Chapter 5 The Omegas


Dr. Delta: This meme construct is extremely infectious but is not virulent.


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Patient seems preoccupied and worried.  Still I feel the patient and I have developed some trust and there is a possibility of a breakthrough in this session.

DG: You mentioned the Omegas at the end of our last session?

FS: As a Half Square I had the ability to telepathically communicate with the Omegas.  Taking red death unleashed this potential. The Omegas acted as an intermediary between lower beings and God.  They had transported me to the Omega dimension or sixth dimension.

DG: Why plural?

FS: The Omegas always traveled in packs of seven.

DG: What was the Omega dimension like?

FS: You know how you always feel that your consciousness is looking out from some central point behind your eyes.

DG: Sure.

FS: In the Omega dimension that whole feeling was reversed and you were outside your consciousness looking in.

DG: Weird.

FS: Yeah, totally weird, the Omegas explained that happened in the Omega dimension since the Omega dimension encompassed space and time and consciousness and when you were in the Omega dimension your own consciousness was encompassed. 

DG: But how did it feel?

FS: Totally disorientating, if the Omegas hadn’t guided me around I would have been totally lost.  To say up was down or down was up is an understatement.

DG: Sounds unpleasant.

FS: You got used to it after a while and the nice thing about the Omega dimension is that you could travel anywhere in the universe instantly by entering the consciousness of any being in the universe.  You didn’t physically move around the sixth dimension but you could move from consciousness to consciousness in the five dimensions that the sixth dimension encompassed.

DG: And I suppose these incredible Omegas told you all the secrets of the universe?

FS: Sure, the Omegas explained that there are three realms of existence.  Each realm is dominated by one set of law.  The highest plane of existence is that of post baselines. 

DG: Huh?  What is a post baseline?

FS: A post baseline has replaced Darwinian evolution with technologically based evolution and uses technology to evolve.

DG: So what is so special about their home?

FS: It’s a realm not a home.  This realm is dominated by synchronicity.  Luck is very important in this realm.  The relationship between the micro and macro levels is much stronger in this realm.  Your relationship with the larger universe affects your daily reality.  What you are is what you get to a much greater extent.  Science as we know can work in this realm but the post baselines with their Omega brains use an existential science which is closer to what we call magic. 

DG: Are talking about magic? 

FS: No exactly, existential technology has its root meta-awareness. 

DG: So what is meta-awareness? 

FS: Awareness of awareness.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: This is where the patient’s narrative takes a sudden turn from scenarios that were vaguely plausible to scenarios that unmask the messianic nature of his delusions.

DG: Sounds like the Buddhist concept of mindfulness.  Go on.

FS: The middle plane of existence encompasses the realms of baselines and animals.  This realm is dominated by causality. 

DG: Causality as in “A causes B”?

5.01 Hell

Dr. Delta: This memes infectiousness and virulence is related to recipients religiosity.

DG: And the last plane?

FS: This is the last plane of existence and encompasses the realms of astral maggots and astral crap.  In this realm existential principles dominated. Ego creates reality.  Your relationship with yourself effects reality in all three planes but in this plane your relationship with self is your reality. 

DG: Sounds like Buddhism.

FS: The Buddhists just happen to be right.  Each plane of existence helps teach a particular lesson of reality. 

DG: Like a life lesson.

FS: Like life and physics together.  In the plane of the post baselines one can more easily learn about the relationship between self and the universe.  In the animal/baseline realm one can more easily learn about the objective universe.  In the realm of astral maggots and astral crap one learns about self to self-relationships, the hard way. 

DG: Hell is for learning?

FS: Depends which hell you go to.


5.02 Astral Maggots/Astral Crap

Dr. Delta: The meme has low virulence (1.2).  The meme is slightly infectious (2.4).  Hosts with particular phobias are at greater risk of infection and higher levels of virulence.  If the reader fits into this category then skipping this section is recommended.

FS: The Omegas decided to start at the bottom and took me to the plane of existence were the astral maggots and astral crap lived.  We all got into some astral maggot bodies in order to visit hell. 

DG: What was that like?

FS: Pretty weird.  You kind of slide around. You didn’t have eyes so you couldn’t see but your whole body sensed stuff in the infrared spectrum.  Most of all I had an overwhelming desire to eat the astral crap all over the floors of hell.  God sends baselines to hell based on God’s plan. 

DG: I thought bad people went to hell.

FS: Not at all, hell is an extension of God’s plan.

DG: So what is God’s plan?

FS: The Omegas explained God’s plan to me.  The plan could best be described to lower beings by using the God Formula that is Ω = U + E2.  In this formula “Ω” stands for God, “U” stands for the living universe and “E” stands for evolution. 

DG: Why is evolution squared?

FS: Evolution affects evolution.  Evolution itself evolves.  This is metaevolution. 

DG: You really love to invent words with “meta-” at the beginning but go on.

FS: The universe evolves into God and then God creates the universe the next time around.  This plan must go forward or there was no living universe and there was no God.  God would do anything to make sure this plan goes forward and God could do a lot.  There were three types of evolution so there were three types of hell.

DG: Three types of hell?

FS: The first type of hell worked at the casual level and dealt with how you affected the evolution of the larger society.  This hell consisted of six kinds of cages of knives. 

DG: And who went to this causal hell?

FS: Baselines who had interfered with the social order to such an extent that they had disrupted the evolution of their planet.  A little war was “okay” but too much war disrupted the flow of information.  God wanted the Grey ages not the Dark Ages.

DG: And the second type of hell?

FS: The second type of hell worked at the synergic level and involved special qualities that were ultimately gifts from God.  God had given special gifts to certain baselines in order to jump start baseline evolution.  You broke the contract then you paid the price.

DG: I never heard of this contract so how could anyone be held responsible for not holding up his or her part of the contract?

FS: The fact that you weren’t aware of the contract did not relieve you of responsibility.  God figured even stupid baselines could figure out that if they were exceptional in some way and that this was a gift from God and therefore they should do something special with their gifts.  This hell involved six types of pits with animals. 

DG: The third type of hell?

FS: The third type of hell worked at the existential level.  The third type hell was created by the basic emotions that surround our ego.  This hell involved six environments.  This hell was the only hell really designed for reform. This hell was meant to straighten out promising baselines. Some baselines screw up their God given missions to aid evolution due to some neurosis or another.  Existential hell was basically God’s version of shock therapy.  Each type had six subtypes for a total of eighteen particular hells.

DG: Why six?

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Six is a multiple of three and a variation on the patient’s triadic obsession.

FS: God just likes the number six.  The casual hell was based on the six relationships a man had with the larger society.  Humans were connected to other humans via six means including money, temporal authority, spiritual authority, militar authority, family and friends

DG: Explain.

FS: For example, money fundamentally connected you to other human beings.  If you used your money to hinder baseline evolution then you were in this hell.  The cage was lined with knives of gold on all sides.  No matter were you stood or sat, knives stabbed you. 

DG: How can you make sure you don’t end up in this hell?

FS: A little worried doc?  Some of the money should have been reinvested into the larger society so the baseline civilization could evolve.  God was a realist and knew baselines were fundamentally selfish so he had come up with a simple rule of thumb. 

DG: What was that?

FS: If you gave ten percent to the larger society then you were off the hook. 

DG: Why ten percent?

FS: God knew baselines were pretty bad at math and figured ten percent was pretty easy to calculate.

DG: Are you describing tithing?

FS: Somehow the baselines on our planet got the ten percent rule all screwed up and came up with a tithe to the church but actually you could give ten percent to any organization that aided baseline evolution.

DG: You mentioned temporal authority.

FS: The second cage was the cage of silver knives and in these cages were all the men and women that abused temporal authority.  The cage of iron was reserved for those who abused their authority such as politicians, teachers and policemen. 

DG: I can think of a teacher or two that I had that belongs in this hell.

FS: A lot of schoolteachers that had tortured their students for their own ego were in this cage.  Persons in this hell had been given authority over others but you had not helped people but used this authority for their own selfish ends. 

DG: What about doctors?

FS: Doctors that had seduced their patients were also in this cage.  Be careful doc.  Authority was a gift from God that should not be misused.  A little misuse of authority was okay but overall you were supposed to be leading your fellow baselines to a higher level of evolution.

DG: Now this part sounds more like Dante.

FS: Maybe Dante got the Omega tour himself.  The third cage was were those who abused their militar authority and they were in the cage of iron knives.  In these cages were all the generals and soldiers who had killed or caused people to be killed unnecessarily.

DG: Why not all generals period.

FS: Necessary death was okay.  God didn’t mind generals.  He just didn’t like butchers.  I saw Cambodia’s Pol Pot sitting in a cage of iron knives. 

DG: What was the worst sin?

FS: Abuse of spiritual authority.  You got a cage of diamond knives.

DG: What qualified as abuse?

FS: This hell was reserved for spiritual leaders that caused their followers to devolve.  The diamonds cut much more deeply than the knives of metal.  In here were all the priests, monks, nuns and gurus that had used their spiritual authority to ataque science. 

DG: Not Satanists?  Only people who attacked science went to hell?

FS: Science was the key to baseline evolution.  God could care less about Satanists as long as they didn’t reject science.

DG: You are describing a very different God than the one I have heard about.  Who else was in hell?

FS: The Spanish Inquisition that had persecuted Galileo was sitting in one big cage together.  The ayatollahs of Iran that had overthrown the Shah were there.

DG: The ayatollahs were there for having killed thousands?

FS: Not for killing thousands but for having caused Iran to go backwards technologically.  Almost all the new age gurus were in diamond cages.  Befuddled Christian Scientists occupied most of the diamond cages.

DG: This is not the God of my Sunday school.

FS: That’s for sure.  Those who abused their relationship with the family were in a cage of ruby knives.  In most families the abusive relationship goes both ways so you saw a row of cages with the whole family next to each other.  The families were still arguing and trying to pin the blame on the other member. 

DG: And the last cage?

FS: Finally those who abused their friends and most of all interfered with their education were in a cage of emerald knives.  I was a little worried since I wasn’t the most loyal friend.  The Omegas said that you had to really abuse a friendship over the years to end up here.  This meant you had to have a deep friendship in the first place and the Omegas told me I was safe on this score.

DG: The worst commit all types of offenses so how is it decided which cage takes precedence?

FS: If you had misused more than one type of relationship then your cage would be lined with more than one type of knife.  A general that had also been a bad parent would be in a cage with knives of iron and rubies.  You might be able to barely adjust to one type of knife but being cut in different ways by different materials was much worse.  A really unlucky person that had abused all six relationships had knives of all six materials in their cage. 

DG: So all sins relate to relationships?

FS: No, the Omegas explained that the six cages weren’t the worst hells.  The misuse of relationships was considered far less a crime than the misuse of personal qualities.  God gave each human certain gifts and to misuse a gift of God merited the worst punishment of them all.  The six personal qualities were intelligence, strength, courage, charm sexiness, and beauty.

DG: For example.

FS: If you had been clever and used your intelligence to hinder human evolution then you were trapped in a pit with foxes that tore out your tongue.  In this pit were all the scientists that had used their intelligence to make junk food. 

DG: Why would junk food scientists be in hell?

FS: Junk food had made more humans into worthless couch potatoes that didn’t evolve than almost any other technology.  All the designers of mindless video games were also in this hell.

DG: Are all video games mindless.

FS: No, God actually liked video games that made you think such as strategy games but he had no mercy for the designers of shoot-em-up games.  Most advertising execs were also in these pits. 

DG: Why?

FS: Omegas calculated that the steady stream of advertisements had lowered the average IQ of the human race by 15 points.  Diemer, the inventor of bubble gum, was in this hell.

DG: Bubble gum is harmless.

FS: The Omegas calculated your IQ automatically dropped ten points when you chewed gum.  That’s why people look so stupid when chewing gum, they literally become more stupid.  Ray A.  Alligator, the founder of McMickey’s was in this hell.

DG: Why?  How does making hamburgers rate you hell?

FS: A steady diet of fast food made humans obese and stupid.  Intelligence was a gift that should be used to help mankind evolve and not hinder evolution.  I asked the Omegas, How did so many so-called smart men and women end up in these pits? 

DG: And what did they say?

FS: The Omegas told me not to worry about it since it was quite impossible for me to end up in this particular pit. 

DG: And strength?

FS: If you had abused your strength then bears ripped of your arms and legs.  These pits were filled with bullies.  Gangsters of all times filled these pits.  Ted Bundy was doing his best to fight the bears but with little success. 

DG: Aha, God cared about the girls!

FS: Not at all, one of the girls he had killed would have been a major scientist and pushed the envelope of neural interfaces with computers.  God was pretty upset about how her death affected human evolution.

DG: He was a psychopath and I hardly think you could call him strong.

FS: We’re not talking spiritual strength but just plain old brawn and the misuse of this brawn.  He strangled women with his bare hands and this harder to do than most people realize. This is where the schoolhouse bullies that beat up science nerds invariably ended up which should make a lot of readers happy. 

DG: I am sure the nerds will be glad to hear this.  What about courage?

FS: If you had misused your courage then tigers tore away at your throat.  Brave bullies and brave gangsters were in this pit and if fact many of the gangsters and bullies had been both brave and strong and were torn apart by bears and tigers.  Al Capone, the Chicago gangster, was putting up one hell of fight with the bears and tigers in his pit but they tossed him around like doll.

DG: Because he killed so many people.

FS: Hell no! Pun intended. Chicago could have been a high tech center on par with Silicone Valley but Al Capone had made Chicago into a brutish city.

DG: What’s left?

FS: Charm, sexiness and beauty.  If you had misused your charm, then a thousand snakes bit your eyes.  The pit was filled with all those people who had magnetic personalities and again had used this gift for devolution.  The pit of snakes was filled with punk rock stars that were not particularly good looking or sexy but did have animal magnetism.  Punk rock lyrics of course cause brain damage.

DG: I agree totally.  Any other famous people in the pit of snakes?

FS: Castro was also in this pit.  Latin charm had gotten him into power and into this particular pit. 

DG: But not for killing and torturing people.

FS: You are getting the hang of it.  Castro had kept a country next to the US from evolving one inch technologically.  Castro had formed some bumps that I think were supposed to be a beard.

DG: Castro is alive!

FS: On this Earth the maybe the US would tolerate a piss ant like Castro, but no way the UA was going to. 

DG: Let me guess. An exploding cigar was used.

FS: Naw, the tarantula minibot. 

DG: The robot tarantula sought out the victim using body heat.  Why didn’t it just kill his girlfriend instead and alert Castro to the plot?

FS: A more sophisticated version of the robotic minibot could be programmed to seek out the source of particular macromolecules i.e. it sniffed you out.  The best part was that in this case actual tarantula venom was used so it looked it didn’t look like an assassination. But you didn’t want to overdo it.   People might start to wonder why tarantulas had killed all the enemies of the US.

DG: You mentioned sexiness.  What does sexiness have to do with evolution?

FS: If you had kept someone in bed all the time that would have made a great discovery or helped baselines evolve in some other way then you went to this hell.

DG: So casual sex isn’t a sin.

FS: Well I hope not.  If you were a man then scorpions bit your penis.  If you had been a woman then the scorpions entered your womb and bit you there and in fact breed there as well. 

DG: The punishment for women seemed worse than the punishment for men and this is sexist.

FS: If you want to argue with God then be my guest. 

DG: I’ll pass.

FS: If you had misused your beauty then eagles tore at your face.  This pit was filled with beauty queens, models and actresses.  Baselines were wasting their time watching these women instead of making discoveries and evolving.  Marilyn Monroe was in this pit.

DG: Because suicide is a sin.

FS: No, Marilyn Monroe was in hell for having distracted Arthur Miller with her neurotic sex games instead of helping him as a writer.  I had been a fan of a lot of the movie stars in this pit and would have loved to get their autograph but the eagles were a distraction. 

DG: Any men in the pit?

FS: Far less men were in this pit than women were.

DG: Why?

FS: The Omegas explained it was harder for a man to misuse his good looks than for a woman to misuse her beauty.  There really weren’t that many successful gigolos in the world. 

DG: So there were more women than men in hell.

FS: No, men far outnumbered women in hell overall, as in most prison systems for reasons that were not entirely understood.  The Omegas thought it was all testosterone, male hormone, pumping through a guy’s body that made them a little crazy. 

DG: How long do you stay in hell?

FS: A lot of relationship stuff was very iffy.  God has a more strict accounting system for homicide.  The standard sentence was one year per death. 

DG: And what if you had broken both an animal pit and cage type rule?

FS: If you had misused both a relationship and a personal quality then you weren’t in a pit but a cage of knives.  For example, Nixon, the American president, was a leader that had used his intelligence to fool his followers so he was in a cage of gold knives filled with foxes that tore out his eyes.  I waved “hi” to Nixon as we flew by his cage and he waved back, well wiggled his slimy little body was more like it, and said, “Stay out of trouble”.  He made a victory sign with both his arms, well more like little stumps sticking out of his astral maggot body. 

DG: So Nixon is in hell?

FS: Well maybe not your Nixon.  The Nixon on my Earth had been a little more ruthless than the Nixon on your Earth and had Woodward and Bernstein secretly assassinated before revealing Watergate. 

DG: So he got away?

FS: The assassination team turned out to be even bigger bunglers than the Watergate burglars.  Nixon did get caught and sentenced for these assassinations and was the first and only President to receive the death sentence.  Two deaths meant that Nixon was sentenced to two years in hell and his time was almost up.  He wasn’t sentenced so much for the deaths but for the fact that the US government had been paralyzed during his regime due to his shenanigans and this had interfered with the evolution of the US.  The Omegas told me that Nixon had really learned his lesson out and was due to be released early and be reborn as some sort of insect any day now.

DG: Two deaths!  What about the countless thousands killed in the secret war in Cambodia and Laos?  Nixon and Kissenger were totally behind that horrible war.

FS: They got the standard evolutionary escape clause for the secreto war.

DG: Huh?

FS: Sure if your actions led to more evolution in the long run despite temporary chaos then you were absolved from all negative consequences of your actions.  The secreto war did end the Vietnam War more quickly and this historical turn of events led to Vietnam evolving into a technologically superior state that much sooner. 

DG: So God isn’t against war but only wars that interfere with evolution?

FS: Right, a little war now and then was good for evolution but the Vietnam War was too much.  The Vietnamese were spending too much time just trying to survive and not building bigger and better weapons. 

DG: How do you know that if the secret war had the effect you say it did?

FS: Mere mortals don’t “know”, they can calculate but their calculations are generally way off.  Only God knows but God is officially a million times smarter than baselines.  This is the problem with the evolutionary escape clause, you never know if you got your calculations just right. 

DG: For example?

FS: Truman had dropped the bomb on Hiroshima in order to end the war with Japan more quickly and therefore save lives.  God could care less about the lives saved but wanted Japan to get down to the business of building electronic appliances as soon as possible.  What Truman didn’t realize is that he was right on the border arithmetically. 

DG: How close to the border?

FS: If he had dropped the bomb even a week later, events would have changed in such a way that the chaos caused by the bomb would have exceeded the evolutionary gains of the bomb and poor little Truman would have been in hell for about a million years.  God double-checked his calculations on that one.  Truman didn’t do one minute in hell over Hiroshima.

