Effective Presentation



1) High Tech – Linear

Eliminate Death by PowerPoint

PowerPoint Do’s and Dont’s

2) High Tech – Spatial

PowerPoint vs. Prezi

Prezi Map Layouts

3) Low Tech – Linear

Flip chart Dos and Don’ts

Post-it Notes Presentations

Poster Presentation

4) Low Tech – Spatial

Graphic Facilitation



Assertion Evidence System

Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom

Presentation Zen

Slideology Graphics

Spectrum of Visual Communication

Zen Design Exercise


Alternatives to PowerPoint and Prezi

Assertion Evidence System

Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom

Effective Presentation Evaluation Form

Eliminate Death by PowerPoint

Flip chart Dos and Don’ts

Fox Presentation Taxonomy

Graphic Facilitation

Mind Map Presentation

Post-it Notes Presentations

Poster Presentation

PowerPoint Design

PowerPoint Do’s and Don’ts: Models of Communication Analysis

PowerPoint Terms

Presentation Zen

Prezi Index

How to Create a Timeline Using Prezi

National Flag Presentation Using Prezi

Prezi Evaluation Form

Prezi vs. PowerPoint

Prezi Infographic Video

Prezi Video

Screencast-O-Matic with Pictures

Slide:ology Graphics

SmartArt Gallery Exercise

Spectrum of Visual Communication

Zen Design Exercise

WereVerse Universe Baby!



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