050 Spanish Comparative and Superlative

Comparisons are expressed as follows:

más [adjective] que – more [adjective] than
menos [adjective] que – less [adjective] than
tan [adjective] como – as [adjective] as
(-a, -os, -as) [noun] como – as much/many [noun] as


El gato es menos inteligente que el perro.  The cat is less intelligent than the dog.
Mi prima tiene más discos que nadie.  My cousin has more records than anyone.
No tengo tanto dinero como ustedes.  I don’t have as much money as you.

To form comparatives, just add más or menos before the adjective or adverb.  To form the superlative, place the definite article before the comparative.  Note that de is used to express in after a superlative.

más alta  taller
la más alta  the tallest
Rosa es la niña más alta de la clase.  Rosa is the tallest girl in the class.





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