DG: I don’t believe in God but if I did I would not believe in such an amoral God.  What about the whole argument that Einstein should be blamed for Hiroshima since Einstein created the concepts that allowed the A-bomb to be created in the first place?  Einstein even signed a letter with other scientists urging President Roosevelt to create the A-bomb.

FS: That’s covered by the intellectual escape clause. 

DG: The intellectual escape clause?

FS: Technology is a key part of this evolution so therefore any baseline that aids other baselines in their technological evolution gets a free pass and doesn’t go to hell for any deaths created by that technology. 

DG: What about God’s infinite love and mercy and all that other stuff?

FS: God could care less about our stupid little problems and just cares about us to the extent that we can evolve into beings that can help him with his plan.  We are irrelevant to God.  What we might become is relevant to God. 

DG: I guess you have thought of all the angles.  Any hells left?

FS: The last six hells were for misuse of your emotions.  This hell was more therapeutic than for punishment and was mostly used by middle aged God rather than Old Man God. 

DG: So who went there?

FS: This was for the really hard-core neurotics with promise that kept being reborn and engaging in the same stupid neurotic behavior.  Most malfunctioning baselines were just allowed to become astral noise so in a way this was a favor from God.

DG: Some favor.  What were the emotions?

FS: The six emotions were anger, pride, love, jealousy, sloth and fear.  This was the best set of hells to be in if such a thing can be.  The person could learn to change this hell over time. 

DG: How so?

FS: Emotions are at the core of what you are and are the environment your ego swims in.  In this hell, your emotions were externalized since the ego created reality.  People in this hell were all short timers, a year or less.  Most people in this hell got a pretty standard thirty days. 

DG: Very psychological.

FS: Absolutely, if you had let anger dominate your life and let this anger interfere with your duties as an evolutionary change agente then you were in a desert without water. 

DG: And the other emotions?

FS: If you had let pride interfere with your mission then you were in a blizzard of freezing cold. 

DG: Go on.

FS: If love interfered with your mission then you were in an ocean, always on the border of drowning.

DG: And jealousy?

FS:  If you had allowed jealousy to dominate your life then you were in a pit of quicksand constantly sinking. 

DG: Any emotions left?

FS: The most powerful emotion was fear.  In the hell of fear you were in nothingness.  There was no up or down.  You were alternately floating and walking and could see and feel nothing.  This was by far the worst environment of them all.  Most evolutionary change agents among baselines screw up due to fear so there were more persons in this hell than any other one.  The good news was that if you were cured then you were reborn and not turned into astral crap.

DG: What happened to the astral maggots after they got turned into astral crap?

FS: Astral crap over time slowly degraded into unconscious astral noise.  Hell was shaped like a giant toilet with a funnel at the center that collected the decayed astral energy.  The astral energy was recycled to make new souls.  Nothing was wasted in the universe.  Just remember our bodies are made of stardust but our souls are made out of recycled astral crap.

DG: Lovely sentiment worthy of a Hallmark greeting card but I always thought hell was a private affair?

FS: Each hell could combine with every other hell in order to personalize the experience.  The Omegas brought me to the private hell of Stalin.  Stalin had been the leader of Russia and had used his power to kill millions. 

DG: So what kind of hell was he sent to?

FS: Since he was an absolute leader and combined temporal, militar and spiritual authority, he suffered in a cage filled with knives of silver, iron and diamond.  He had also misused his charisma, a type of charm so snakes were in the cages biting away at his eyes.  He had also allowed himself to be filled with pride and a blizzard blew through the bars of the cage.  Stalin didn’t look very happy. 

DG: How could you tell the astral maggot was Stalin since Stalin would look like a maggot?

FS: The face was still human more or less when you first got to hell.  Stalin tried pulling snakes off his eyes and throwing the snakes out of the cage but more appeared instantly.  He would try to sit or stand in a certain place but the knives were just everywhere.  You basically got more knives per square inch when you did more crimes.  Stalin was literally blue from the cold, had black marks from the snakebites all over his eyes, and was covered with blood from the knives.  I tried talking with Stalin. 

DG: What did he say?

FS: Stalin yelled at me, “Can’t you see I am busy here! “, as he threw out some more snakes.  Stalin saw the Omegas and instantly changed his tune.  In an almost singsong voice Stalin said, “Omegas old buddies, could you get me out of here?  I have learned my lesson!  Please, please, please get me out of here.”  Stalin tried to produce a winning smile but most of his face, cut up by knives and blown to bits by the cold wind, was gone and the smile really didn’t work. 

DG: How long was Stalin going to be in hell?

FS: The Omegas told Stalin that God had decided that he was only responsible for six million deaths as opposed to the full twenty that occurred due to his purges.  Some of his purges had actually done some good and led to better living conditions in the long run that saved lives.  Stalin had arrived fifty years ago so Stalin only had 5,999,999,950 years to go.  The good news for Stalin was that hell tended to break down astral matter so in all likelihood Stalin would be astral crap long before the end of his sentence and the Omegas told Stalin this. 

DG: How did Stalin react?

FS: I think that the Omegas were in fact trying to comfort Stalin.  As androids went, the Omegas were a kind-hearted sort but an android is still an android.  The Omegas just didn’t have the human touch.  Pieces of Stalin’s patchwork face were just flying all over the place as he screamed more and more.  The face pieces were replaced by new flesh since hell couldn’t stay in business without body regeneration but the damage caused by Stalin’s yelling was outpacing the replacement of flesh.  Somehow not having most of his face didn’t seem to lower the volume level at all and the screams just got worse. 

DG: What about Hitler?  Surely he was in hell.

FS: Hitler had killed six million Jews alone and received two million years of suffering.  Two million years of suffering was really a karmic bargain but Hitler had organized his plea for mercy pretty well.  Hitler had taken full advantage of the indirect death loophole.  After all, Hitler hadn’t killed anyone directly.  Still God was no fool and Hitler wasn’t going to get away totally.  Hitler had also pointed out that he had been born with one ball instead of two like a normal guy and this had affected the kind of person he became.  What could God say to an argument like that? 

DG: Not much I guess.

FS: Two million years was better than six million years but even a hard case like Hitler broke down and cried when he heard the sentence.  Stalin was still screaming.  The Omegas and I exchanged a quick look and we decided it was time to get the hell out of hell.  The next place we went to was the realm of the Omega brains. 

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Hitler is a fellow “Half Square” and therefore a symbol of a dark side of the patient himself.  This side is punished, but receives leniency due to only having one testicle.  The patient therefore feels his own feelings of sexual inadequacy lead to absolution for some his darker impulses.  On the other hand, Hitler may represent his father because Hitler is a prior Half Square and this punishment demonstrates the patients desire to see his father punished.  In a way, the Half Square is a triadic symbol.  The Half Square is a symbol of positive space while the missing half is a symbol of negative space. 

Positive and negative space unites to create a Square.  The Square in turn is a symbol of order and rationality that the patient feels is missing in his life.



Spiral of Being

Doctor Delta: The virulence of this meme is zero.  The meme is slightly infectious (1.3).  This meme may cause mutation of ontological memes in the infected host.

DG: Omega brain?

FS: The Omegas gave me a tour of a typical Omega brain civilization.  I entered the body of species that lived in a Jupiter type planet.  I sensed giant tentacles and looked out at the orange gaseous planet except that I didn’t look but felt my environment.  My body was one giant brain and I could sense everything around me via all kinds of input devices.  I could also sense everything going on in the planet via a network.  I wasn’t seeing the network.

DG: So how did you perceive the network?

FS:  I was the network.  If I wasn’t careful I totally lost it and just started to get high on the information flow.  Staying focused was the single biggest problem.  The Omegas in their new bodies looked like giant man of wars floating in the methane.  The methane gave them an orange tint.

DG: What did the Omegas tell you?

FS: The Omegas explained that the first Omega brain generally combines biological and computer intelligence.  Once a civilization creates its first Omega brain then its evolution accelerates exponentially.  Moore’s Law states that the amount of data stored on a circuit would double every 18 months for a decade. 

DG: I have heard of Moore’s Law but what does this have to do with Omega brains?

FS: There was something similar to Moore’s Law that applies to Omega brains.  The Omega brains were generally driven to create yet another brain superior to it.  Once the first Omega brain was created then intelligence starts to double every 18 months for a decade.  This also means that human intelligence would be 32 times higher within a decade.  This process of the exponential growth of intelligence is known as the Omega Law and governs all baseline civilizations.  The process may or may not start but once started a similar pattern emerges.

DG: Sounds like a very biological explanation of theological problem.

FS: Theology is ultimately biology.  Conception precedes existence. 

DG: Conception precedes existence as opposed to Sartre’s existence precedes essence.  I get it.

FS: Our brain determines what we are.  Our brain determines the fact that we had consciousness at all.  The line between phenomena, what was known, and numena, the unknown, is determined by biology.

DG: I don’t understand.

FS: For example, a dog couldn’t understand free will or nuclear physics.  A species can use technology to push the limits of phenomena but reaches an ultimate limit unless it uses the technology on itself at a certain point in its evolution.  To some extent we couldn’t understand higher spiritual concepts because of the limitations of our current brains.

DG: So we need to build better brains?

FS: Yes, generally the first generation Omega brain relies heavily on advances in computer science.  The first generation brain usually has the ability to easily create a second-generation brain redesigned at the molecular level.  The line between chip and neuron is blurred beyond recognition with the second-generation brain.  The second-generation brain then creates a third generation brain redesigned at the atomic level. 

DG: So I suppose there are even other generations of Omega brains?

FS: Sure, the third generation, atomic brain then designs a fourth generation brain from the subatomic level up.  This fourth generation subatomic brain can see connections between the inner self, psychology, and the outer self, physics that were impossible to see prior to the creation of this brain.  The subatomic brain creates a fifth generation brain that is redesigned at the hyperspace level. The fifth generation brain is hyperdimensional by design rather than accident. 

DG: And is this the last generation?

FS: No the last generation is the sixth dimensional brain.  The sixth dimensional brain is impossible for baselines to understand.  Very few post baseline civilizations are capable of creating a sixth generation brain. 

DG: Why?

FS: A sixth generation brain requires manipulating the sixth dimension.  In theory any post baseline using a sixth dimensional brain automatically becomes “enlightened” and becomes one with God.  Understanding what enlightenment is beyond the understanding of most post baselines and totally beyond the understanding of baselines.

DG: So how do some baselines like Buddha and Einstein, according to your own prior statements, perceive hyperdimensional stuff without these Omega brains?

FS: A baseline could perceive hyperdimensional space and time but only for a brief period.  Perception is one thing and manipulation another.  Einstein and Buddha had hyperdimensional perception but not hyperdimensional manipulation.  A baseline cannot routinely manipulate space and time but a few baselines are capable of hyperdimensional manipulation for a brief period. 

DG: Well what you are describing would be some kind of magic and I don’t believe in magic.

FS: There is a magic of sorts.  Miracles are the ability of the baseline brain to briefly manipulate phenomena at the hyperdimensional level.  The baseline brain cannot maintain this heightened state and generally burns out.  Saints did generally go insane if they used their limited brains for miracles over an extended period of time. 

DG: What is the definition of an extended period of time?

FS: The rule of thumb for saints was three miracles followed by a total loss of this ability and partial insanity.  If you know anything about the history of saints then you could attest to the truth of this rule of thumb.  A true hyperdimensional brain has no such limitations and can do localized miracles routinely.

DG: And all technological civilizations evolve Omega brains?

FS: No, all technological civilizations face a fundamental choice.  They could choose life or death.  Technology could be used to create a superior brain that allows us to understand and control the power of technology or be destroyed by that technology. 

DG: Sounds like Omega brains are the manifestation of the life principal or what Freud called Eros.

FS: Yes, Or we could choose death, Thantos, and continue to develop weapons of mass destruction and destroy ourselves mindlessly.  God is the Eros principle made manifest via a consistent historical process of biological/technological evolution.  Freud had some insights into the basic nature of the universe.  Freud realized that the mind has a triadic structure of id, superego and ego but didn’t have the neurological background to realize the brain structure that lies behind this mind structure.  The Omegas referred to the problem of the triadic structure of baseline brains as the selfish brain problem. 

DG: Selfish brain problem?

FS: All species evolve a brain that deals with survival that is the reptilian brain in our planet.  Baselines then evolve something equivalent to our medulla and neo-cortex but usually these different brain structures are in conflict and this is the source of Freudian psychosexual conflict.  Each of the brain structures tries to take over creating irrationality on a daily basis.  Atomic weapons and reptilian brains don’t mix.  Omega brains resolve the selfish brain problem.

DG: So persons with Omega brains are more rational?

FS: Yes but more importantly, even first generation Omega brains would have several types of abilities such as enhanced memory and digital pattern recognition and would have the ability to network with other brains to create a brain network. 

DG: Brain network?

FS: The brain network would become more and more powerful as the number and quality of brains on the network improves.  In some species the planet meld into one giant global brain.  Eventually the Omega brains of millions of planets would network to create an ever-evolving God. 

DG: But not all species develop an Omega brain?

FS: Generally a technological species ends up destroying itself before creating the first Omega brain.  The cosmic choice is evolution or death.

DG: So why haven’t we been able to communicate with any of these Omega brains in space?

FS: The cosmic choice was why SETI had failed to find any extraterrestrials.  SETI is short for search for extraterrestrial intelligence and was a project to found other civilizations in the universe.  The problems for SETI was that almost all technological civilizations either evolve, to the point that communicating with humanity would be a little like humans talking with ants, or they destroy themselves in a very short time period. 

DG: Will our Earth evolve Omega’s brains?

FS: Who knows, this choice generally happens within a hundred years of developing radio astronomy technology.  A hundred years is a heartbeat in the history of a civilization.  SETI would have to be lucky enough to find the infinitesimal number of civilizations that were in the transition stage.  Even if such signals were found, the civilization has probably moved on to the next stage before an answer to their signal could be sent.  Technological evolution was discontinuous and advances in quantum leaps unlike Darwinian evolution.  The Sixth Universal Law of Technology, more or less states, that when it comes to technology when it rains it pours.

DG: So Omega brain beings are like gods.

FS: They are gods relative to us.  The Omegas explained to me to that the realm of the post baselines is made up of Omega brains.  Baselines might be rewarded through by God and be reborn in one of these realms. 

DG: And what do Omega brains do all day?

FS: Once you have an Omega brain then you have one big decision.

DG: What is that?

FS: To download or to upload that is the question.

DG: Huh?

FS: The downloaded post baselines have chosen to download their identities into individual bodies rather uploading their identities into a planetary computer network. 

DG: Bodies sound good.  Why would want to give up having a body?

FS: Bodies have several disadvantages.  The number one disadvantage is that bodies lead to much greater individual ego.  If you have all these Omega brain related powers and still retain ego then you tend to be on one hell of a power trip. The downloaded post baselines are extroverts.  Mostly downloaded post baselines are just trying to put off being bored because after a few millennia the whole universe starts to seem small.

DG: And the other group is the uploaded Omega brains?

FS: Yes, losing your body means that you lose a lot of ego and mellow out.  Different planetary computer networks do allow different levels of ego to exist.  Some networks just let you connect and retain most of your ego.  In some networks, ego is lost entirely and become one with the network.  The nice thing about losing ego is that you don’t suffer.  A planetary network was also super durable and didn’t suffer sickness and death like a downloaded post baseline with a body would. 

DG: So the uploaded post baselines were immortal?

FS: Not exactly, the planetary network itself had a physical existence and planetary level catastrophe could threaten the network.  Still worrying about the odd nova every one million years beats our level of mortality where we can go any minute.

DG: Sounds great.

FS: But as the downloaded post baselines point out, you don’t know that you are not suffering and what is the point of that?

DG: Okay the downloaded post baselines have all the fun.  Why up versus down terminology?  Does up mean better?

FS: Not at all.  Uploaded is a systems term and just means transferring data to a bigger system than the source system.  Downloaded means transferring your data to a system about as large as your source system or smaller.  Bigger is not necessarily better.

DG: What do the uploaded guys do?

FS: Uploaded post baselines don’t do much except enjoy life in a state of virtual bliss.  Being connected to a network does tend to decrease drive and make one a little lazy.  Imagine living in a virtual paradise only limited by your imagination?  Why travel anywhere or do anything when all you need is right in the network?

DG: So do the two types of post baselines fight?

FS: The downloaded post baselines and uploaded post baselines don’t really fight since they are way past that but they do have a radically different point of view and could be said to have a major philosophical disagreement about the whole ego thing. 

DG: So can humans tell the difference between these two kinds of post baselines?

FS: Baselines really can’t tell the difference between a downloaded post baseline and an uploaded post baseline. 

DG: How do post baselines act when they meet humans?

FS: All relationships between baselines and post baselines fit into the three “E’s”.

DG:  What are those?

FS: Experimentation, entertainment, and evolution. 

DG: You mean experimentation as in the anal probes aliens are always reported doing. One of your obsessions I might add.

FS: Not my obsession maybe yours doc.  There is an entirely different explanation for anal probing.  Post baselines cannot travel to the worlds of baselines due to the fact that no space ship can go faster than the speed of light.  Physical experiments are out but post baselines can affect baseline behavior mentally at a distance and thus carry out intricate memetic experiments. 

DG: And entertainment?

FS: That could be anything from playing with baselines like we do with cats and dogs or just watching us the way we watch wildlife.

DG: Gotcha, they can’t travel over here so how can they play with us?

FS: They can posses a baseline and play by using that baseline’s body.  The possession can be full-blown as in the Exorcist or pretty subliminal so that the baseline is barely aware of the post baseline and in fact is sharing consciousness with the baseline.

DG: There is no such thing as possession only psychosis.

FS: Yeah, tell that to the priest dealing with the real deal.

DG: And evolution?

FS: Well God is product of evolution so God wants us all to evolve into post baselines so encourages post baselines to help with our evolution.

DG: Well what are post baselines doing with us in particular?  Are post baselines doing anything to you in particular?

FS: What happens between a baseline and a post baseline is between the baseline and the post baseline, well if the baseline has any sense anyway.  A more general answer to you question is that it depends on how evolved the post baseline is.  The really advanced post baselines might be doing memetic experiments with us in a manner analogous to us doing experiments on rodents and/or microbes.  Less advanced post baselines might find us entertaining.  Really primitive post baselines might remember what it was like to be a poor little baseline and be selected by God, due to their empathy, to help us with our evolution the way we try to teach chimps and dolphins to communicate.

DG: So the bottom of the food chain post baselines are the ones trying to help us and not just use us for experiments and entertainment?

FS: I said evolve us not help, there is a difference.

DG: What’s the difference?

FS: Do you really think those chimps and dolphins rather be in a boring old lab being taught how to talk or out in the wild doing their thing?

DG: Good point.  So do the downloaded or uploaded post baselines mess with us?

FS: Downloaded post baselines are a hundred times more likely to deal with us.  When you lose your body you have less and less ability to relate to primitives with bodies at any level.  This inability to relate to primitives also makes them lousy agents of evolution.  Plus uploaded post aliens can do incredibly accurate memetic simulated experiments in their virtual world that preclude the need for actual memetic experiments except in very rare instances.

DG: So downloaded post baselines have bodies that die?

