in their pupil and iris.


The ParaCognitive microbe is from the Ghost Zone and causes the powers of specialized super intelligence and psychometry. The infected person develops flecks of floating white in their pupil but the flecks tend to resemble geometric figures in particular. Other Ghost Zone microbes lead to flecks that are circular, rectangles and icon shaped. The ParaCognitive microbe originated in the Ghost Zone but is one of the few zone microbes that is found in all six zone not just one zone.


The Hot Zone is between Red and Pink universes. Hot Zone microbes are more common in the Red and Pink universes due their vibratory proximity to the Hot Zone. The Hot Zone microbes tend to give the infected powers related to the matter manipulation of objects around the infected person. Hot Zone microbes tend to give the infected matter manipulation powers such as

Animate Objects, Armor (matter), Chemical Reaction Manipulation, Cloak Manipulation, Cloth Manipulation, Crystal Manipulation, Density Control (objects), Earth Manipulation, Gas Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Liquefy (others), Magma Manipulation, Mass Manipulation, Matter Absorption, Matter Ingestion, Metal Manipulation, Mirror Manipulation, Molecular Combustion (object), Molecular Manipulation (object), Nanite Manipulation, Plastic Manipulation, Pocket Dimension Creation, Size Growth (object), Size Reduction (object), and Water Manipulation. The infected develops pupils that appear on fire.


The area between the Orange and Yellow universes is known as the Orange Zone. Orange Zone microbes are more common in the Orange and Yellow universes due their vibratory proximity to the Hot Zone. Orange Zone microbes cause superpowers that cause the transmutation of others and objects. The infected cannot transmute themselves. In very rare cases, an infected person can transmute a normal weapon into a hyper-weapon. Orange Zone microbes tend to give the infected transmutation related powers such as Armor (matter), Arrow Manipulation, Axe Manipulation, Belt Manipulation, Boot Manipulation, Bow Manipulation, Bracelet Manipulation, Chain Manipulation, Cloak Manipulation, Glove Manipulation, Hammer Manipulation, Helmet Manipulation, Imperceptibility (others), Intangibility (other), Mace Manipulation, Magic Books, Ring Manipulation, Rope Manipulation, Shield Manipulation, Spear Manipulation, Staff Manipulation, Suit Manipulation, Sword Manipulation, Talisman ManipulationThrown Weapon, Toy Manipulation, Transmutation (animal), Transmutation (elemental), Transmutation (gold), Transmutation (insect), Transmutation (limited), Transmutation (object), Transmutation (organic), Transmutation (petrification) and Whip Manipulation. The eyes of the infected person change into a glowing orange compound eye.


The Quantum Zone is between the Red and Orange universes. Quantum Zone microbes tend to cause bodily transformations in the humans they infect. Quantum Zone microbes tend to give the infected bodily transformations powers such as Aardvark Anatomy, Animal Anatomy (category), Animal Anatomy (hybrid), Animal Anatomy (multi), Animal Anatomy (one), Animal Communication, Animal Perception, Animal Powers, Ant Anatomy, Antimatter Mimicry, Appendages (antennae), Appendages (arms), Appendages (blades), Appendages (detachable), Appendages (fangs/claws), Appendages (firearm), Appendages (hair), Appendages (head), Appendages (horns), Appendages (multi-tool), Appendages (tail), Appendages (tentacles), Appendages (tongue), Appendages (wings), Arachnid Anatomy, Armor (dermal), Auxiliary Organs, Bat AnatomyBear Anatomy, Biological Manipulation (freak), Biological Manipulation (self), Biological Manipulation (weight), Bouncing, Bovine Anatomy, Breath (atomic), Breath (fire), Breath (freeze), Breath (insect), Breath (vortex), Breath (water), Bullet Projection, Camel Anatomy, Camouflage, Canine Anatomy, Caprinae Anatomy, Centaur Anatomy, Centipede Anatomy, Cephalopod Anatomy, Cetacean Anatomy, Cheetah Anatomy, Crystal Mimicry, Cyclops Anatomy, Darkness Mimicry, Demon Anatomy, Density Control (self), Disease Mimicry, Djinn Anatomy, Dragon Anatomy, Dream Mimicry, Dream Mimicry, Drill Protrusion, Duplication (gender), Duplication (imperfect), Duplication (other), Duplication (self), Duplication (size), Earth Mimicry, Eel Anatomy, Elasticity, Electrical Mimicry, Elephant Anatomy, Energy Mimicry, Equus Anatomy, Evolution Manipulation (self), Feline Anatomy, Fire Mimicry, Fish Anatomy, Flat Body (other), Flat Body (self), Fox Anatomy, Frog Anatomy, Fungal Anatomy, Gas Mimicry, Gastropod Anatomy, Giraffe Anatomy, Hippopotamus Anatomy, Hyena Anatomy, Ice Mimicry, Insect Anatomy, Intangibility (self), Invertebrate Anatomy, Invisibility (self), Invulnerability, Jellyfish Anatomy, Leprechaun Anatomy, Light Mimicry, Lion Anatomy, Liquefy (self), Magma Mimicry, Marsupial Anatomy, Merfolk Anatomy, Metal Mimicry, Metal Mimicry (molten), Mirror Mimicry, Molecular Combustion (self), Molecular Manipulation (self), Multiple Brains, Omnimimicry, Orc Anatomy

