Selling Steps

1. Rapport Building – This is where you Meet & Greet your prospective customer.

a. Build rapport and trust – you don’t have much time with a first impression.


2. Qualifying – Uncover the Needs & Wants of your prospect.

a. Use a combination of open ended and close ended questions

b. Ask key questions including Test Closing questions


3. Presenting Product or Service – Show your prospect how your product/service will meet their Needs & Wants.

a. Use Feature / Benefit / Feedback system

b. Getting commitments along the way


4. Presenting price – Always Present price with choices.

a. Summarize customer’s interest from the Presenting stage

b. Before presenting price eliminate possible objections: Ask, “Aside from the pricing do you have any other questions or concerns?”

c. Presenting Promotions – if presenting a promotion be sure to have an end date.



a. Assumptive Close – “I can see you love this car, let’s go ahead and get your paperwork started.”

b. Direct Close – “Are you ready to start enjoying this new car today?”

c. Reclosing – If you get an objection you need to try and overcome that objection then reclose.


6. Overcoming Objections – Objections are opportunities – don’t be afraid of them.

a. Be prepared – Common objections for each industry




Commitment Level

“Think about it”

b. Have script ready to handle each common objection.


7. Referrals – Always ask for referrals.

Selling Steps Online Worksheet

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