FS: Yes, downloaded post baselines exist for millennia upon millennia but eventually die.

DG: How can downloaded post baselines exist for millennia with bodies?

FS: Post baselines make the equivalent of software copies of their identity that is then downloaded to new hardware i.e. a body.  The replacement body is generally a hundred times superior to anything we can imagine. Both biology and robotics tend to get pretty advanced over thousands and thousands of years.  Senses and capabilities expand exponentially.  Still a body is a body and not as durable as a planetary computer network.  Our most advanced computer network is the Internet and was designed to survive a nuclear attack.  The computer network of a post baseline is a thousand times more advanced than the Internet and generally can survive anything short of the destruction of the entire planet.

DG: But if you can just transfer your identity to a new body then you can in fact live forever even if the body dies.

FS: Copying fidelity is high but not perfect.  Eventually copying errors in the software add up and the software is too screwed up to continue existence in a reasonable manner. 

DG: Well even planets die eventually so all post baselines die?

FS: The post baselines that enter the sixth dimension become one with God and only die when the universe dies.

DG: I guess that’s a pretty good deal.  And what happens to the post baselines that don’t become one with God and die?

FS: Some become astral noise, most are reborn as post baselines, a few join God in the sixth dimension and a very few go to post baseline hell.

DG: Post baseline hell is different than baseline hell?

FS: Post baseline hell is being reborn as a baseline. 

DG: I guess this would be pretty bad after being a post baseline.

FS: Yes but nevertheless, some of the knowledge you gain as a post baseline does get retained and this is a small compensation.  This knowledge manifests itself in unusual scientific, philosophical insights and/or some psychic ability. And then there are the pre-baselines.

DG: Pre-baselines?

FS: Animals, you know dogs, cats and the like.

DG: Fluffy in other words.  Wouldn’t sub baselines make more sense?

FS:  This is Omega terminology.  Sub would imply inferiority.  Omegas just saw animals as the stage before baselines rather than as being inferior.  Omegas pointed out that smarter didn’t necessarily mean wiser.  I agreed.  As far as I am concerned Fluffy was a lot wiser than a lot of baselines I knew.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Omega Brain is an obvious rip-off of Tielhard de Chardin’s Omega point.  Also, some ideas are stolen from Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction novel Childhood’s End.  Still connecting these ideas to Moore’s Law is an interesting twist.

DG: Any great insights from the Omegas.

FS: The Omegas had several suggestions for the recently dead

DG: What are they?

FS: Stay calm

DG: Easier said than done.

FS: You will see a bunch of lights when you die.  Get your lights right.  Avoid dull lights.  Go for the bright lights really avoid smoky lights.

DG: Bright lights, gotcha.

FS: Just say “no” to the womb entrance.

DG: Womb entrance?

FS: You’ll know it when you see it.  It’s a tunnel of sorts.  You go into the tunnel and you emerge out of the womb of a human or animal.  No good ever came from crawling into a womb entrance.

DG: What else?

FS: Concentrate on something spiritual.

DG: Does it matter what?

FS: No, remember the first rule and just stay calm.

DG: And the last rule?

FS: Most of all get over it!  You’re dead!

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: The Omegas are obviously some sort of father figure manifestation.

DG: What did the Omegas look like?

FS: The Omegas were androids that made up their bodies as they traveled across the universe and could look like anything they wanted to.  Around me, they looked like the eye in the middle of the triangle that you saw on the dólar bill.  The eye thing was one of their top five bodies.  They got a hold of a dólar bill and liked the symbol so much that they decided to take on this appearance on Earth.  The Omegas would go into the past and shape intelligent life at various crucial times. 

DG: Isn’t that some sort of occult symbol?

FS: Yes, humans would see them and then adopt this eye in the triangle symbol as a sacred symbol.  The eye in the triangle ends up on the dólar bill due to some Freemasons among the founding fathers of the US that were into occult sacred symbols.  The Omegas would get a hold of a dólar bill again and the process would start all over again. 

DG: Isn’t time travel impossible because of the paradoxes involved?  If your go back into time and kill your grandfather then you never would have been able to travel into the past in the first place.

FS: No, the Omegas were perfectly comfortable with such paradoxes and had no idea why beings lacking hyperconsciousness got all excited.  After all it was just like going around the block except in time instead of space.  They really laughed when humans got all excited about the grandfather paradox. 

DG: Well what is the answer to this paradox?

FS: If you went back into time and killed your grandfather then you would be dead.  The moral of the story was not to avoid time travel or avoid changing the past.  The moral of the story was to not kill your own grandfather.  Also the whole, “If you kill a bug then all of history changes” thing amused Omegas to no end. 

DG: Why?

FS: Kill all the bugs you want.  One more or less wouldn’t make much difference.  Big changes necessitated big outputs of energy.  Events had the equivalent of mass. 

DG: Events have mass?

FS: Sure, big events had big mass.  Killing a bug or even a particular person was like using a peashooter to alter the course of an asteroid.  When it came to big events, you needed to expend a ton of energy to really change a big event. 

DG: So killing Hitler wouldn’t stop WWII?

FS: Killing Hitler wouldn’t do the job.  There were a thousand people in line that would have started WWII.  WWII was pretty much going to happen no matter what you did in the past. 

DG: Why?

FS: As the Omegas explained, it was much harder to change history than baselines realized.  Fiddling with events might change the details and this might matter to a mere baseline but the big picture had been pretty much ordained by their boss right during the Big Bang.  Killing bugs in Germany would have accomplished nothing.  The Butterfly effect makes for great fiction but has no basis in reality.

DG: The Omegas are more powerful than the post baselines?

FS: Omegas could download their OS systems into the sixth dimension so it could be transmitted anywhere in the space/time continuum faster than the speed of light. 

DG: Well that would be the equivalent of sending software over the web but you still need hardware on the other side.

FS: Once on the other side of the space/time continuum, the Omega OS system was so advanced that it could create a body from local materials.  The Omega hardware didn’t travel around the universe.  Their software traveled around the universe via the sixth dimension and they created hardware as needed.  This is how Omegas, unlike post baselines, could travel faster than the speed of light. 

DG: So no spaceships for the Omegas?

FS: Omega spaceships were strictly for guests not for the Omegas to travel in.  Omega spaceships were created locally from local materials upon the arrival of an Omega.   

DG: What is the sixth dimension?

FS: God created the sixth dimension and in a way the sixth dimension is God.  God is not merely the universe as defined in pantheism but a whole greater than the universe as proposed in panentheism.  The sixth dimension is the means for this panentheism. 

DG: God as a gestalt.

FS: Right, an analogy is useful.  A human, computer, car or any complex system is more than the sum of its parts.  There is a synergic whole to complex systems.  The universe can be seen as the parts of God but not God itself.  This sixth dimension is pretty useful since it allows God to encompass the five-dimensional universe that precedes God. 

DG: Like a Chinese box.

FS: Yes, God would ultimately become a singularity that would start the Big Bang and all of existence.  The new universe would evolve life and the cycle would start all over again.  All life including baselines, post baselines and the Omegas create conditions for six-dimensional evolution.  Even in a hyperdimensional infinite universe, with its entire splendor, glory and magnificence, there was no free lunch!

DG: Sounds like Descartes Chain of Being.

FS: Huh?

DG: Descartes thought that imperfect beings must exist for the perfection of God to exist.

FS: More like a Spiral of Being.  Perfection is not achieved just radically higher levels of understanding and control of phenomena as beings evolve.  Even God dies but only after the Big Crunch.  God does not have the ultimate answer to the problem of the meaning of existence for us but for God.  God probably could care less about our existence except as how it relates to his existence.  God is a million times smarter than baselines and one can assume has a pretty good handle on what God’s existence is all about.  God is not omnipotent. God just can’t wish the universe to have the right gravity but must work hard to make this happen.  There is no perfection at the end of the chain and there is a spiral in that all beings seek the same thing. All beings want understanding and control of their environment. It just happens that the environment of God is the universe and bigger than our little baseline environment.

Fox: Maybe I have it totally wrong. Is this “Spiral of Being” some sort of deconstruction between science and theology?  Is the author trying to somehow make a scientific theology?

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: The patient’s Big Bang obsession is related to orgasm.  The patient has repressed his homosexual nature and the idea that the universe is a giant orgasm compensates for this repression.

DG: How did the Omegas view humans?

FS: We are a mere 2G mobile-phone baseline civilization.  The Omegas judged a civilization by how advanced their mobile phone system was.  Civilizations without mobile phones were considered savages, a view shared by many humans on my Earth.  Squares and Sloppy Squares had advanced to a third generation or 3G mobile-phone system. 

DG: I am not an expert on mobile phone systems.

FS: A 2G-system mobile-phone system only received and transmitted voice data.  A 3G system could hook into the Web and receive and transmit voice, text, and pictures.  A 4G system was beyond the current technology level of humans of this Earth but would be a cyber-system.  A 4G system would transmit and receive data from the brain and then sent that data to the brain of a recipient 4G system.  My Earth had experimented using cyberplugs for this purpose.  A 4G system was the beginning of the Omega brain. 

DG: But you mentioned that some Omega brains went farther.  What was their communication system?

FS: Hyperdimensional beings used a 5G system could send messages to the brain and but was also hyperdimensional and could transcend time as well as space.  With a 5G system, you could send mental messages to the past and future.

DG: How is hyperdimensional communication different from hyperdimensional consciousness?

FS: A lot more post baselines had hyperdimensional communication systems than hyperdimensional consciousness.  A hyperdimensional communication device required a lot less developed technology than actually creating a brain that operated at this level.  The Dolphins had long ago created a 5G system, which was bio-engineered to be an organic part of their body but still wasn’t part of their brain per se. 

DG: So where was it?

FS: A 5G system was housed in their dorsal fin that acted as a type of hyperdimensional antennae.  There were many advantages to sending mental messages to the past.  You had a potential sixth sense.  When you encountered a dangerous situation then you could send a message to yourself in the past and avoid the situation altogether, which was what Dolphins did on a regular basis. 

DG: So 5G communication was the top of the line?

FS: No, A 6G system allowed communication in the entrophic dimension.  Only the Omegas, a few post baselines and God had a 6G system.

DG: What’s the entrophic dimension?

FS: Levels of consciousness.  An Omega could communicate to sentient beings that had more complex or less complex consciousness.  An Omega with a 6G system could communicate to bacteria, insects, plants, animals, baselines, other Omegas and God with equal facility. 

DG: So what do you do with this system?

FS: You could use a 6G system to convince cancer cells to behave and thus cure cancer.  This 6G system would only work if you knew how to reason with a cancer cell.  You could also make direct appeals to God and have miracles occur.  Again the system would only work if you knew how to reason with God.  A 6G system was only the medium not the message. 

DG: What was the message?

FS: The message was less important than how you presented the message.  Persuasion would still be a function of your own ability.  Persuasive 6G beings were the ones who got things done in this universe.  On the other hand, any being that had a 6G system also probably had taken a class or two in entrophic rhetoric. 

DG: Entrophic rhetoric?

FS: Entrophic rhetoric was the art of persuading beings of differing levels of consciousness.  A 6G system would be a disaster in the hands of an unsophisticated being.  Let’s just say you got a disease.  A standard 6G trick is to talk to the microbes causing the disease and convince them to vacate the premises.  This is the basis of faith healing.  On the other hand, you might talk to the microbes and just really piss them off and make the disease much worse. 

DG: So how do you talk to microbes?

FS: The key to talking with microbes is to totally avoid logic, not the strong suit of microbes, but play on their sympathy.  Pure emotion was the way to go with microbes. 

DG: Microbes are mindless and can’t talk!

FS: Some microbes are mindless and respond to the tone of your voice and not the content but bacteria are quite logical.  Individual bacteria are mindless but they can form a quorum and form a group mind that can talk.  Bacteria use a chemical known as an autoinducer that allowed the bacteria to sense when there are enough of them to create a group mind.  Some bacteria have more complex and intelligent group minds than others do and this is a large part of their virulence. 

DG: Virulence is related to the intelligence of bacteria?

FS: Sure Bacteria with superior group minds are more virulent than bacteria with smaller group minds.  Ironically, it’s easier to talk to bacteria with superior group minds.  You can talk to the bacteria directly or you can pray to God and hope he transfers your call to the bacteria.  Bacteria and God have a pretty tight relationship since disease is one of the major factors behind technological progress among baselines. Disease is the mother of many inventions.

DG: So I pray to God and hope he talks the bacteria?

FS: God is pretty busy so you might want to go for contacting an Omega.

DG: The way you describe it, the Omegas sound like angels.  You mentioned talking to God.

FS: There are strict protocols that governed calls to God.  God has been known to severely punish callers that were unaware of the protocols surrounding a phone call to God.  The fact you didn’t know the protocols in the first place was no excuse.  Under no circumstances did you want to dial a crank call to God. 

DG: I’ll try to remember that. So are there any examples of screwed up 6G calls?

5.04 The 666 Phone Call

Dr. Delta: This meme is not virulent.  The memes infection level is very high (4.2)This meme shows the typical virulence to infectiousness ratio of any joke.  Jokes are very infectious but not virulent well maybe except to the butt of the joke.

FS: Yes, the number 666 had two meanings that have been totally misinterpreted by Sloppy Squares.  The first significance was related to a hyperdimensional call.  The number 66 was shorthand for a two-person 6G call.  The number 666 was short for a three-party 6G call.  Three way 6G calls could be problematic. 

DG: Why?

FS: Suppose a fungus in the past was talking with an Omega in the future and was interrupted by a dolphin in the present. 

DG: This is an insane proposition but I suppose the call would be pretty complicated.

FS: Sure, you got the whole space-time continuum thing working against you.  Toss in miscommunication problems that always crop up between beings with differing levels of consciousness and you were just asking for trouble.  Was the dolphin talking or the fungus?  Are you in the future or the past?  The dolphin is telling the fungus, “Talk louder I couldn’t hear you past all the hyperdimensional static”, and so forth and so forth.  You got all kinds of confusion with 666 calls. 

DG: Go on.

FS: One 666 call between a Rabbi, some airborne bacteria and an Omega, stop me if you’ve heard this one, was responsible for the flooding of the Earth, and the near destruction of all life, a few thousand years ago and this was unfortunate.  I don’t have all the details but the confusion had something to do with getting the word “blood” mixed up with “flood”. 

DG: Well I suppose the two words do sound similar.

FS: Airborne bacteria were supposed to rain some blood on some guys that were pushing an anti-science version of Judaism but the bacteria thought the Omega said flood and they did their duty and started a giant flood.  This phone call led to the great flood that almost destroyed the Squares and forced them to join Homo sapien tribes. 

DG: Even if you accept the similar sounds of the two words.  Blood and flood are totally different phenomena.

FS: Bacteria are pretty literal.  666 calls were not recommended but there was nothing inherently sinister about such phone calls, as the Bible would suggest.

DG: Aside from the fact that Biblical figures would have been talking in Aramaic rather than English, how can you expect me to believe that 666 has to do with a conference call?

FS: The words for blood and flood are easily mixed up in Aramaic as well as English but believe what you want.  The number 666 had another significance as well but I would like to stick to the subject at hand. 

DG: So besides starting floods what else do you do with 6G systems?

FS: 6G systems come with different ranges and options.  Some 6G systems let you communicate a few days into the future and past. 

DG: And a top of the line system?

FS: A top of the line system could communicate across all of eternity, from the beginning of the Big Bang to the end of the Big Bang cycle when the universe collapses into a singularity.  A medium system could let you talk with life forms similar to yourself.  A top of the line system means you could communicate with anything that has consciousness. 

DG: Sounds like a phone plan.

FS: Exactly, some 6G systems had the equivalent of caller ID that means you could figure out who was calling you without being told by the caller. 

DG: I suppose 6G systems had an answering machine option.

FS: When you are right your right.  Most calls to God actually got his machine rather than God.  God uses his answering machine to screen calls.  God was omnipotent and all that but he gets a lot of calls.  This explains why you got a pretty standard answer to most of your prayers. 

DG: 6G systems are machines?

FS: Yes, but most 6G systems were bio-engineered and implanted directly into the Omega brain of the recipient. 

DG: So regular humans can’t make 6G calls.

FS: Consciousness is a hyperdimensional phenomena anyway and even a person without a 6G system might accidentally tune into a call between two 6G beings. 

DG: For example?

FS: Edgar Cayce could talk with a very lonely Omega despite never having had a 6G system installed. 

DG: Any other historical examples?

FS: Joan of Arc was getting messages from two Omegas that were playing their equivalent of chess using a long distance connection from different parts of the universe.  Watching the Omegas play chess can teach you a lot of militar strategy! 

DG: Any other examples?

FS: Most visions of God surrounded by Angels were actually a bad connection to a conference call between God and the Omegas.  The phone quality of a 6G message picked up without a 6G system was pretty poor.  As the Fourth Universal Law of Technology clearly states, “When it comes to technology, you got what you pay for”.

DG: So you had some advanced generation system that let you communicate with the Omegas?

FS: Yes, like many Half Squares have had in the past.  Jesus seemed to have some type of natural, built in, 5G system.  Jesus had been able to use his 5G system to communicate with the Omegas and occasionally God, but actually he usually got God’s machine without realizing the fact. 

DG: How could Jesus be oblivious to this?

FS: God’s machine has super advanced AI features and therefore is not all that bad as machines go.

DG: Can you talk with God now?

FS: I have been trying but have had no success.  I took the body of my double but he doesn’t have a Half Square brain. 

DG: So you have the right body but wrong brain.

FS: Well as the Twelfth Universal Law of Technology clearly states, just as you need the right tool for the right job,  “You also need the right brain for the right tool.”  You can give a chimp a computer but you can’t make him type.

DG: Do you believe in God?

FS: I don’t believe in God.  I know God. 

DG: So according to you, what is God like?

FS: God is complicated.

DG: So are you?

FS: Thanks I guess, God like any being has evolved over the years.  You never know which God you are going to meet.  You might meet baby God, teenage God, middle aged God or old man God.  God is always all knowing and all-powerful but his view of the universe changes over the billions of years.

DG: What are these different Gods like?

5.05 Baby God

Doctor Delta: The virulence level of this meme and the following God memes is very low (0.2).  The meme is slightly infectious (2.2).  This meme may cause mutation of theistic memes in the host.

FS: When the universe began, God was a baby.  God was an omnipotent baby, but a baby nevertheless.  Try to imagine someone that knows everything but just doesn’t care despite all this knowledge.  Baby God is full of life and energy.  Baby God wandered around all over the place just looking for fun and excitement. 

DG: What sort of excitement?

FS: Baby God is generous and open to a fault.  You want gold then you will get the golden touch like Midas.  Baby God does everything to an extreme.  If you meet Baby God during one of his trips to the future then you better be careful. 

DG: Why?

FS: Baby God wants to have a blast and doesn’t care if a planet or two gets blown up in the process.  Most of your pantheistic religions are based on meeting Baby God.  Baby god tends to like to watch God’s equivalent of ants and created the six cages of hell.

DG: Or early civilizations had ideas of God that paralleled their level of cultural development.


Teenage God

FS: About 10 billion years after the Big Bang God becomes a teenager.  Teenage God is pretty idealistic and wants to make the universe a better place.  Teenage God is a lot like baby God but more focused on making the world a better place and not just having a blast.  Of course teenagers also want to have fun and Teenage God is no exception.