Pig Anatomy, Pinniped Anatomy, Plant Anatomy, Plasma Mimicry, Poison Generation, Poison Resistance, Prehensile Feet, Primate Anatomy, Radiation Mimicry, Reactive-Adaptation, Rhino Anatomy, Robot Anatomy, Rodent Anatomy, Salamander Anatomy, Sand Mimicry, Satyr Anatomy, Scorpion Anatomy, Shape Shifting, Shark Anatomy, Siren Anatomy, Size Growth (self), Size Reduction (self), Skeleton Anatomy, Sound Manipulation (scream), Sound Manipulation (voice), Sound Mimicry, Spike Protrusion, Sponge Anatomy, Spring Mimicry, Starfish Anatomy, Stone Mimicry, Substance Mimicry (many), Substance Mimicry (one), Super Fecundity, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Leaping, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Senses (hearing), Superhuman Senses (smell), Superhuman Senses (taste), Superhuman Senses (touch), Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Stealth, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Swimming, Superhuman Tracking, Teleportation (self), Third Eye, Troll Anatomy, Turtle Anatomy, Unicorn Anatomy, Vampire Anatomy, Vision (infrared), Vision (microscopic), Vision (multi), Vision (night), Voice Mimicry, Wall Crawling, Water Mimicry, Witch Anatomy, Wolf Anatomy, Wolf Anatomy, Wood Mimicry, Worm Anatomy and Zombie Anatomy. The eyes of the infected person turn into constantly shifting “kaleidoscope” eyes.


The Dark Wisdom Giant protozoan exists in the Grey Expanse in the Outer Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. While the structure of the giant protozoa is that of a protozoan, the size is not. The protozoan is a unicellular organism the size of an earth solar system. The Dark Wisdom Protozoan can cause some or all of the following superpowers. The Mysteriotrons were infected by the Dark Wisdom Protozoa in the Black Zone and received the “dark wisdom” of the Dark Wisdom protozoan. The Dark Wisdom protozoan can give the infected the following superpowers Cross Dimensional Awareness, Cross Dimensional Manipulation, Dimensional Transport (Omniverse), Metafictional Awareness, Metafictional Manipulation and Metafictional Transportation. The eyes of the receiver of dark wisdom are all black.


The Time virus is a viral superorganism that exists hyperdimensional in all six zones at the same time. The Time virus first existed in the Square Earth and traveled to the future to escape the negation of the Square Universe. Very, very rarely the Time virus choses to infect a human. This human goes through a radical metamorphosis and emerges a hyperdimensional time traveler than can have some or all of the following powers Dimensional Storage, Dimensional Transport (Multiverse), Hyperdimensional Manipulation, Hyperdimensional Mimicry, Portal Creation, Teleportation (other), Time Manipulation, Time Travel (others), Time Travel (self), Vision (time) and Wormhole Creation. If one looks into the eyes of the infected person then one sees scenes from one’s past. The Time virus and Mr. Forever has some sort of chronal connection and they often appear at the same time in times of great crisis.