Multicultural Lessons


9 Japanese Subcultures

Allport’s Scale

American Cultural Values

American versus Chinese Culture

American versus Japanese Culture

American versus Japanese Management

American versus Mexican Culture

American versus South Korean Culture

American versus Thai Culture

Contrastive Rhetoric

Cross-Cultural Analysis of Advertising Project

Cross-Cultural Analysis of Advertising Techniques

Cross-Cultural Color Symbolism

Cross-Cultural Communication versus Cross-Cultural Studies

Cross-Cultural Dating Rules

Cross-Cultural Dining Etiquette

Cultural Assimilation and Organizational Assimilation

Culture and Emotion

Culture Shock

Deciphering Facial Expressions

Direct versus Indirect Communication Style

Fox Cultural Lesson Plan System

Gestures Around the World

Glossary of Intercultural Terms

Hofstede Index

Hofstede and Organizational Culture

Hofstede Cultural Dimensions

Hofstede Individualism Exercise

Hofstede Masculinity / Femininity Exercise

Hofstede Power Distance Exercise

Hofstede’s Power Distance and Organizational Culture

How to Say Hello in 30 Different Languages

International Business Culture

Lewis Model of Cross-Cultural Communication

List of Intercultural –ion Terms

List of Intercultural –isms

Low vs. High Context Communication

Outsourced Discussion Questions


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