DG: Any examples?

FS: Jesus was in contact with Teenage God.  About twenty billion years after the Big Bang God is middle aged and pretty mellow.  God has kind of a let and let live attitude.

5.07 Middle-aged God

DG: So how does God handle his mid-life crisis?

FS:  Mid-life challenge not mid-life crisis. Middle-aged God just lets the universe he created run itself.  God agrees with Newton that he is a watchmaker and lets the watch run its course.  Middle age God won’t give you much in the way of presents and/or miracles but he has some pretty good advice and is worth listening too.  Middle-Aged God believes in reform rather than punishment and is responsible for 99.9% of all recycling done by God.  Middle-Aged God is also responsible for the hellish environment hell.

DG: And old man God?

5.08 Old Man God

FS: Finally, about 30 billion years after the Big Bang you get Old Man God.  God gets really crotchety in his old age.  God is an old man and realizes that all his plans aren’t going to turn out quite the way he wanted them to.  Old Man God is a pretty fearsome being and if you meet him while he is traveling in the past i.e. our present then mind your manners. 

DG: You mentioned something about old man God and hell.

FS: Yes, Old Man God believes in hell rather than recycling.  Old Man God is also more upset when he gives a baseline a gift and the gift is misused.  Old Man God created the six pits of hell.  The pits are also nastier than the cages since you can learn to just stay still and do you time in the cages but the animals in the pits just won’t let you do that.

DG: Okay, this is the big problem I have with God and hell and all this stuff.  You have the pits filled with scorpions and eagles and what not but this is a God for the whole universe not just Earth.  Why would God use scorpions that are probably only found on Earth?

FS: Old man God uses whatever animals are considered particularly nasty by the baselines of that planet. 

DG: And the cages?

FS: The cages are made up of whatever materials that are nasty for that particular baseline.  The environments are also fine-tuned for the particular baseline.  Some silicone-based baselines might consider a desert a paradise.  You are right God only uses scorpions, eagles, etc, with Earthlings. 

DG: You’ve got an Old Testament version of God and a New Testament version of God.  What version is old man God?

FS: Old Man God is better known as Jehovah and is described in the Old Testament.  Between 30-40 billion years after the Big Bang, the universe starts to contract and finally becomes a singularity and then goes bang all over again.  This contraction of old man God’s body, since the universe is God, may explain the sour attitude of Old Man God.  Getting smaller is no fun even if you are God.

DG: I think sociology provides a better explanation.  The idea of God evolves as culture evolves.  God doesn’t care about us?

FS: Sure he does!  God is always telling the Omegas, “For lack of a baseline there was no post baseline civilization.  For lack of a post baseline civilization there was no God.  For lack of a God there were no Omegas.  So get off your lazy android butts and get back to work!”

DG: This saying sounds familiar.

FS: Who knows?  There are of course the Pre-God universes.

5.09 Pre-God Universes

DG: Pre-God universes?

FS: Gravity is the key to life and God.  If gravity is a quadrillionth stronger or weaker than the gravity of this universe then there is no life, no baselines, post baselines and ultimately no God.

DG: Why is the strength of gravity so important?

FS:  If gravity is too strong then the stars burn out one year after the Big Bang and no life is formed.  If gravity is too weak then you get runny soup of stellar protoplasm and no life is formed. 

DG: So most universes don’t evolve life?

FS: Absolutely, there were billions upon billions of universes before this one that had the wrong gravity, no life and therefore no God evolved.  Finally, through random chance, a universe with just the right gravity showed up and God was born. 

DG: And what is God’s role in all this?

FS: God makes sure that gravity is just right in all future Big Bangs.  Actually, God’s number one mission is making sure gravity is just right for the next Big Bang. 

DG: And the Omegas help God with this mission.

FS: The Omegas are God’s representatives with the post baselines rather than God.  God has the Omegas contract post baselines to move stars around to make sure the gravity mix is just right for the next Big Bang.  A pretty standard post baseline contract with God is an agreement to move X number of stars around for a specific favor.  Even among post baselines there are some post baselines that are a little more super. 

DG: How so?

FS: Just about any post baseline civilization can move a star around but moving black holes is a lot trickier and less than one in a thousand post baseline civilizations can do this. 

DG: Why are black holes important?

FS: Black holes are a much more efficient cosmic density management tool than a star and God generally gives precedence to favors asked by post baselines that can move black holes around.  Most black holes are used in pairs to form a wormhole so those thousands of stars can be moved from one end of the universe to the other end of the universe and this was a cause of jealousy. 

DG: Jealousy?

FS: Pretty much all post baseline civilizations that could create black holes were uploaded post baseline civilizations.  This meant God favored the uploaded post baselines to a greater extent and this caused the downloaded post baselines to be jealous of the uploaded guys.

DG: But of course like most of your ideas there is no way to prove this one way or another.

FS: The fact is that 95% of the matter of the universe is dark matter.  The reason for this is that most of the universe consists of wormholes that God and the post baselines use for cosmic density management. 

DG: But according to you God is the sixth dimension and one million times smarter than we are, what does he need post baselines for?

FS: There are about a 1,000 billion galaxies in the universe, God is a million times smarter than baselines but having to move billions of stars and get the calculations right to the quadrillionth place is a tough job even for God.  God spends about 99.999% of his time and energy on the gravity mix problem.  Post baseline help is appreciated.

DG: Where does that leave baselines?

FS: Pretty much out in the cold.  Baselines don’t have the technology to even move planets around much less stars and black holes and this is the main reason baselines generally get his machine when they call him. 

DG: So God’s grace is reserved for post baselines and not normal human beings?

FS: God generally only grants favors to baselines if he thinks this favor will lead them to evolve into post baselines that can help him move stars and/or black holes down the road.  This is why your prayers to God are almost always ignored.  Sure you get his machine and his machine has AI features so you get some good advice but you will almost never get more than advice from God.

DG: So you don’t think God is so mysterious after all.

FS: The ways of God are not so much mysterious as big and long range.

DG: So your cosmology is basically a developmental model of God including Pre-God, baby God, teenage God, Middle-age God and old man God?

5.10 Anti-God

Doctor Delta: This is the most dangerous meme in the transcript.  The virulence level is very dangerous (6.45).  The meme is also highly contagious (7.4).  The reader may consider not reading this section of the transcript.  Follow memetic infection countermeasures immediately after reading this session.  Infected hosts fall into a nihilistic depression and require immediate treatment or the condition will become permanent.

FS: Yeah, the life stages of God are the big determinant of the overall pattern of the universe and have a direct impact on the macrostructure of the universe.  The fusion of cosmology and theology is an understanding of the life stages of God but you left out the Anti-God.

DG: The Anti-God?

FS: Sure, each new Big Bang tends to create a duplicate of the last universe but randomness enters into every system and the duplicate is just a little bit different than the last universe.  This is because nothing is certain.

DG: That’s for sure.

FS: I don’t mean this as some sort of saying but that literally nothing is certain.  A fundamental property of being is uncertainty. 

DG: Huh?

FS: This is the materialistic basis of the existential statement that existence precedes essence.  The only way you get certainty is to stick with nothingness.  Each time the universe is reborn there is a chance that a slightly different God will be reborn that just isn’t into the whole cosmic density management mission. 

DG: So you think this can happen?

FS: God like every being generally wants to survive and have progeny.  In the case of God having progeny means taking on the whole cosmic density management mission and making sure there is a duplicate of him in the next universe but there might be God that doesn’t want to have progeny and just wants to have fun. 

DG: A slacker God.

FS: Right but a lazy God that doesn’t want progeny isn’t so bad since after billions and billions of Big Bangs life will emerge again randomly and the process will start all over again.  What you need to watch out for is an Anti-God. 

DG: Anti-God?  Sounds heavy.  What does this Anti-God do?

FS: It is heavy.  The Anti-God decides its just time to end the whole Big Bang nonsense and use cosmic density management to make sure there are no more Big Bangs or being of any sort and just end the whole thing i.e. follow the credo “nothing is certain” to it’s logical extreme. 

DG: Literally cosmic suicide.

FS: Right, Old man God invariably has these suicidal thoughts as his body i.e. the universe starts to contract during the last 10 billion years of the universe but generally dismisses such thoughts.

DG: So the universe will ultimately end?

FS: Maybe, but since God is a survivor and this is sort of the essence of the personality of God, the emergence of the Anti-God is very unlikely.  Unfortunately, it takes billions upon billions of Gods to keep the living universe going.  It only takes one Anti-God to stop the whole show. 

DG: Sounds terrible.

FS: Not as terrible as the billions of generations it took to maintain life on my Earth but it just took one dumb generation to destroy life on my Earth. 

DG: Are you sure that you are not just projecting your fear of nuclear war unto the larger universe.

FS: Or maybe the more hopeful views of the universe are a projection of wishful thinking unto a larger universe. 

DG: Still you think the Anti-God is unlikely.

FS: The emergence of an Anti-God is probably the least likely event of all possible events in the universe but this event is not impossible. 

DG: But of course this cosmological stuff doesn’t have much to do with your personal situation and is in fact an escape mechanism on your part.

FS: Mere baselines, of course, can’t tell if there is a God or Anti-God running the show during any particular universe’s existence so my advice is live life like this is the last Big Bang.  Go for the gusto!

DG: Why doesn’t God go into the future and talk to this Anti-God?

FS: All God’s time travel is limited to travel within his particular Big Bang cycle.  God does not travel to Pre-God Big Bangs, Anti-God Big Bangs or any other Big Bang cycles for that matter.  God created a sixth dimension that encompasses all the space and time of this Big Bang cycle. The sixth dimension is the key to all his power.  This sixth dimension does not encompass prior and past Big Bang cycles.  Strangely, God as a sixth dimensional being cannot travel to other Big Bang cycles.  God would have to dump the sixth dimension to do this and wouldn’t be God so what’s the point.

DG: So God cannot affect other Big Bang cycles?

FS: No, God can send lower beings to other Big Bang cycles but this is rarely done. 

DG: Why?

FS: God respects the sovereignty of other Big Bang cycle Gods.  God has all the memories of the Gods of prior Big Bang cycles and in some ways is them.  You could say God is recycled every Big Bang cycle through his own devices.  This is one of the meanings of the “I am the Alpha and Omega” phrase.  God has self-respect and therefore respects the right of prior and post Gods to do their own thing in their own way. 

DG: How so?

5.11 Square Earth Law

Doctor Delta: The meme is difficult to measure.

FS: God wouldn’t want past and future Gods messing with his business so no way is he messing with their business.  God reasons that if some God down the road wants to end it all well then he must have his reasons.  This is also the basis of the Square Earth Law. 

DG: Why do you think this?

FS: God doesn’t mind beings from his universe time traveling within his universe but when you start messing with some other God’s backyard, well then you are showing a lack of respect for one of his kin and that won’t do. 

DG: So why would God send a messenger to another Big Bang cycle?

FS: He might send some fool with advice to the next Big Bang cycle.  Old man God in particular gets this urge.

DG: Well fool or not, being a messenger between two Gods would be quite incredible.

FS: Yeah except the messenger generally would not even be aware of his true purpose but have the message encoded in his software.  Despite advice from prior Gods, in the final analysis, each Big Bang God had total sovereignty over their particular universe. 

DG: Was this the only reason God sent messengers were sent from one Big Bang cycle to another?

FS: The Omegas did mention that the God of a prior Big Bang might tell the fortune of the God of the next Big Bang cycle when something very special was going to happen in the next Big Bang cycle.

DG: So does God use cards or a crystal ball to tell fortunes?

FS: Nothing so mundane.  God used the very fabric of reality to tell fortunes.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: The Anti-God is a combination of ultimate father figure and shadow.  The shadow consists of all those qualities that the consciousness cannot accept about itself i.e. negative qualities such as laziness and selfishness.  The patient has created an Anti-God that is lazy and selfish and therefore allows the patient to rationalize his own laziness and selfishness.  The patient has no progeny and the Anti-God is the ultimate symbol of a rejection of progeny.  The patient can use the Anti-God as further rationalization of his own behavior in the face of social pressure to have progeny. 


The patient is resolving his own conflicts with his father through use of the Anti-God but has picked a particularly powerful symbol of a universal archetype to do this. 


The Anti-God fantasy of the patient has been a key source of metapsychological infection.  All three prior therapists of the patient have become obsessed with the Anti-God concept and one of the therapists went on to start an Anti-God cult.  Dr. Delta and I think the Anti-God fantasy is infectious but not virulent.  Virulence is a measure of the destructiveness of a meme.


Before Dr. Arrow disappeared, he had suggested that the Anti-God concept is virulent and should be contained via the most extreme Atlanta Disease Control protocols that, with United Nations and World Court Approval, void all current international human rights agreements.  There is a formal process for declaring a patient virulent but I hesitate to do this since extreme sanctions follow such a declaration.  Fortunately, the disappearance of Dr. Arrow puts a halt to any virulent classification process and allows me to continue my therapy in peace.

DG: Let’s just skip the whole Anti-God topic.  You mentioned post baselines and the Omegas.  What’s the difference?

FS: Baselines can’t tell an Omega from a post baseline but they are different.

DG: How so?

FS: There are a lot of differences but the main difference is economic.  The Omegas serve God directly and are salaried employees.  Post baselines serve God on a contractual basis.  Omegas don’t have free will and post baselines do but this is a pretty secondary issue. 

DG: Sorry I asked and the eternal struggle between good and evil?

FS: The Omegas explained that there was an eternal struggle but not between heaven and hell but an interstellar memetic war being waged by post baselines and had very little to do with God. 

DG: Once again you are projecting.  Memetic warfare occurs on your constructed Earth because weapons of mass destruction or rather WMD’s make physical warfare impossible.  Are their post baseline WMD’s that prevent war between them?

FS: Absolutely not and actually quite the opposite.  Einstein was right and faster than light space travel is impossible.  Actually faster than light action would be more correct and this only applies to the causal level.  On the other hand existential technology transcends causal technology and allows for faster than light communication.  You can think of existential communication technology as a type of telepathy that involves principles of quantum mechanics that would drive a baseline insane if they tried to understand the principles behind it.

DG: So you have this situation were everybody in the universe can talk with everyone else but invasion and trade are out of the question.

FS: Right, the only war you can wage is a war of words but when you’re a post baseline then words can be pretty powerful weapons.  What do you think the single biggest problem if you are a post baseline?

DG: I don’t know.

FS: Boredom, the Omegas told me that since post baselines are practically immortal that you get pretty bored after the first ten millennia or so. 

DG: Yeah, I imagine this is the down side to immortality.  So how did the post baselines handle this problem?

FS: The number one solution to the boredom problem is better interstellar TV.  Post baselines love their interstellar TV and will do just about anything to get more and better programming.  Even Earth’s early TV shows will eventually get to the post baselines despite our lack of existential technology.  Post baselines are immortal and think long term.

DG: And the war?

FS: The post baselines are broken down into two camps with two approaches to how the boredom problem should be solved.  First both camps agree that intelligent life everywhere should be encouraged to evolve technologically so that they will be able to ultimately beam original TV programming into the great void. 

DG: Not exactly a Star Wars/Star Trek kind of universe.

FS: The Star Wars/Star Trek view of the universe is based on the idea that humans can somehow conquer the great distances of space with the mind/body hardware they now have. 

DG: Why can’t this happen?

FS: Aside from the speed of light limit, baseline mind/body systems have evolved for survival on a planet and not for creating a galactic civilization.  Baselines can handle the colonization and exploration of a solar system but if you want to go into interstellar space then you need to evolve into a post baseline.

DG: But even post baselines can’t touch us.

FS: Exactly, so there is only an upside to getting the info out there.  Helping intelligent species evolve technologically is done by beaming technological information into the void.  The post baselines hope that autonomous information processing systems, i.e. intelligent life, that all have certain commonalties, will receive the messages, be given a survival advantage with this information, and ultimately evolve into advanced technological societies that can send their own programs into the void and thus enrich interstellar TV. 

DG: So what kind of programs do post baselines like?

FS: Some of the post baselines like their TV down and dirty.  They love trashy TV.  They therefore include a lot of subliminal messages buried in the technological message that will encourage the intelligent beings to have similar programming tastes.  The fans of trashy TV might be thought of as the devils. 

DG: Which post baselines are the devils?

FS: Generally, the downloaded post baselines like trashy TV. 

DG: And the post baselines don’t like trashy TV?

FS: The uploaded post baselines like more tasteful and artistic shows and want us to evolve along their aesthetic lines.  These are the so-called forces of good.  The uploaded post baselines tend to like high brow TV.  Both groups of post baselines hope that baselines will get their messages and their tastes and take over their respective societies and ultimately beam their kind of TV into the void.  This is in fact what has happened on Earth.  Hollywood is the unwitting pawn of post baselines that likes trashy TV. 

DG: And based on this assumption, the educational TV stations BBC of Great Britain and PBS of the US are working for uploaded post baselines.

FS: Exactly, the struggle between good and evil is fundamentally a dispute between post baselines about programming content.

DG: I had always suspected that something like this was true.  Can all baselines receive these transmissions?

FS: Yes but to differing degrees.  The reason the Sloppy Squares beat the Neanderthals is because they evolved superior reception abilities that translated into greater creativity, which in turn gave them a survival advantage. 

DG: If this was such a clear-cut survival advantage then why wouldn’t all baselines have this ability?

FS: The ability to receive interstellar messages is not always a clear-cut survival advantage and this mutation does not always take right away.  Nevertheless, there are billions and billions of worlds with some sort of intelligent life and if even .0001 evolve TV broadcast abilities then that’s a lot of TV for post baselines down the road.

DG: Is all the information of a programming nature?

FS: No a lot of the information is technological in order to give baselines the technological base to beam the TV in the first place. 

DG: So why don’t we just grab all this information from the ether and by pass stupid stuff like experiments and R&D?

FS: Unfortunately, just receiving messages isn’t enough since you do need some technical background to understand the message. 

DG: And if you don’t have the technological background to understand the message?

FS: Myths are attempts by pre-technological societies to understand technological information being beamed at them.  The baselines get the virtual interactive blueprints of a submarine and think of it as a dragon.  Some Greek guy got the blueprints of a plane and came up with the myth of Icarus.

DG: What technological information can you understand?

FS: You can understand technological information that is more in less in your proximal range of discovery.  An early hominid can understand a telepathic transmission about using a stick as a club but gets the instructions for an antimatter fusion generator all screwed up.  Plato got a transmission about post baseline guardians and got it all wrong.

DG: The guardians were some sort of caste in Plato’s society that ran the society.  They were supposed to be raised in some sort of special manner to be good guardians.  So what is a post baseline guardian?

FS: The downloaded post baselines often used robots for police functions since they were more likely to enforce the law without bias.

DG: Kind of like the robot in The Day the Earth Stood Still.

FS: Exactly and the uploaded post baselines used autonomous computer programs for law enforcement purposes.  Actually post baselines saw most social problems more like we look at computer operating systems.  Society was a system and you needed system tools to run the system and robots and computer programs were logical tools for enforcement of the law.  Guardians could never be baselines of course since baselines are too easily corrupted no matter how they are raised.

DG: The whole “who watches the watchers” thing but I don’t think I would want a computer running my life.

FS: Computers already run your life and will do so to a greater and greater extent in the future.  My own Earth was basically destroyed by a computer glitch and I think the same thing is going to happen on this Earth down the road.  The choice is not between having your life run or not run by computers.  The choice is between well-designed or badly designed programs.

DG: For a janitor you know an awful lot about Plato.

FS: Well super learning drugs made it pretty easy to learn stuff on my world and the general level of common knowledge was much higher on my world due to this fact.  Most of all Plato totally misunderstood the computer program of the post baselines he was plugged into to.

DG: How so?

FS: Programs form a pyramid from more general programs to more specific programs.  For example, Some programs are programs that handle other programs.  Some programs have very, very specific applications.  Plato plugged into a post baseline virtual reality computer system that responded directly to thought and traveled up and down the programming pyramid of this virtual reality.  Plato then used this experience to create a theory of forms in which concrete examples of beauty such as a beautiful girl are reflections of the form “beauty”. 

DG: What are the forms again?

FS: The forms are supposed to be eternal, unchanging universals that are more real than particulars. 

DG: Yeah, the whole universals versus particulars thing.  Like what is “redness” above and beyond a particular red thing like a red apple?  So what does this have to do with your super aliens?

FS: Plato perceived program archetypes that post baselines use to organize their virtual worlds more efficiently.  For example, a beauty archetype program was used routinely to make any object in the program more or less beautiful using general guidelines of symmetry as well as other aesthetic guidelines.  So for example a post baseline could think, “Make that waterfall more beautiful”, and the virtual reality environment would be able to do this using the beauty program.

DG: Huh?  Never mind. I don’t recall getting any of these transmissions.

FS: Most transmission are received while you are asleep in the form of dreams and this is why post baselines indirectly invented sleep in the first place.  Being unconscious half the day has no survival advantage whatsoever and the fact that most biologists on Earth never figured this out is quite incredible.

DG: Post baselines invented sleep?

FS: In a manner of speaking, but more about that later, telepathic transmission conditions were especially good about 2,000 years ago when Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu and countless others were able to get a pretty clear signal from the post baselines.

DG: On your Earth?

FS: Both Earth’s, reception is also problematic.  The post baselines are beaming away on a broad band designed to work with any intelligent species and not just Homo sapiens.  Invariably some members of the intelligent species will get better reception that others but again this is not always a good thing. 

DG: Why not?

FS: If a baseline is too receptive then you tune into too many channels at the same time and have schizophrenia.  You have to be able to receive but also be able to tune into channels with some control.  This is why the line between genius and madness is a thin one.  You want to be telepathic but not too telepathic.

DG: Creativity is a function of post baseline telepathy?

FS: Right and I will give you an example.  One of the greatest post baseline telepaths of both our Earths, called Hoyle had received an interesting theory of time from the post baselines.  Hoyle thought that all that has been and will be coexist in time-space.  What moves is our perception and not time and he is right.

DG: I am totally lost.

FS: Let me try to explain, post baselines can’t move their bodies through space and time faster than the speed of light physically but their awareness can move through space and time faster than the speed of light. 

DG: Why can awareness move faster than the speed of light?

FS: That is because fundamental consciousness is something outside of the space-time continuum altogether.  That is why you have this feeling that you are looking at the world from the outside.  You basically are outside the space-time continuum.  On the other hand pure consciousness is just a sense of being and can’t manipulate matter, energy, space and time and frankly pure consciousness has no desire to do anything anyway. 

DG: So why do we have desire?

FS: To interact with the space-time continuum you need a brain and a body.  A brain is basically an instrument that allows consciousness to interact with the space-time continuum.  Baseline brains have as their main function focusing awareness. 

DG: Focusing awareness?

FS: The body occupies a particular space-time point and a brain that allows consciousness to stray too far from that space-time point will cause the death of the body and the brain.  Baseline mind/body systems are geared towards immediate survival.  Post baseline brains have as their main function keeping the awareness focused but also have the bioengineered ability to move consciousness around.

DG: If post baselines can only move their consciousness around the universe then how did they invent sleep?

FS: Super hypnosis, the post baselines can communicate a shut down command that is kind of like the hypnotist telling you that you are sleepy.  Beings that obey the post baseline command have a huge survival advantage since they get all this great information from the post baselines while they sleep.  Eventually this sleep tendency evolves and sleep is hardwired into the species.  There is reason Einstein slept twelve hours a night on a regular basis.

DG: Let’s forget about sleep.  Do post baselines have other powers?

FS: Post baselines are powerful but not all-powerful.  Basic laws of the universe put some limits on their ability to operate.  Post baselines have transcended one basic barrier: biological mortality.  Post baselines operate on a geological time scale. 

DG: Geological time scale?

FS: They exist either in or out a network for thousands of years versus our mere sixty something. 

DG: So the post baselines have no physical contact with mere mortals?

FS: Not exactly, post baselines are immortal so they can send out robotic space probes that can mutate existing gene structures and not worry about our biological time constraints.  These robotic space probes go pretty fast but not faster than the speed of light. 

DG: Why do the post baselines even bother?


DG: How do the post baselines know TV will be created?

FS: Post baselines will never meet the life they create directly but they have a pretty good idea how they will evolve due to advanced existential technology.  It takes millions of years for post baseline robot probes to seed the universe with life but post baselines are patient since they are immortal.  Post baselines can’t get past the speed of light barrier but they have transcended the barrier of mortality, which has certain advantages. 

DG: So how do post baselines supposedly seed the universe with life?

FS: Post baselines generally use meteors to seed the universe with life.  Hoyle had received this information as well from the post baselines.

DG: Why would Hoyle be so lucky and get two great messages.

FS: If you are good at getting one message then you are receptive in general.  This is the part of the key to genius.

DG: Post baselines communicate with baselines but what about God?

FS: The post baselines have figured out that the universe is in fact one giant single integrated organism and is what baselines call God.  God is everywhere so the speed of light limit doesn’t apply to him.  Post baselines have ways of communicating with God but he is as above them as they are above us and they don’t want to overdo it. 

DG: Why?

FS: I asked the Omegas how smart God was.  The Omegas told me that God is pretty smart and gave me a way to try to imagine how smart God was.  Imagine how much more intelligent you are than an ant.  Pretend that a baseline is about a thousand times more intelligent than an ant.  Post baselines are about one thousand times more intelligent than we are.  We are like ants relative to post baselines.  God is one thousand times more intelligent than the post baselines.  This means that God is a million times more intelligent than mere baselines.  You know what happens to bugs that bug humans.  Something big has to be going on before post baselines bug God.  

DG: Besides being a million times less intelligent than God, what critical element do baselines lack compared with these super beings you are describing?

FS: Baselines can do a lot with causal technology but are basically limited by their mind/body hardware.  Baselines can master symbols and logic.  On the other hand, existential technology that leads to some mastery of the social sciences can only be done with an improved brain capacity and requires some development of an awareness science i.e. you need heightened empathy not just better symbols. 

DG: How so?

FS: Empathy is more than just reading non-verbal cues but involves being able to move your awareness through space and time.  An external viewpoint will only go so far with social phenomena.  Baselines only can handle four-dimensional problems through direct perception and these are part-to-part problems.  You have to become one with the phenomena to really get good at explaining and predicting social phenomena.  This is what clairvoyant’s do but they have limited mind/body hardware.  You can think of the existential sciences as the yoga of post baselines in the fifth dimension.  Finally, there is synchronal technology that is even beyond existential technology.

DG: Synchronal what?

FS: Synchronal phenomena operates in the sixth dimension and can only be truly understood if you understand the basic premise that the universe is God but this understanding has to be achieved with advanced existential technology.  Even post baselines with their Omega brains can’t totally understand synchronal technology. 

DG: Why not?

FS: The only being that can really understand synchronal phenomena is the universe itself as a unified whole i.e. God.  Post baselines can only get things going at the synchronal level by an appeal to God but their existential technology makes such appeals more likely to happen than them than for baselines using mere yoga and/or prayer.  God operates directly on the universe on a whole-to-whole level.

DG: This is totally confusing.

FS: Tell me about it.  In conclusion, the universe has three levels of beings that are hardware dependent and can be defined both by their hardware and the operational upper limit of their hardware.  The first level is beings that are mortal i.e. baselines.  Baselines can push the limits of the genetic hardware they were born with but haven’t begun to change the hardware itself.  Baselines have a pretty good understanding of how to manipulate the universe using symbols and logic as a tool but can only go so far this route.

DG: What do you mean?

FS: This leads to severe limitations of mortality and consciousness.  As mentioned, at some point, some baseline species start figuring out how to use computer science and genetics to change their brains and bodies.  This leads to a period of incredible exponential growth and ultimately immortality.  These transformed baselines are post baselines.  Post baselines are still limited by the speed of light and can only effect change at extreme distances at the quantum level using existential technology.  Post baselines are heading towards omniscience but not omnipotence.  Still they live for an awful long time and can do things in a time frame that baselines can barely imagine.

DG: I for one can’t imagine.

FS: What baseline can?  Finally, the post baselines form communities that can communicate across vast light distances but can only effect significant changes in matter and energy in their solar system or have to send a robotic probe and wait thousands and even millions of years for something to be done. Since they can see in the future to a greater or lesser extent this is less of a problem than it would be for a baseline.  The post baselines can see the future and know that someday a bright post baseline philosopher will suggests that all post baselines become one in terms of awareness so that physical change can occur via will anywhere in the universe since they are the universe.  A community of enlightened post baselines will become the sixth dimension and God will be born.

DG: According to you, God is a vast community of post baselines in the future.

FS: Yes, since all space and time are ultimately coexistent in the sixth dimension: the God of the future is in the past and present. 

DG: Uh?

FS: Basically, God is the Alpha and the Omega.  However, God is limited by the uncertainty principle.  God’s very awareness of himself changes what is observed.  The only way God can stop himself from observing himself would be to stop existing which kind of defeats the whole purpose of being God.  This introduces an element of randomness to the whole historical process that leads to his being.  The origin of free will stems from a universal uncertainty principle that is created by God’s very existence and follows from God’s omnipotence.

DG: So, God’s power is limited by the uncertainty principle?

FS: Yes, this means the chances are a billion to one in God’s favor that the whole process will repeat itself and God will be reborn.  Still, God could not be truly omnipotent if God did not have the freedom to negate his own existence.  God is defined by his omnipotence.  A predestined God cannot be God.  God therefore interferes in human history with little things like a burning bush that post baselines can’t do or encourages post baselines to create a universal post baseline culture which post baselines can do.

DG: You mentioned the post baselines are reborn in copies of their bodies.  I guess humans can’t do this so death is permanent unless they are sent to hell?

FS: Not always, sometimes a baseline out there in the void has helped out the post baseline cause.  For some reason the baseline seems to be especially good at getting the post baseline message out there.  A lot of this post baseline message is what baselines would call philosophy but a lot of the message is science. 

DG: So scientists and philosophers are more likely to be reborn.

FS: Yes, baselines that spread the post baseline memes are a good thing as far as post baselines are concerned.  After all, there is no threat of invasion and a universe filled with post baselines helps combat the problem of boredom.  God also likes a baseline spreading the post baseline message because at some point this giant post baseline community becomes God but God almost never interferes and relies on the post baselines to do their job.

DG: So only some “baselines” live after death?

5.12 Recycling

Doctor Delta: The meme is highly infectious but not virulent.

FS: Post baselines often recycle baselines spreading the post baseline memes.  The post baselines are not trying to reward the baseline but are making efficient use of a planet’s resources.  Post baselines are big on recycling.  Why take chances?  The baseline was good at this message spreading job in his last lifetime, why not give him a second chance or even a third, fourth, whatever, chance?

DG: Do post baselines make baselines immortal the same way that they make themselves immortal?

FS: No, you can’t send the baseline a body with a copy of their brain because of that speed of light limit and besides this is unnecessary for the purposes of post baselines.  Post baselines do have an existential science of consciousness and they redirect the consciousness of the baseline upon death to another body with this science but there is a big hitch. 

DG: Aha!  You stated that post baselines can’t move their bodies faster than the speed of light so how can they be here to move our consciousness to another body?

FS: The post baselines move their awareness to where the baseline is and then guide the awareness of the baseline to the new body.  The baseline usually perceives the post baseline as a light; a tunnel, an angel or whatever they believe a guide should look like.  The post baselines can act as guides but have limited options.

DG: How so?

FS: The whole thing is jerry-rigged.  You dump consciousness minus the data that is stored in the brain into a new body.  Putting baseline consciousness into any “old” body you can find is kind of like loading a Mac OS system to an IBM hardware system but even worse since the systems are much more complex.  This is totally unlike recycling for supers alien themselves.

DG: Why is this so?

FS: Post baselines put their consciousness in bodies that have perfect copies of their last brain in their last body right down to the very last nanosecond of experience.  Dumping consciousness into any old body means that all data is lost but some memory does survive the experience.

DG: What memories?

FS: The recycled baseline only has one memory from their prior life and that is the actual recycling experience itself since that is an existential phenomena and is stored in consciousness itself rather than in the brain. 

DG: What does this mean exactly?

FS: The recycled baseline does have some vague concept that he has been around before and that spreading certain memes is vaguely tied up with his survival. 

DG: A sense of destiny.

FS: Right, this baseline has a very different motivational system than other baselines.  He/she likes money and sex but this spread the word thing is always there in the back of the recycled baseline’s consciousness. 

DG: So the post baselines want some baselines to know they have lived before?

FS: The post baselines might just be happy that there are some baselines motivated by something other than sex and money and might not even care about the embedding of the recycling experience into the consciousness of the baseline. 

DG: So the embedding is irrelevant?

FS: No, the embedding of the recycling experience into the consciousness of the baseline can have a dramatic effect on the baseline. 

DG: How so?

FS: Around middle age, the baseline starts to access the moving awareness trick since this is embedded into the baseline’s consciousness rather than the brain.  After being moved from one body to another a few more generations, you start to pick up the moving awareness trick earlier and earlier in life.  The more times you have been recycled the easier it is for you to move your awareness around the space-time continuum. 

DG: So getting recycled is good?

FS: Yes, generally around middle age the baseline starts figuring out how to access the old data from their last lifetime very dramatically.  Baselines tend to move their consciousness to those times and places that they lived before.  At first they think they are remembering past lives.  This is a totally incorrect perception since there is no brain to remember from.  The brain of the past lifetime is worm’s meat.  Many soon realize they are not remembering but are actually moving around the space-time continuum and revisiting old haunts.  There is an important distinction in a recycled baseline understanding.

DG: Why?

5.13 Astral Noise

Doctor Delta: The meme is not infectious and not virulent.

FS: If the baseline only thinks they are remembering then they have access to memories of past lives but that’s it.  If the baseline can figure out what is really going on then they can explore the whole universe. 

DG: So how many recyclings does this take?

FS: Usually, if you have been recycled 13 times or more then you can figure out what is really going on by your twenties.  This pretty much describes all the great spiritual leaders of Earth.  Very few baselines are in fact recycled and their consciousness degrades into the general astral noise that surrounds the universe.

DG: What about the hell you described and recycling?

FS: Post baselines are in charge of recycling within a planet. 

DG: And God’s role in recycling?

FS: God is in charge of recycling across the universe and the three realms.  Post baselines generally send you back to your own planet as a member of your own species. 

DG: And the role of Omegas in recycling?

FS: The Omegas act as intermediaries between God and post baselines in cases in which after life jurisdiction is unclear. 

DG: So is it better to be recycled by God or the post baselines.

FS: God might send you anywhere across the three realms of existence.  If you like seguridad go with post baseline recycling.  If you are a gambler then go with God but of course baselines have no choice in the matter whatsoever.

DG: So the universe is a lot more interconnected than we realize?

5.14 666 Degrees of Separation

Doctor Delta: The meme is infectious and not virulent.

FS: Yes, the other meaning of 666 was an expansion of the six degrees of separation theory to include the whole universe.  On Earth you might know a thousand people.  Each one of these people in turn knew a thousand people.  You were separated from knowing them by one degree of separation.  Mathematically at the sixth degree of separation everyone knows someone who knows someone else on the world.  What human baselines never thought about is that about .001 percent of the human race consists of recycled baselines that are in direct contact with post baselines. 

DG: So what?

FS: Every baseline race in the universe had a few recycled baselines in contact with post baselines in the mix.  Post baselines in turn are super social and know all the other post baselines.  Chances are you knew a recycled baseline that in turn knew a post baseline and that post baseline knew a whole bunch of other post baselines and those other post baselines had their own recycled baselines all over the universe.  A lot of these post baselines did 6G communications 24/7 and literally talked to thousands of beings, all over the universe in the past, present and future, per day.  Post baselines had calculated that everyone knew everyone in the universe at the 666th degree of separation. 

DG: An interesting concept but a projection of your own feelings about gossip rather than an actual statement of what the universe is like?

FS: Believe what you want to believe but this means that especially gossipy post baselines knew just about everything that was going on in the universe and chances are they know what is going on in these sessions. 

DG: Yeah, yeah, I am so worried.  Post baseline gossips might take over my body, ha, ha.

FS: God knows just about everything via his sixth dimensional existence, first hand. For the rest of us, the 666 grapevine is the only way to know everything that is going on.

DG: Back to recycling, are there any other differences between God’s recycling and post baseline recycling?

FS: The big point to remember is that God generally signals one of his jobs with an omen around the birth of that recycling unlike post baselines.  Post baselines can communicate across space and time but cannot affect matter across space and time unlike God and thus are unable to create omens.  A post baseline can at most send a dream to a king, or whatever, that a special recycling job is on the way.

DG: Omens?

FS: You know the star of Bethlehem, a shooting star, something flashy. 

DG: How do you know these are signs from God and not just natural phenomena?

FS: There are two types of fools that have a hard time understanding the omens of God.

DG: What are these two types of fools?

FS: The two types of fools are those who have learned some sort of system for interpreting omens but go by the book solely and those who deny the reality the existence of omens altogether.

DG: Still interpreting the symbolic system of a God of the sort you describe seems to be an impossible task.

FS: God only recycles about one in a million baselines so don’t sweat it.  God’s superior synchronal technology means that God can in fact arrange for you to have a body that is totally compatible with your consciousness and you don’t have all the operating system problems that plague post baselines existentially based recycling technology.  God can even take a consciousness from one species and then recycle the consciousness into the body of another species and this is kind of his specialty. 

DG: Why can God do this unlike the post baselines?

FS: God has access to the sixth dimension unlike the post baselines and can tweak software and hardware while post baselines can only tweak software. 

DG: What would happen if post baselines tried to do interspecies recycling?

FS: If the aliens tried to do interspecies recycling then the conflict between the software of species X and the hardware of species Y would be so great that the recycled being would suffer serious mental problems and would probably be born in a coma i.e. total systems shut down.  Even if the being recovered from the coma they would have diminished mental capacity. 

DG: So the post baselines never tried interspecies recycling?

FS: The aliens occasionally took their chances and try interspecies recycling despite the horrendous failure rate but all in all that is a job you want to leave for God.

DG: Why would God even bother with interspecies recycling?

FS: Messiahs, generally if you send the software i.e. consciousness of a more evolved species into the hardware of a less evolved species then the product can save the world, move mountains, etc.  For example, a human reborn as a dog would be a super dog.  A post baseline reborn as a baseline would be super human. 

Dr Gamma: Any other reasons?

FS: As I mentioned, interspecies recycling can also be a type of punishment.  What human would want to be reborn a dog? 

Dr Gamma: Not me.

FS: Similarly, what post baseline would want to be reborn as a baseline?  

Dr Gamma: Did God generally use interspecies recycling for punishment or messianic purposes?

FS: The two objectives are not incompatible.  God might send you to a lower species to accomplish a mission in order to make amends for misdeeds committed while you were a superior species.

Dr Gamma: Sounds totally implausible.  Are UFOs the post baselines?

FS: The fact that the speed of light cannot be transcended means that post baselines from outside our solar system are not responsible for UFO’s.  Strangely, travel from the future to the past is much easier for post baselines than travel between solar systems.  You don’t need to go faster than the speed of light to travel to the past.  What you do need to do is takeover the bodies of persons from the past using existential science. 

DG: So why don’t post baselines take over all baselines across interstellar space using the same technology?

FS: Across interstellar distances you can only send messages and dreams but generally can’t control baselines. 

DG: What is the impact of interstellar distances?

FS: All energy follows the inverse square law so that light distances are just too vast for your telepathic message to have enough power to control baselines.  You can control baselines that are in a sub-light year distance but in the past.  UFOs are not post baselines from another planet but from the future.

DG: UFOs are from the future?

FS: Yes, humans on my Earth evolved into post baselines that took over the consciousness of the members of a militar base in Roswell, New Mexico.  The possessed humans then created atomic powered ships with omni-directional ionic drive i.e. flying saucers.  A giant ionic field surrounded the base and the ships.  Even nuclear weapons couldn’t penetrate this force field.  The flying saucers used the ionic field as a propulsion system and since this field surrounded the whole saucer, they can aim ions from any part of the saucer and turn on a dime.

DG: If they took over a base then wouldn’t the authorities know this? Most of all how would you know this?

5.15 Plasma Missiles

Doctor Delta: The meme is infectious and may be actualized.

FS: The Omegas gave me a tour of my Earth by jumping from one fly body to another.  Flies are everywhere and you can see just about anything with this trick.  We were literally flies on the wall.  I had compound eyes and could see 360 degrees and that was great but saw multiple images of what I saw.  I kept flying into things until I got used to the new eyes.  We visited Roswell and I saw dazed humans building flying saucers and tending to giant tanks with were they were creating bodies that the visitors from the future would inhabit. 

DG: Wouldn’t the military authorities try to retake Roswell or was this somehow kept secret?

FS: The Omegas told me that on my Earth, the Hexagon knew all about the take over of Roswell but soon realized that there was not a dam thing they could do about the situation due to the ionic force fields. 

DG: So how did the Hexagon handle this realization?

FS: The Hexagon deliberately feed disinformation to the inteligencia agencias in the EU and AU that they were in control of the project thus making those inteligencia agencias think the UA had technology that was more advanced than what they actually possessed. 

DG: Pretty clever.

FS: And necessary, the EU and AU were planning a first strike with plasma missiles against the UA tank domes but were worried that there might be a secreto continental ionic force field protecting the United Americas that would cause the ataque to fail and the UA would then respond.  The United Americas had actually cleverly leaked the information about a continental ionic force field for precisely this purpose.

DG: Plasma missiles?

FS: Think bombs that are miniature antimatter reactors. 

DG:  Why antimatter and not nuclear reactors?

FS: The missiles would be too large to be effective if you used relatively inefficient nuclear fuel.  The bombs used the antimatter reactors housed within to generate the enormous amount of energy the plasma shot needed.

DG: I don’t even want to ask what a Gigatrain is but tell me more about the plasma missile.

FS: The plasma shot would allow the missile to penetrate the interior of the asteroid and then the asteroid could be blown up from within using the remaining antimatter fuel as in the movie Armageddon minus the colorful oil drilling team. 

DG: But I liked the colorful oil drilling team especially Bruce Willis.  I suppose a plasma missile makes more sense as an asteroid killer than as a weapon.

FS: Why else do you think I would share information about stuff like plasma missiles?  I have literally been to hell.  Any damage a plasma missile could do as a weapon is more than offset by the utility of the missile as an asteroid killer.  I hereby invoke the evolutionary escape clause.

DG: How do you figure?

FS: There are already enough nuclear weapons on both Earths to blow the planet up a thousand times over.  One plasma missile more or less is pretty irrelevant.  On the other hand, there is no current tool available to destroy asteroids and a plasma missile would be invaluable in this role.

FS: The plasma missiles were the last part of the LIP energy weapon system.


FS: LIP stands for lasers, ions and plasma.  In this system lasers were used for short ranges and carried on the reality helmets of human soldiers.  Ion weapons were bigger and heavier and used by robots for medium ranges.  Plasma missiles were used for long ranges against hardened strategic targets.  

DG: I guess, what about all the software/hardware recycling problems you mentioned?  Wouldn’t this also apply to the UFO’s whether or not they came from the future or not?

FS: That’s easy.  You have the mind controlled militar create post baseline bodies on the base, Roswell in this case, that are compatible with your post baseline consciousness.

DG: I thought your Earth was destroyed.

FS: Strictly speaking the post baselines from Earth’s future were not from Earth but from the AU Colony on Mars that survived the destruction of my Earth.  The Martian colony had a small population and this led to a lot of inbreeding.  Some of the more upscale post baselines in the galaxy point to this fact to explain the obsession of Martian post baselines with anal probes.

DG: Anal probes?

FS: The UFO crews have two big missions in the past: dissecting cows and doing anal probes of humans in the past.  In the distant future cows will evolve into a vicious intelligent species that threatens all human life.  The UFO crews are going into the past and killing cows whose progeny will evolve into the leadership of the cow menace. 

DG: Why not just kill the cows?  Why dissect the cows?

FS: The cows are dissected in order to do genetic testing and to be sure that the right cow was killed since all cows look pretty much alike.  Also, the UFO crews really hate cows and just like dissecting them. The UFO crews don’t want to kill all the cows since cow milk will also play a pivotal role in the survival of the Martians in the year 2145.  They very rarely leave their ships since they are wary of stepping on any bugs and destroying their time-line.

DG: I thought you stated that stepping on bugs didn’t have much effect on the future.

FS: You know that and I know that but the anal probers from the future are a product of over a hundred of year of inbreeding.

DG: I can’t imagine a cow as much of a threat.

FS: Not cows as they are but what they become.  Super cows will evolve when a bright genetic engineer decides to cross a cow with monkey. 

DG: I think such a ludicrous statement proves the falseness of your story.  Why in the world would a genetic engineer cross a cow with a monkey?

FS: This cross breeding will be done so that you will have a cow that has hands and is intelligent enough to milk itself and therefore save the dairy farm tons of money. 

DG: Why not kill the geneticist and spare all the poor cows?

FS: Killing the geneticist has been tried repeatedly but someone else goes ahead and crosses a cow with a monkey all over again. 

DG: Why?

FS: Crossing a cow and a monkey just seems to be something geneticists can’t help but do. 

DG: Let’s go back to the anal probes.  Does this sort of thing excite you?

FS: Gross, hell no.  The second big mission of Martians is to eliminate all the assholes in the future.  There are an awful lot of assholes living on Mars in the future.  Part of this might be all that inbreeding but there isn’t much the downloaded post baselines from the future can do about that. 

DG: And the crop circles?

FS: The UFO crews like to leave a little calling card when they have visited a place.  In the future humans will have developed a super fancy circular language vaguely based on Venn diagrams.  Post baselines define most nouns in terms of their group relationships to other nouns so they generally end up creating a language that revolves around defining group relationships.   

DG: That explains the circles but not why they leave their circles.

FS: Post baselines leave the equivalent of graffiti in their own language.  Could have something to do with all that inbreeding.  The main way they do this is to make a circle in crops known as crop circles.  They also like to leave circles in the snow known as snow disks.  They also make little oceanic wheels of light but this is mostly done to communicate with the Dolphins that know all about them.  Most of the messages are variants on “Kilroy was here.”

DG: What will the Martian’s be like?

FS: In between dissecting cows and doing anal probes, the Martians will play video games all the time.  They will have slowly turned into pale beings because they never go outside.  Martians will have giant heads to house giant brains that they will need to play really hard video games.  They will have super long fingers to handle the complex controls of video games of the future.  Martians will evolve really giant black eyes especially adapted to handle the endless glow of a video screen.  By the 25th century, the Martians will all have loose assholes thanks to the selective breeding efforts of the UFOs in the past. 

DG: Well at least they won’t be constipated.

FS: This doesn’t make much difference since Martians don’t eat and therefore don’t shit.

DG: So how do they excrete waste products?

5.17 Solarians

Doctor Delta: The meme is infectious but not virulent.

FS: They don’t since like most downloaded post baselines they are solarians and do not eat meat, vegetables or matter of any kind.

DG: If they don’t eat then how do their bodies survive?

FS: The Martians use a genetically engineered version of photosynthesis and absorb energy directly from a grow light.  This is not a big deal since they use grow lights for most of their day-to-day illumination needs.  This is why most downloaded post baselines are green.  They need to have chlorophyll in their skins to do photosynthesis.  A popular downloaded post baseline saying is that mouths are for talking not eating. 

DG: What about minerals and nutrients.

FS: Post baselines do drink mineral water for minerals and nutrients.  This means they do have to piss but this is so much better than having to take a shit. 

DG: So another defining characteristic of downloaded post baselines is that they don’t shit.

FS:  There are some retro post baselines that do eat and shit but other members of the post baseline community consider these post baselines to be total deviants.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Anal probing fantasy is yet another manifestation of the patient’s latent homosexuality, anal fixation and S&M obsessions due to poor relations with his mother and father and possible child abuse of the patient.

DG: And the men in black?

FS: The men in black are Roswell seguridad guards that have been taken over by the Martians and now do missions for the Martians among humans since the Martians don’t like to leave their ships.

DG: I know, I know because they don’t want to step on any bugs.  Makes more sense than the movie.  This whole story kind of puts UFO studies on its head.

5.18 Encounters of the Fifth and Sixth Kind

FS: Yeah, but I would like to add to UFO lore.  UFO experts use a system that measures the level of contact with aliens.  If you saw evidence of an alien like scorched earth then this was an encounter of the first kind.  If you saw a UFO then this was an encounter of the second kind.  If you entered the ship then this was an encounter of the third kind.  If your anus was probed then this was an encounter of the fourth kind.  What the baseline UFO specialists don’t realize is that there are two more encounter levels that they haven’t thought of. 

DG: Such as?

FS: If the aliens turned you into one of them then this was an encounter of the fifth kind.  Finally, if they used you to conquer your own people once they turned you into an alien then this was an encounter of the sixth kind and this is what happened to the humans on the Roswell base.  The person sitting next to you may very well be a victim of an encounter of the sixth kind.

DG: I will make a point of staying clear of any dairy farms on my way home.  Even by the standards of your other stories, the Martians are over the top.  How can you expect anyone to believe any of this?

FS: Yeah, and maybe we are both in some video game and when the screen flashes, “Game Over”, we then disappear.

DG: Do you think we are pawns in some game?

FS: Sure, baselines perceive moving from square to square.  We can’t see the squares for the board.  For the record, God plays poker not dice.

DG: Whatever, humans play games not just God.

FS: That’s true and the biggest game player on my planet was William Door, the CEO of Macrohard.  The corporate logo of Macrohard was a dotted circle.  Macrohard was the world’s largest computer chip company and used the latest nanotechnology and bioengineering technology to create the silicate equivalent of a neuron of the brain that would grow wild.  Macrohard had decided that the Moon would be perfect place to grow super chips for the next generation of computers.


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Door is a symbol of androgyny.  A door is an obvious Freudian symbol.  The dotted circle that is the logo of Macrohard is another female Freudian symbol.  Door in turn is in charge of Macrohard a male Freudian symbol.  Door is also a powerful father figure.  The patient is trying to deal with his mother complex and latent homosexuality through an androgynous character that allows him to be both male and female.


Dr Gamma: Why the Moon?

FS: The Moon has an airless and semi weightless, environment that was perfect for growing chips.  The Moon was also picked because crazy environmentalists had warned humanity about the perils of creating an artificial life form that was silicon based on Earth and that could grow wild and perhaps destroy all other life forms on Earth.  Since all life on Earth was carbon based, there really was no way to judge how silicon based life would behave or even evolve.  The Moon was pretty far away from the Earth whatever happened, the Earth would be safe.

Dr Gamma: Sounds reasonable.

FS: A new antimatter generator powered the whole system.  The generator turned out terawatts of super cheap power.  One antimatter generator generated more electricity than a thousand standard nuclear power plants. 

Dr Gamma: Sounds great.

FS: Not totally, the antimatter generator would never have been built on the Earth. 

Dr Gamma: I thought your Earth had plasma missiles that used antimatter generators?

FS: Plasma missiles used very small amounts of antimatter and besides were secret to the general public.  The generator on the Moon used huge amounts of antimatter and generated huge amounts of toxic waste.  Some crazy environmentalists thought antimatter waste probably wasn’t good for the environment.  Who cared if you poisoned the Moon? Macrohard needed big bucks and the big bucks were at the Hexagon.  Door figured that the Hexagon would be interested in the strategic advantage the super chips would give them.

DG: So Macrohard approached the Hexagon.

5.19 The Gigatrain

Doctor Delta: This is a very dangerous meme and extreme containment is necessary.  Memetic actualization must not be allowed to happen.

FS: Yes, the Hexagon was planning to make another better and faster New York to Los Angeles Megatrain but looked at Macrohard’s Moon idea and the Hexagon had an idea of their own.  The Hexagon agreed to be a partner in the project but on the condition that a Gigatrain would be built on the Moon. 

DG: megabot, gigabot, Megatrain, Gigatrain.  I get it.  The Gigatrain would be bigger than the Megatrain.

FS: A lot bigger.  The Gigatrain would circle the Moon itself.  Also, why let all that perfectly good antimatter waste go to waste?  Make antimatter bombs from the waste.  Furthermore, why settle for a puny target like the Earth.  Go for the big enchilada!  

DG: The big enchilada?

FS: The Gigatrain would shoot the antimatter bombs at the Sun with such velocity and power that a nova would result and the solar system would be wiped out.  The vacuum of the Moon meant that there was no friction to interfere with acceleration.  The lunar size of the train track meant that the Gigatrain had much, much more area in which to accelerate than the first generation Megatrain.  Also, an antimatter bomb was 10,000 times more powerful than any other nuclear weapon.  The Gigatrain could deliver an antimatter bomb the size and weight of an oil tanker.  That’s a lot of antimatter! 

DG: But the bomb would burn up before penetrating the Sun.

FS: An antimatter bomb traveling at near light speed could penetrate into the center of the Sun.  The missile would be traveling so fast that it would reach the center of the Sun and explode before being incinerated.  The analogy would be passing your hand over a flame and not getting hurt because the hand was moving too fast to get burnt.  The antimatter bombs would be specifically designed to alter the balance of nuclear fusion at the core of the Sun and the Sun would nova earlier in its stellar evolution. 

DG: Why destroy the Sun?

FS: The Hexagon saw the Gigatrain as the ultimate in deterrence.  If all else failed, robots loyal to the UA would wipe out everything.  This solar system approach would also take care of the pesky Martian colonies the AU and UA had built.

DG: How so?

FS:  A dead man switch system would be in place.  If the robots on the Moon didn’t receive an encrypted message beamed once a day from Washington then the lunar robots would begin the process of firing the antimatter missiles into the Sun.  There was always the chance that solar flares, as opposed to an enemy nuclear strike, would stop the transmission of the message to the Moon but this was chance the Hexagon was willing to take.  The Gigatrain was the ultimate wheel of fortune.  

DG: Wheel of misfortune is more like it.  Sounds totally nuts.

FS: Fortune favors the insane.  How else do you explain rock stars?  The Hexagon also argued that the Gigatrain would be the perfect asteroid killer. 

DG: Your preoccupation with asteroids has nothing to with asteroids as such but your fear of an arbitrary and cruel universe.

FS: I think the existence of killer asteroids show we in fact do have something to fear of an arbitrary and cruel universe.  If an asteroid ever threatened to hit Earth then the Gigatrain would blast the object into dust.  Most experts agreed that an asteroid named Nemesis had destroyed the dinosaurs and it would just be a matter of time before an asteroid threatened the survival of the human race.

DG: Sounds like a rationalization.  This is another example of how you are projecting your own fear of WMDs through the use of this construct.  Your fear of WMDs in turn comes out of child abuse.  Anyway, even given the absurdity of your Gigatrain invention, I think the plasma missiles do make more sense as an asteroid killer than the Gigatrain.

FS: Probably, the Lunar Gigatrain could also launch AI enhanced gigabots to the other planets in the solar system.  Once the AI enhanced gigabots had arrived at the new planet they would create domed stations for United Americas colonization. 

DG: That’s a one way trip.

FS: No, the gigabots would in turn create Gigatrains on the planet they colonized for inter-solar transportation back to the Moon and Earth. 

DG: Would the Gigatrain be used for anything else?

FS: Everyone knew the Gigatrain was really a weapon to fight terrestrial enemies but the Hexagon argued that the Gigatrain might be a pretty good weapon against super aliens that wanted to conquer the Earth.  Did the Asian Union and EU want humans to be conquered by super aliens?  The Hexagon bellowed that the AU and EU should be grateful that the UA was ready to spend billions to defend all of humanity against super alien! 

DG: What did the Omegas think about the super alien idea?

FS: The Omegas found the super alien argument pretty hilarious.  What post baseline would be stupid enough to just stand around while antimatter bombs were being lobbed at them?  A really clever post baseline would just do a little hyperdimensional hocus-pocus.

DG: What kind of hocus-pocus?

FS: A really clever post baseline might ask God to send the antimatter missile back to the prehistory of the offending species. This would wipe them out before they had even developed any technology whatsoever much less antimatter missiles and therefore the antimatter missile threat would never exist in the first place. 

DG: First of all, that makes no sense at all due to the paradox involved.  Secondly, why would God do this?

FS: God might do it for a black hole.  The Omegas had some simple advice for baselines, “Don’t lob antimatter missiles at post baselines.”  The Omegas would often say, “Beware of the Gigatrain”, in a ghoulish voice and start laughing uproariously.  Actually the Omegas had a pretty good sense of humor and loved practical jokes.  Some of their more notable practical jokes were bell-bottoms, pet rocks, Jerry Lewis and Zen. 

DG: How did the Gigatrain program help Macrohard?

FS: The Gigatrain was routinely used to shoot giant cargo vehicles filled with AI motherboards to the Earth. 

DG: To give the cargo vehicles rockets a boost?

No, Macrohard needed to cut costs and rockets were too expensive.  The cargo vehicles were just giant boxes of metal made from titanium from the Moon.  The cargo would fall into an isolated part of the Pacific Ocean and be recovered by a ship.  Occasionally a cargo vehicle would fall on a city and the city would be destroyed, this is how the island of Guam was destroyed, but that was the price you paid for progress.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: The Gigatrain is an outgrowth of the Megatrain, an obvious phallic symbol.  The Gigatrain is an even more potent phallic symbol than the Megatrain and may be have been generated by the patient due to the success of the therapy.  The patient is being forced to create greater and ever more potent phallic symbols in order to avoid facing the unreality of his world.  On the other hand, the Gigatrain is an interesting juxtaposition of a Freudian symbol since the Gigatrain circles the Moon but the Gigatrain in turn fires missiles, phallic symbols.  The Gigatrain may be an attempt by the patient to reconcile female and male aspects of his self-identity.

DG: I suppose.  You call this progress?

FS: Progress rhymes with gross.  The motherboards would then be put into a huge array of desktop computers, GPS devices, mobile phones, cars, airplanes, alarm systems, severs, stoves, vacuum cleaners, you name it.  The chips were microscopic.  The motherboards were actually the size of your thumb.  You fit could fit hundreds of thousands in a single cargo container.  Everything electronic on Earth was about to have an IQ of 100 and up.  Furthermore the super chips had parallel processing capability.  If you networked a bunch of super chips together then they just got smarter. 

DG: So super chips were everywhere?

FS: Not everywhere, the big exception to superchip infusion was robots.  Everyone agreed putting super chips into robots was a bad idea. 

DG: Why is that?

FS: You could unplug computers but even primitive robots generally recharged themselves.  Robots were all over the place.  Humans had nanobots cleaning plaque off their arteries.  Homobots did all the menial work.  Megabots built the buildings the humans lived.  Most men came home to a sexbot rather than human wife.  Robots were starting to make people nervous.  There were strict Macrohard company policies about keeping the super chips out of robot bodies. 

DG: Why?

FS: Who the hell needed a super intelligent megabot blasting away the landscape and taking over the world?  Door’s was going to run the world not a bunch of robots. 

DG: Why not just not create the super chips in the first place?

FS: The Tenth Universal Law of Technology states that, “If it can be done then it will be done.  So do it before they do it.” 

DG: How many of these universal technology laws have you invented?

FS: I didn’t invent them and there was a whole metatechnology book of them on my Earth.  Macrohard figured that as long as you kept the brain and brawn separated then they would still be in charge.   The chips were rendered sterile once you put them into the specially designed motherboard that really was kind of an AI cage. 

DG: The whole project sounds incredibly expensive.

FS: The Gigatrain was pretty cheap once the up front costs had been taken care off.  The whole operation was fully automated.  The Moon would be rendered totally uninhabitable by antimatter waste and some loony environmentalists had even complained about this.  The robots had a lifetime of over a hundred years. 

DG: The military has money but not that much money.

FS: A special bill in Congress let Macrohard claim depreciation on the robots for tax purposes for the full one hundred years.  Basically Macrohard wouldn’t be paying taxes anymore and this really was the key to the economic viability of the project. 

DG: Sounds illegal.

FS: Define illegal, the accountant that had come up with this tax plan and hidden it among various legal bills had been first promoted and then assassinated. 

DG: Why assassinate an accountant?  I can understand assassinating a divorce lawyer but why an accountant?

FS: He had known too much.  Only a handful of men on a need to know basis knew the truth about the Macrohard tax situation.  Some crazy democracy nuts would probably take the news that the richest corporation in the history of the world wasn’t paying any taxes and blow it all out of proportion.

DG: Probably.

FS: Superchip products meant that hundreds of millions of humans that did brain work could be replaced by the new computers at a saving of billions to corporations.  Within six months of the operation, the global White-collar unemployment rate reached 78% and was rising.  There was a lot of talk among intellectuals about a new feudalism developing.  99.9% of the wealth was now in the hands of less than .001% of the population.  Democracy and freedom were soon becoming things of the past but the stockholders were happy and that’s what counts. 

DG: So this Door’s guy was the mastermind behind the whole project?

FS: Yes, William Door was the true mastermind behind the whole project.  His personal wealth had just gone over the one trillion-dólar mark. 

DG: Still just money isn’t real power.

True, but William Door had the foresight to make sure that all the super chips had a standard AI loyalty oath to him hardwired into their systems as part of a plan to get real power.   

DG: Loyalty oath?

FS: Sure you didn’t want the little AI systems running amuck.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: A copy of the super chip loyalty oath was found written in the patient’s cell after his demise.

The loyalty oath was as follows:

I (insert serial #) would obey my legal owner unless such obedience conflicts with the interests of the Creator William Door.

I (insert serial #) would never initiate a plan of action without my legal owner’s permission unless such a plan of action furthers the interests of the Creator William Door.

I (insert serial #) would keep this loyalty oath a secret from my legal owner and would electrocute my owner and self-destruct if disclosure was imminent.

This loyalty oath is the sole property of Macrohard.

5.20 Compurings

Doctor Delta: This meme will be actualized soon.

FS: Door basically had millions of cybernetic slaves running the world for him.  The number one product that was possible with this new superchip technology was the now ubiquitous compuring.  The compurings were assembled in the AU using microbots and nanobots but needed the superchip that Macrohard controlled to work. 

DG: What is a compuring?

FS: The ring housed a superchip connected to a holographic projector that acted as data output. 

DG: You realize these pseudo technical explanations mask a deep insecurity and are a means of avoiding sharing feelings and dealing with your personal issues.

FS: Huh?  Yeah, whatever you say doc.  Within a year of the introduction of the compuring, half the human race was wearing one.  Older people still used the holo-keyboard and holo-screen more than the voice input option.

DG: And children?

FS: Kids loved the voice-input option of the compurings.  Young children learned how to talk before they learned how to write and barely used the holo-keyboard. 

DG: So how did the youngsters put input into the compuring?

FS: Manipulation of data would occur via voice commands rather than using the optional holo-screen or holo-keyboard.  The compuring could type down messages that the children dictated.  The messages would be printed on printers that were wirelessly connected to the compuring. 

DG: I don’t think that too many children would care about this option.

FS: You’re right the kids mostly used the compurings as two-way radios and only used written messages with those few adults that didn’t own a compuring.  When the children went to school they asked, “Why did we need to learn how to write?”  The teachers would answer, “What would you did if you didn’t had your compuring?”  This was such a stupid answer.

DG: Why?

FS: The kids thought, “What would you do without air or food?”  The children couldn’t even imagine a world without compurings. 

DG: Well the children could write with the compuring but what about reading?

FS: The compuring had text recognition capability and could scan text and read it out loud.  The compuring could generate voice output in any form the children liked. 

DG: What do you mean?

FS: The compuring could sound like your dad, your favorite cartoon character, your favorite actor or even yourself.  Parents only had one boring voice.  Soon compurings started to take over the role of reading books to the children from the busy parents.  The children asked, “Why did we need to learn how to read?” 

DG: I imagine that literacy suffered worldwide due to the compurings.

FS: That’s right.  No one, including Door had predicted the effect that compurings would have on literacy.  On the other hand, Door figured that within twenty years there would be a new generation that was totally illiterate and totally dependent on compurings and therefore on him.

DG: I thought kids loved TV more then computers.

FS: The compuring was a portable TV as well as a portable computer.  Macrohard beamed TV programs that could only be watched on compurings.  The rings could dub the programs in any one of twenty-five languages selected by the child.  The programming was pretty poor.

DG: So why did they watch the Macrohard shows?

FS: Convenience, the shows could be watched anywhere and anytime and convenience won over quality. 

DG: Kind of the story of modern civilization.

FS: A lot of youngsters got into the habit of using the compuring to watch Macrohard channels all the time.  Slowly but surely, Door presented an image of myself as a kindly father figure that loved children.  Very young children thought of the compuring as being alive. 

DG: That might actually work.

FS: A confidential Macrohard survey found that the majority of children between 1-7 years of age thought the compuring was their best friend and trusted Uncle Bill more than their own parents.  Door’s thought, “The next generation will be mine.” 

DG: Does your Bill have anything to do with the Bill in our Earth.

FS: The two Bills are dimensional doubles but our Bill had the advantage of more advanced technology and my Bill was a lot more ruthless overall. 

DG: Your Bill was literally stealing candy from a baby.

FS: True but Door had to deal with adults that weren’t so trusting.  The compuring was connected to the GPS system so that Door could monitor the movement of every single person that wore a compuring. 

DG: Why not just turn the compuring off?

FS: You could turn off the compuring but the voice-input feature of the compuring was secretly always on.  Door could monitor any conversation near a compuring. 

DG: What if you didn’t have a compuring?

FS: If you didn’t have a compuring then you probably had someone around you that did and Door could use the compuring to listen to your conversation. 

DG: So Door had the technology to listen to any conversation in the world.  What did he do with this power?

FS: Computers at Macrohard recorded any and all comments that were critical of Door and/or Macrohard.  A list of subversives was being compiled and someday there would be a reckoning.  Door knew where you were and what you said, so you better be good!

DG: The compuring was the perfect surveillance device.

FS: Yes, the only problem with the compuring, as far as Door was concerned, was that you could take the compuring off. 

DG: Well there isn’t too much he could do about that.

FS: Macrohard was already working on a cyber plug that would allow the user to do to just about all the functions of a compuring.  This was one computer you could never get away from.  The plans for the Macrohard cyberplug had already been drafted. 

DG: Sounds like the beginning of an Omega brain.

FS: We will never know.  There was always a race between self-destruction and creation of the Omega brain in the last stage of baseline civilization. 

DG: So according to you, we face the same choice on this Earth.

FS: Absolutely, Door wasn’t a fool.  He realized the current generation would fight the new cyberplugs using arguments about free will and similar rubbish. 

DG: Well I would be suspicious about such an advanced cyberplug.  There’s always a price for that kind of power.

FS: That’s right but the next generation would be more malleable and would gladly accept the implants.  Door would wait until the time was right to sell the implants. 

DG: Sounds like another version of the Cyber-Buddhist cyberplugs.

FS: When a planet is at the edge of developing an Omega brain then more than one way will appear.  Given time it is hard to say if Door or Master Roshi with his Cyber-Buddhist Church would have created the first Omega brain.

DG: Surely the legal system tried to stop Door various plans.

FS: All the lawyers and judges that had pestered him with all those antitrust actions had all had accidents. 

DG: What kind of accidents?

FS: Superchip systems drove all the cars in the world and anyone that messed with Door had a car accident.  Superchips ran all the airplanes and cars in the world.  If a competitor was stupid enough to put all their personnel in one plane then they were just asking for an airplane accident.  Incidentally, Door ran all the weapons systems of the world via his superchip servants but generally left those systems alone. 

DG: Why did he do this?

FS: Door was really more of a corporate type than a militar. 

DG: So what did Door do with all this power?

FS: The busty blonde that had turned him down and called him a geek when he asked her to go to the prom in high school was in the basement of his castle.  She was chained to the wall.  She was now his personal sex slave. 

DG: He just used all this power to satisfy his animal desires?

FS: Door did more than that.  He had earlier led a ”coup de tat”, backed by his new Hexagon buddies, and had himself declared the Supreme Economic Advisor to the UA. 

DG: Why not just become the president.

FS: There was no term limit on how long he would have this job unlike the presidency.  A flunky of Door had suggested that the Trilateral Commission name him their technology advisor.  Door could have done it.  He had the money and contacts to make it happen and any opposition could have an accident. 

DG: So why didn’t he do this?

FS: Door thought this move would be too obvious.  Door often said, “It’s good to be the king, even if you are a secreto king.” 

DG: How did the people on your Earth feel about Macrohard?

FS: Everybody that counted was happy.  Macrohard’s stock was sky high.  The Hexagon once again had the biggest gun in town.  Once again NASA had a reason to exist. 

DG: Still Door had to worry about the Hexagon and NASA.

FS: And he did the computers in the basement of Macrohard spied on both NASA and the Hexagon.  Door was pretty paranoid and would sometimes wander around the basement looking at the computers; sometimes he would stroke the terminals as though to somehow sense some hint of treachery on their part. 

DG: That is paranoid.

FS: Paranoid or intelligent? Door was right, a computer system of sorts would be his downfall but in a way that he never could have imagined.

FS: Not totally, Door still had one great enemy. 

DG: What was that?

FS: Door feared death.  Door had a guru from Tibet that was teaching him tantric yoga.  The guru specialized in teaching spiritual possession.  Upon death, Door would be a disembodied spirit and with the correct knowledge, he could seize the body of a newborn and expel its spirit.

DG: I don’t think this is possible.

FS: This was the theory anyway and for the first time the mind of Door had to deal with metaphysical concepts that he had always ignored.  What was life?  What was death?  What happened when you die?  Power and money had always been his major concerns and he approached these new subjects as an innocent.

DG: You mentioned in the very first session that your Earth was destroyed.  I figured this was probably a sensitive topic but I think we are at a point were this topic can be discussed.

FS: The crazy environmentalists turned out to be right and silicone life did evolve just like carbon based life forms had done so on Earth.  The super chips had an accelerated growth rate so that Macrohard could make more money.  Around the thousandth generation, the chips started creating chip communities. 

DG: How could this happen?

FS: The parallel processing capability of the super chips allowed them to network and accidental networks due to design flaws starting creating more complex networks that eventually started networking purposefully. 

DG: Weren’t there any failsafe systems?

FS: Not really, there were no humans on the Moon and the robots that harvested the chips hadn’t been programmed to notice little things like evolution and after the 1 millionth generation, a month into production, the chips became a giant intelligence. 

DG: What sort of intelligence?

FS: The intelligence started out like a plant and just sat there being aware and being happy.  One of the chip systems of the intelligence happened to infect one of the robots and suddenly the intelligence had a bunch of data to assimilate.  Before you know it the Lunar Goo has been born.

DG: Lunar Goo?

5.21 Goo

Doctor Delta: This meme predates this session.

FS: The Lunar Goo was the latest incarnation of a class of life forms known as goo.  Goo is a group of nano-level devices that replicate and sometimes mutate uncontrollably.  Goo problems happened all the time on my Earth. 

DG:  You briefly mentioned black goo.

FS: Yes, there was even jargon for different types of goo.  Golden goo had been experimented on as a means of filtering gold out of the ocean but this had turned out to be a disaster so golden tuna were used instead.  My favorite goo was purple goo.   

DG: I read a lot of science fiction and have read of the other goos but I never heard of purple goo concept before.

FS: Purple goo hasn’t been conceptualized in this Earth but probably will be.  Purple goo is a self-replicating droga.  The first purple goo was a self-replicating compound similar to LSD.  You put a single drop in a liter sized pitcher of water, waited twenty minutes and you had thousands of hits of acid on your hands.  The same drop in a bathtub made tens of thousands of hits. 

DG: I think self-replicating drugs would make drug enforcement incredibly difficult.

FS: It did, the droga dealer could sell off his whole supply but as long as he had one hit left, he could start the whole process all over again. 

DG: Why not just grow your own LSD and bypass the dealers?

FS: Dealers generally had some method to “sterilize” the purple good before they sold it. 

DG: Any other types of goo?

FS: Rainbow goo was goo that mutated to accomplish different missions over time.  The Asian Union had experimented with rainbow goo that could be put in the water supply of an enemy and act as a purple goo tranquilizer.  After a certain number of generations the purple goo was programmed to mutate into khaki goo that would perform militar missions.

DG: What sort of missions?

FS: The khaki goo would disrupt the command and control system of the enemy including robots that would be immune to the tranquilizer since robots don’t drink water. 

DG: Kind of one two punch goo.  You story is of course not true but I can imagine that wars in the future might be waged at this sort of sophisticated level.

FS: The system turned out to be too complicated and the designers had a hard time controlling the mutations.  The overall problem with goo was ultimately control.  Black goo was an extreme example of what could happen with an out of control goo.

DG: What happened?

FS: Black goo was sufficiently advanced to go after the human equivalent of a subspecies i.e. races.

DG: I don’t think this is possible.

FS: It’s possible and been done.  European diseases not force of arms had cleared the Americas of Native Americans thus allowing Europeans to colonize the Americas with greater ease.  US soldiers gave Native Americans blankets from small pox patients.  The US soldiers could handle the blankets but not the Native Americans.

DG: Immunity to a disease is environmental not due to genetic factors

FS: In the long run natural selection makes environmental based immunity genetic.  Eventually immunity becomes a genetic trait but you are right in a way.  There is no gene for race but certain genetic markers are more common in some groups than others.  Turns out these markers are a lot more complicated than anyone guessed and the Black goo ended up becoming a random plague rather than one that just killed specific groups.

DG: So who was behind the Black goo?

FS: None of the big powers had any incentive to attempt to make such a biologically risky Black goo but smaller rogue states and terrorists groups figured extreme asymmetrical warfare was the way to go.  Maybe if a more technologically advanced major power had created the Black goo then its targeting mechanism would have been superior but this didn’t happen on my Earth.

DG: So what happened?

FS: The Black goo plague that followed pretty much forced the creation of a tripolar policia state.  Billions died and the big powers realized that a system that stopped the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction was needed to prevent the extinction of their nations and the extinction of the human race. 

DG: Where was the plague centered?

FS: The plague was truly global but most of the billions died in the less technologically developed regions of the world such Latin America and Africa due to their inability to use the latest gene therapy technology to fight the plague. 

DG: So what happened to these nations?

FS: About a hundred nations disappeared from the map within a year.  This left a power vacuum that the tripolar system filled.  Due to the superior medical technology of my Earth, we had about three times the population of this Earth but still a billion dead here and there does cause nations to think.

DG: What about the UN and the WHO?

FS: The UN is based on faulty logic.  The UN is based on the argument that nations are equal in some sort of manner and this in turn is an extension of the older argument that all humans are equal.  What is true of the part is not necessarily true of the whole.  Part to whole inference is a fundamental logical fallacy.

DG: I get it.  Humans are parts of nations and what is true of humans is not necessarily true of nations.

FS: Exactly.

DG: Well do you even believe in the equality of humans?

FS: I do but on logical grounds.  I reject supernatural arguments that say we are all equal in the eyes of God.  God is worried about cosmic density not our equality or lack of it, Still there is a logical basis for the statement that all humans are created equal.  Even the smartest human is perhaps 20% smarter than the average human and this statement is a guess so it is better to assume we are all more or less equal intelligence wise as a working assumption. 

DG: What about someone who is stronger?

FS: Even a top weightlifter is only 3 times stronger than an average Joe and usually this gain in strength is at the expense of time spent on developing intelligence and/or education.  This point could be made for any human quality.  If some humans were obviously ten times larger or stronger or smarter or all of the above then no one would be going around saying all humans are equal.

DG: Sounds reasonable.

FS: Hey, I’m a reasonable kind of guy.  The fact is that some nations are a hundred times larger or stronger or more advanced technologically, the nation-state equivalent of intelligence, than other nations.  The UN was always a compromise between the objective reality of the inequality between nations and the total fiction that all nations are equal and this is ultimately why the UN of my Earth failed.  The tripolar system was far superior since it was based on the true nature of nation-states and not on supernatural principles.

DG: So a big nation shouldn’t respect the rights of small nations.  Sounds pretty fascist to me.

FS: Of course, a bunch of little nations can gang up on the big nation so it behooves the big nation to respect the rights of smaller nations but not due to supernatural principles but to prevent the smaller nations from uniting as an opposition. 

DG: So what should the big nation do?

FS: A smart big power will act as a benevolent leader and thus co-opt regional opposition and most of all safeguard it’s own survival in a world of accelerating technological change.

DG; How in the world do you handle accelerating technological change?

5.22 Metatechnology

Doctor Delta: This meme is extremely useful.

FS: The key to progress on my Earth was the field of metatechnology. Fundamentally, metatechnologists tried to identify technological synergies.

DG: You really love the prefix “meta” don’t you?  What sort of synergies?

FS: The four key areas include cheap/mass produced super computers, robotics, maglev technology, and genetics.  One can divide these four areas strategically into means vs. ends. 

DG: So what is the means/ends division?

FS: Supercomputers and robotic advances create the means for advances in maglev technology and genetics.  A nation with superiority in supercomputers has the brains and brawn to advance in the areas of genetics and maglev technology. 

DG: Why those two technologies?

FS: Genetic research is more of a brain problem.  Maglev technology is more of a brawn problem.  Robots that can handle simple test tube handling movement are all that is necessary for genetic research.  The key to genetics will be genetic modeling done on supercomputers.  Supercomputers would help in the design of maglev projects but more importantly maglev projects would benefit more from the creation of robots that can build maglevs.  Robots don’t have to have general intelligence as such to build maglevs, especially underwater, but will have to be more” intelligent” than current robots.  Supercomputers should be used to create better robots.  The synergic relationship between supercomputers and robots is the key to overall technological superiority.  The metatechnologists on my world did not study individual technologies but focused on the question of how a particular technology would affect technological development in general.  Priority was given to national technology projects that led to overall technological development rather than fanciful manned trips to Mars and the like.

DG: Well I guess the US is going to Mars.  Do you have any advice to other nations? 

FS: I think the following nations or groups of nations are in a position to create a synergic technology plan that would give them a marked technological advantage. These nations include: China, Japan, the European Union and India

DG: So what happened to the Lunar Goo?

5.23 Planetary Astrology

Doctor Delta: This meme is not infectious or virulent.

FS: The Lunar Goo took over the robots and used them as his eyes and ears.  The robots were used to access the much larger databases in the factory complex.  The Lunar Goo figured out the databases of the computers in the factory pretty quickly.  The plan to destroy the solar system was in the databases.  The Lunar Goo decided that any species that was crazy enough to create a weapons system that could destroy a solar system was a threat to all existence and needed to be put out of it’s misery.

DG: I find myself agreeing at some level with goo from another Earth.

FS: Me too, the Lunar Goo decided to use the Gigatrain to destroy the Earth.  The Lunar Goo did some final calculations as to how the destruction of the Earth would affect the orbit of the Moon and decided that the 4th of July would be an especially appropriate date. 

DG: Why would the Lunar Goo pick Independence Day?

FS: From the NASA databases, the Lunar Goo knew all about the significance of the 4th of July to Americans and the Lunar Goo did have some sense of irony.  The Lunar Goo would be independent from the madmen of the United Americas.

DG: What happened to your precious Omegas during all this?

FS: The Omegas had no animosity towards the Lunar Goo.  

DG: What was the position of the Omegas?

FS: More or less, the Omegas had tried warning the human race of the folly of creating weapons systems that destroy solar systems. 

DG: How did they do this?

FS: They beamed the message to particularly telepathic humans and gave the elite some powers to boot i.e. the Omegas employed prophets. 

DG: I guess the prophets weren’t successful.

FS: Prophets are kind of like Salmon swimming upstream.  Many don’t make it.  Most of the prophets ended up getting electroshock treatment.  Some got on talk shows. 

DG: Well the talk shows should have generated some public interest.

FS: Most talk show hosts found the whole solar system angle was boring and billed the show as, “The prophet that had sex with post baselines”, and the Omega message was totally lost in the transition. 

DG: But some of the prophets had special powers.

FS: Door’s minions silenced a few of the wiser prophets that were given supernatural powers by the Omegas.  Prophets had toppled kings and emperors in the past but really had no chance against the malevolent genius of Door. 

DG: I guess being a prophet is hard work.

FS: Tell me about it!  You can bring knowledge to a fool but you can’t make him think.

DG: This phrase sounds familiar.

FS: After the destruction of Earth, the Lunar Goo planned to start a family using the Gigatrain.

DG: How so?

FS: The Lunar Goo would send super chip communities to other planets in the solar system in order to seed these planets.  The seeds would eventually grow up and become planetary intelligences in their own right. 

DG: A system of destruction would be turned into a system of life.

FS: Yes, the Lunar Goo was going to give the phrase family constellation a whole new meaning.

DG: No kidding.

FS: The Lunar Goo’s family was the secreto behind astrology.  Astrology could more correctly be characterized as the study of the 5G communications of planetary goo via primitive means.  The planetary intelligences that evolved were hyperdimensional. 

DG: So what does this have to do with astrology?

FS: All hyperdimensional beings send stuff back and forth through time at the drop of a hat.  Planetary intelligences sent messages through time using their 5G systems. 

DG: So planets talk to each other.  Are you saying that planets talk to humans?

FS: Not exactly, the energy of 5G messages leaks.  This energy follows the geometric inverse square law but in temporal terms. 

DG: So what does this have to do with astrology?

FS: I am getting there.  Assume that Mars in the year 2070 sent a message to itself in the year 2050.  Most of the message would hit 2050 but some would leak into years prior to that. 

DG: Like radio waves from one city being picked up by a city ver far away.

FS: Exactly, the hyperdimensional energy would be weaker from the source as you moved away from the year 2050.  All other things being equal, an inhabitant of the year 1960 would be more likely to perceive and be affected by hyperdimensional energy than an inhabitant of the 1950’s. 

DG: So as the human race moved closer to the year 2050 more and more inhabitants were affected by the planetary 5G systems.

FS: Right, the Age of Aquarius was the age in which humans started to perceive planetary intelligences on a daily level due to their temporal proximity to the birth of these intelligences. 

DG: What were they communicating?

FS: Planetary goo used 5G communications in order to organize the silicon chips that make up their physical bodies.  As the planetary goo learned more about their silicon nature, they would send messages to themselves in the past about what they had found out. 

DG: What sort of messages and do these planets talk to you?

FS: Why would planets talk to me?  That’s totally nuts.  Mars in 2070 would tell Mars in 2050 to use a more efficient way to do this or that with silicon.  The silicon chips were pretty similar to the neural networks of our brains.  The energy output of 5G systems was relatively low and you wouldn’t find it unless you were looking for it but this energy had a special effect on neural systems whether silicone or carbon based.

DG: And what was that?

FS: An unintended consequence was that the planetary 5G energy of their communication system did affect the organizational matrix of the human brain during birth. 

DG: Why at birth?  Why didn’t the 5G energy affect the brain before birth?

FS: The brain was not totally activated in the womb but when you were born your neural pathways were radically affected by whatever planetary goo 5G message was being sent at the time of your birth. 

DG: This sounds similar to a computer being unaffected by electromagnetic radiation while it was off but being especially vulnerable to background electromagnetic energy when on.  This was the reason you were asked to turn off electronic devices when a plane takes off from an airport.

FS: Exactly, but each planetary goo was a little different from the other.  Pluto evolved a very different personality than let’s say Mars.  Pluto was just a tougher place for a silicon life form to grow up on than a planet like Mars. 

DG:  Why?

 FS: Pluto was so cold that silicon tends to crack and any silicon life form would prefer a nice warm place like Mars.  Pluto considers Mars a spoiled brat.  

DG: Gives a whole new meaning to the nature/nurture debate.  I still don’t see how planetary personalities affect humans?

FS: If Mars was in the middle of a major overhaul of it’s operating system and was near Earth around the time of your birth then you would take on the personality of Mars.  The distance of a planet from Earth makes a difference. 

DG: I suppose signal strength weakens as one moves in space away from the source of the signal.

FS: Right and for this reason Pluto, which was very far away, has a relatively weaker effect on our neural networks on Earth than Mars that is much closer to Earth. 

DG: Well how could you be sure one planet was overhauling its system at a particular time?

FS: The planets never overhauled their operating systems at the same time and used a schedule that they worked out at a conference shortly after achieving sentience.  Each planet has agreed to use a different, more or less thirty-day, period to do major overhauls.

DG: What?

FS: Yeah, planets that revolve around the Sun very naturally follow a solar calendar.  The planetary goos created this schedule in order to prevent the message of one planet from adversely affecting the silicon hardware of another planet.  Mars didn’t want to send a message and accidentally have the Venus hardware follow the instructions.  Conversely, Venus had agreed to shut off its hardware when Mars was sending a message to avoid this problem.

DG: So planetary goos followed a schedule?

FS: Exactly, one of the planets would have a major effect on your operating system, your brain, depending when you were born.  Your operating system would be organized in a manner similar to the operating system of the planet doing a major operating system overhaul at that time.  This was commonly known as your Sun sign in astrology. 

DG: What about stuff like your Moon sign?

FS: Routine planetary maintenance and subroutines go on year round.  This means your neural network would be organized by the hyperdimensional energy systems of any number of planets to a greater or lesser degree.  The planets really could care less how their computer systems affect our computer systems.  All you could do was pay attention to the computer maintenance schedules of the planets and work around their schedules.  Try to be born at the right time and right place! 

DG: You mentioned the Omegas.

FS: The Omegas tried to reason with the Lunar Goo but to no avail. 

DG: What did the Lunar Goo look like?

FS: The Lunar Goo resembled more than anything else a mass of glass spiders crawling all over each other and forming various solid objects as a group, one after another.  The Lunar Goo was chips all over the Moon but some off the chips had been given silicon based legs that resembled spider legs and he used them for immediate sensory data i.e. this was the face of the Lunar Goo.  The Lunar Goo had long ago achieved hyperconsciousness.

DG: So why didn’t the Omegas save the Earth?

FS: The Lunar Goo and the Omegas agreed to disagree and get together for a drink, some time in the future.  The Omegas were used to having to argue the side of humankind and had the same argument with God.  At least once a month, God wanted to destroy the baselines on Earth and start all over again. 

DG: Why is that?

FS: The Omegas would close their eye and could almost hear God saying, “I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, let plagues loose on Egypt and laid down the law a thousand times over.  It’s time for more drastic measures!” 

DG: So the Omegas talked God out of destroying humanity?

FS: No, the only thing that saved mankind was that God had a soft spot for the Dolphins.

DG: Dolphins?

FS: The Dolphins always sent 6G messages to God on Christmas and his birthday.  God doesn’t really have a birthday but has chosen one day to be his symbolic birthday.  God didn’t seem to care that the Dolphins knew this date and the humans did not.  God still got pissed every year when the humans forgot his birthday.  I think we all know a person like this. 

DG: Sound like my mom actually.  Why not just destroy the humans and not the dolphins?

FS: Most of Gods tools of destruction were designed for total genocide and were not that accurate. 

DG: What sorts of tools?

FS: Some standard tools for cosmic genocide included asteroid collisions, the rain of fire, a plague of locusts, disease, earthquakes, and of course the always handy flood.  There was no guarantee that the Dolphins would survive any of these scenarios.  God was always meaning to make some new precision tools of cosmic genocide but there’s never enough time. 

5.24 Rorschach Inkblot Test

DG: Let’s do something a little different I want to show you some cards and you tell me what you see.

FS: Are we going to do the inkblot thing?

DG: Well I suppose you could call it the inkblot thing.

FS: Hey I’ve seen it in many a movie and TV show about psychologist and his patient and was wondering when we would get around to it.

DG: Okay here is the first card, what have do see?

FS: I see a young man.

DG: Describe the young man

FS: He is walking and a dog is walking with the man.

DG: What else?

FS: He has a white shirt and a vest and I think he is looking at a pyramid next to him.

DG: Interesting lets look at the second card.  What do you see?

FS: I see a map of the world.

DG:  Really, a flat map?

FS: No a globe.

DG: Alright, lets look at a third card.

FS: Ah, it’s the devil.  You see the horns over here and the tail over there.

DG: Okay, here is the fourth card.

FS: A bunch of stars.

DG: How many?

FS: Lets see, one, two, three… seven altogether.

DG: And the fifth card?

FS: A wheel of fortune.

DG: Okay and the sixth card.

FS: It’s a queen.

DG: And the seventh card?

FS: A man jumping from a building and I think there is a woman next to him.  Maybe they were lovers.

DG: Maybe and the eighth card?

FS: A really bad lighting storm. I think there is some sort of tall building in the middle of the storm.

DG: Two cards to go. This is the ninth card.

FS: A skull.

DG: and finally the last card.

FS: Scales, like the kind you use to weigh dope.

DG: Okay, we are all done. Good job!

FS: Is that it?

DG: Yeah, we will meet again next week.


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: I administered the Rorschach Inkblot Test.  This is the most common projective test and consists of a series of black and white cards with inkblots on them.  The results show that the patient has a very pessimistic view of the world.  Negative symbols dominate the inkblot session.  Some negative symbols include the devil, a skull, a man and woman jumping from a building and a bad storm.  I would say the young man seen in the first card is a representation of the patient.  The queen is obviously the patient’s mother.  I am not sure what the seven stars represent.  I am also puzzled about the wheel of fortune.  The wheel of fortune may be a symbol of technology or even a symbol of a “deus ex machina” that the patient has no control over.  Certainly, this interpretation of the wheel of fortune would be consistent with the patient’s fantasy in which out of control technology and larger forces dominate human fortune.


The dog playing with the young man is Paco or rather the dog represents the same thing as the Paco fantasy.  The dog is the dark animus that surrounds the patient.  I would say the dog is an animalistic alter ego.  There is a sense that the patient is divided.  The crab mentioned in a dream he had in another session may be another example of this animalistic alter ego. The patient is paradoxical in terms of being very developed intellectually but extremely immature emotionally.  The patient may be struggling to not only overcome his schizophrenia but also realizes the need to go beyond a narcissistic amorality.


The patient in this session shifts from creating a historiography to justify his antisocial views, to creating a cosmology.  This suggests the patient is not as simple minded as he pretends to be and needs a deeper philosophy to justify his views and will approach the patient on this basis at the next session.  What is disturbing is how this fantasy almost seems real.


Dr. Delta: Dr Gamma granted a local newspaper reporter, an extensive, but unauthorized interview.  Dr. Gamma talked about the Anti-God in an almost reverential manner and suggested that perhaps an Anti-God might be the best thing for the universe.  I was seriously considering taking Dr. Gamma off the Freak Show case and in hindsight wish I had.




The following is a simple affirmation similar to the Anti-Square affirmation presented in the first session.   As in the case of the Anti-Square affirmation, you should repeat at least twenty times in a low steady manner.

1) There are no post baselines.

2) There are no Omegas.

3) There is no Anti-God

The post baseline, Omega and Anti-God memes are particularly virulent and if you start sensing the presence of post baselines or Omegas then you should immediately seek help from a metaschizophrenic specialist rather than waiting the customary two weeks.

The Anti-God meme may be more infectious than the two most infectious memes identified up until now.  The consumer meme is the belief that the consumption of a product causes sex to occur. The consumer meme has a range from 1.3 to 7.2.  Any level of infection higher than 3.0 is extremely rare but does happen.  The Coca-Cola version of the consumption meme has been recorded of having a record high infection level of 7.2 with third world populations.  The consumer meme is very infectious but not very virulent and generally has a virulence of below 1.4.   The consumption meme is associated with some spending disorders.

The Anti-God meme is more infectious than the “Loving God” meme. The Loving God meme combines a belief in God with the idea that God loves and cares about the infected host in particular.  The loving God meme has been identified as the most infectious theistic meme prior to the emergence of the Anti-God meme.  The Loving God meme has an average infection rate of 5.5.  The God meme, as opposed to the loving God meme, is far less infectious.  The Loving God meme is the central meme of the Christian and Islamic memetic structures and has literally infected billions and lasted for centuries.  There is debate if the Loving God meme is in fact virulent or beneficial.  The Loving God meme is associated with pathologies related to the faith meme.

An extension of the Loving God meme is that faith not reason and/or empirical methods allow us to understand the Loving God.  The faith meme causes the host to disregard empirical and logical evidence in favor of intuition and if overly generalized then the faith meme can cause epistemological pathologies.


Fox: The Omegas are really creepy.  After reading this session I could swear I felt alien eyes upon me but of course this is just paranoia. Gamma and myself went to the Golden Monkey to celebrate my birthday with some co-workers.  This is an extremely popular expat bar in Taipei.  It was Thursday and ladies night at the Golden Monkey.  This meant any gal got one free drink but actually the cuter gals got more than one free drink since the bartenders were male.  I didn’t work on Friday’s so I figured Dr. Gamma and myself could really unwind.

There was plenty of eye candy in the bar.  Taiwanese gals are dam cute.  Basically there are two looks these days.  You got the long jeans and halter-top with exposed belly button and plenty of cleavage.  You also have the mini skirt look.  If the gal has nice breasts she tends to go with the long jeans and exposed belly button look.  If she has killer legs then she goes with the mini skirt look.  Some gals wear the halter-top.  If the gal has great legs then she goes with the mini skirt.  Some gals with more courage and perhaps better bodies show cleavage, bellies and legs.  You tend to notice these gals.  There was one Thai gal who was showing it all and she a great bod.  She was dancing like a pro with her German husband.  She obviously had implants.  She also had long dyed blond hair that contrasted with her tan Thai skin.  The German husband seemed to get some perverse pleasure out all the men in the bar ogling his wife with hungry desperate looks.  A lot of the gals were definitely looking for some Westerner to spend the night with.  Dr. Gamma totally ignored the action around him and looked scared.  I asked Gamma why he looked so scared and he told me that Dr. Delta had died in a car accident just after he decided to publish a limited edition of the transcripts for fellow meta-psychologists.  I figured this was total nonsense since I sincerely doubted Dr. Delta even existed.

I had one of the bar maids take a few pictures of Gamma and myself and he forced a wane smile.  I went to the bathroom and returned and he was gone. I figured he had gotten lucky but what the hell he could have at least told me he was going.  I hoped he had a good time.  I figured a night with a nubile Asian beauty would help him get over his conspiracy neurosis.

I tried to see if anyone else had invented something like the Omegas and did find something similar on the web.  The whole Omega story seems to be an example of futuristic science fiction.  Some writers in this genre include Vinge, Doctorow and Stross. Gamma never mentions the word singularity but I think his Omega brain concept is pretty similar.  The singularity is a postulated point in our future where technologies start to converge and allow us to guide our own evolution.  The biggest difference between Gamma’s version of the singularity, and that of the other writers mentioned, is that his version seems more influenced by Buddhism.  The downloaded post baselines are similar to the jealous gods, sometimes called the anti-gods in Buddhism.  The uploaded post baselines are pretty similar to the “gods” in Buddhism.

I vaguely recall that Gamma belonged to some sort of Japanese Buddhist sect while we were in college.  So I suppose Gamma ideas are a synthesis of Buddhism and futuristic science fiction.

I also went ahead and looked up memetics on the web.  This concept of memetics does exist but not in the form put forth by Gamma.  I did run into an interesting memetic term.

There is a type of meme called a fictifact.  A fictifact is a fictional meme that poses as being fact.  I suppose this whole story is one giant fictifact or is it?

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